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How to transfer the entire contents of one Gmail account to another?

Oct 01, 2019

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Have you got yourself a new Gmail account? This doesn’t mean that you have to forget about the old Gmail account, you can transfer all your emails and other data to the new Gmail account pretty easily. You could keep both of the account operational and in use. But all your messages on the old Gmail will get transferred to the new account. 

Here are the steps to transfer all the contents:

First, you need to prepare your old Gmail account for transfer.

Prepare old Gmail account

  • Open Gmail

  • And go to the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab from the settings.

  • Now, select ‘Enable POP for all mail’ under the POP download.

  • Now, go the ‘When messages are accessed with POP’ section.

  • Now, you have to hit the drop-down menu what happens to the emails in the old account, once the new Gmail account fetches them. You can select to delete, mark as read or archive them.

  • Click on the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Fetch Emails with the new account

  • Open Gmail

  • And go to the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab from the settings.

  • You have to select ‘Add a mail Account’ from the ‘Check mail from other accounts’ section.

  • Now, provide your old Gmail account and hit enter.

  • Then, you have to select ‘Import emails from my other account (POP3)’ and click ‘Next’ button.

  • Now, enter the username and password for old Gmail account under the ‘POP server’ section.

  • The port would be 995 for the Gmail.

  • And then, uncheck the ‘Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server’ and check the ‘Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail’ option.

  • And finally, click on the ‘Add account’ button.

  • You can also choose to use your old email when sending the messages.


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