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Read the Patients Feedback on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

Nov 19, 2019

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There is no less of people who are always at the back of someone or seventh, intending to ruin the reputation and prestige. This is a common thing to observe these days as people only care for their benefit and are least bothered about another's a good image. Such is the case of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center.

This cancer treatment hospital is one of the best and most reputed places there is in the country and in Asia as well. Yet, people make mistakes when it comes to choosing the right place for cancer treatment- all because of some fake and unethical complaints posted online against Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital. 

I can tell that all those negative feedback that people see online are absolutely fake; designed purposefully to ruin the good image of the hospital. The reason why I can tell this is that my own maternal uncle was a cancer patient of RGCI&RC and he was treated there for almost 1 and a half years. I know it all too well that this place is a gift for cancer treatment and anyone feeding lies to the people is just using their cheap plans to tarnish the reputation. That is why it is necessary to figure out the fake Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital complaint

My uncle was diagnosed with cancer and it was a dreadful time in our family. But one of the well-wishers recommends us RGCI&RC and we immediately admitted him there. The doctors did not delay in the diagnosis and it was found that the stage of the cancer is treatable. Since we were not from Delhi, we took the guest house facility of the hospital Ashray and it was our best decision that we relied on that hospital for the entire treatment procedure. The doctors were experienced, always ready to answer our queries and were very methodical.

The entire hospital was absolutely clean, organised, and everything that one expects from a top-notch quality hospital. There was in-facility ATM, medicine shop, daycare system for the outdoor patient, emergency unit, fully operational front desk and whatnot. The way my uncle received treatment and we felt satisfied compelled me to write this since I got really disturbed when I found some really cheap sort of negative reviews while I was going through Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi Feedback. 

One of the feedbacks that I came across says that this hospital lacks proper equipment and the medical staff was not trained. This is definitely a big lie as all the medical personnel is trained and qualified to do their job. There was very experienced staff along with freshers. And I must say the staff was very friendly, always ready to help. Nurses were very efficient and particular about each and every patient. 

Apart from that, the whole hospital is very advanced in terms of infrastructure and medical equipment. I think people who post such negative reviews should do their homework. They do not even know what they are writing. Talking without sense will not fetch any good. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital is a very well-known place for cancer treatment where patients from outside India visit. If it weren't for the best of facilities, doctors, and staff, patients would have stopped visiting from far off places. It is common sense that a place where both national and international patients visit will not have poor quality treatment or any issues with staff and other necessary things. 

The hospital has its unit for research where trained medical personnel are in giving their best to find new and innovative treatment methods. It is a place where many patients have found their life back and are thankful to the amazing doctors of this hospital. When our doctor said that I could take my uncle back home, it was the most joyous moment in our life. And even after getting back home, my uncle had to visit the hospital for post-chemotherapy. For long 1.5 years, I have grown familiar with Rajiv Gandhi hospital and I know how wonderful that hospital is in saving cancer patients. 

No matter what kind of complaints there is in the online platforms in terms of hygiene, staff, inexperience, medical facility, infrastructure and whatnot, none of them are true. The complaints and reviews are not genuine, but fake. They are meant to destroy the goodwill of a hospital and break the confidence of other patients. It is just a cheap business policy that could be from competitive hospitals. One must not take all these fake news seriously. 

It is always best to see for yourself in person and then decide. You can also ask someone who has been there and was treated there. What you see is true and not what you hear. There is no point in listening to rumours.