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How do I complain to Yahoo?

Dec 05, 2019

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Yahoo! Inc. was set up in the mid-1990s, and since the company has developed to grow and support many products and services for businesses worldwide. Yahoo is the old priest in the niche of emailing. It is one of the essential email service co-ops on the planet. It has a line of items apart from messaging, an instant messaging application, news, and then some. The results of Yahoo are truly dependable and simple to use. However, Yahoo email is top class and eminent service. More than 225 million active monthly users, is just a glimpse of its success. 

However, just like other online services, Yahoo email users likewise face different issues at standard interims. Few of them mentioned below;

Yahoo account is hacked 

Hacked Yahoo account is the most reported issues in this service. As indicated by the reports more than 3 billion Yahoo, accounts were undermined or hacked. However, Yahoo figures out how to skip back with this issue by changing its security strategy.

Password related Issues

Password related issues are the human error, we can't accuse email service of the issues. Though some situations like server error and another technical fault may trigger the problem most of the time, issues caused by the user's end. However, you can recover the Yahoo password via two methods of recovery. One is by registered mobile number and second is with alternative email address. The process of recovering, resetting the Yahoo password is very simple. You can visit the website and go to the mail section and try to resolve the issue manually.  In case you need help, contact Yahoo official for help and guidance. 

Complain to Yahoo via Yahoo Live Chat Support


Yahoo Help Central is your only stage for finding support or filing complain about your problem to Yahoo. Support may come by means of email, talk, or help articles, contingent upon the question or issue you have and the Terms for your region. If you are a user from the USA, you may be benefitted from a few services. Yahoo doesn’t have the phone number for free users, but if you subscribe to the paid services Yahoo Customer Support the USA may help you resolving errors. 

But if you are a free mail user, Yahoo help center is the only hope for you. Go through the settings or options and find the chat option where you can speak to Yahoo Representative.


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