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6 Step Guide on How to Write A Movie Review

Dec 30, 2019

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Teachers often assign students with the task of writing a movie review to evaluate their writing and analytical skills.

In this article, we have mentioned everything that you need to write an interesting moive review or movie essay.

 1. Watching the Movie

It seems to be the most obvious thing. However, many students skip this part and look for online reviews. It often leads to plagiarism.

Therefore, it is advisable to watch a movie yourself and make notes of all the important things.

 2. Conducting Thorough Research

A writer should conduct thorough research to collect all the relevant data about the movie including:

 . Genre

 . Name and year

 . Director’s name

 . Producer’s name

 . Lead actors

It helps him to understand the true essence of the film and its plot.

 3. Analyze the Movie

It is better to understand the movie completely by analyzing its aspects. Watch it, again and again, to avoid any confusion in writing a better review.

4. Draft an Outline

Draft a detailed outline to organize your thoughts properly. A complete format consists of an introduction, movie summary, analysis of plot elements and evidence followed by a conclusion.

The introduction part will mainly consist of background information, clear arguments, and a hook statement.

The movie summary and analysis of the plot will be discussed in the main body paragraphs. Try to be precise but informative. Also, include examples to support your opinions and arguments. It will also help in identifying any loopholes in the plot.

Lastly, the concluding statements should be engaging enough. It will make the readers decide whether to watch the movie or not.  

5. Write the Review

The next step is to write a review according to the outline. Make sure to follow the right structure and format. Moreover, the following aspects should be kept in mind while writing a movie review:

 . Assessing the acting skills of all actors

 . The main musical soundtrack

 . Cinematography

 . Complete direction

 6. Proofread your Review

Proofread and edit after completing the review. You can also ask someone to proofread it for you by looking for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Organizing a Movie Review

As mentioned earlier, an outline is beneficial to organize the information before getting started. The following aspects are included in an outline. 

 1. Introduction

 2. Movie’s Summary 

 3. Plot elements

 4. Creative elements including tone, mood, camera techniques, etc

 5. Opinion with sufficient evidence 

 6. Conclusion

 Mistakes to Avoid

An author should avoid some mistakes while writing a movie review. 

 . Keep in mind the original context of the movie

 . Do not add irrelevant details to get off the track

 . Always check the facts regarding background, casting, release date, and director

 . Give your opinions by stating the reasons

 . Always follow a proper structure and format

 . Do not write reviews without analysis 

 . Do not write generalizations such as great movie, bad movie, etc

The above steps will help you write a perfect movie review. However, take professional write essay for me help if you do not possess strong observational and analytical skills.