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What is

Sep 20, 2010

     (0 Rating) is a multi-lingual, faith-based, online social media community which is a free service for everyone to enjoy.'s values and moral standards provide a family-friendly online network featuring various media sharing functionalities.

The community reflects a variety of Christian ministries, churches and theological opinions within the Christian worldview. can be utilized by individuals, families, groups, churches, organizations, businesses, and artists in diverse ways. I allows users to present new ideas, important visions, projects, and events, and it enables them to share videos, audio files, photos, prayers,  and blogs,.

Users can also create and manage events, stream videos live as well as on demand. enables users to find new friends, awaken new audiences,  or simply network and communicate within their own contacts and friends from around the globe. The community is non-exclusive in Christian denominations and regards itself as a part of the global body of Christian believers, seeking edification between all Christian churches, denominations, and groups.

We believe in learning from and supporting each other, and simply helping one another to  "SHARE THE GLORY".

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