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Get More Plays using SoundCloud Hacks for 2020

Feb 18, 2020

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In this post you will get to know hacks to get SoundCloud plays. This post is not full of fluff but the information is directly from SoundCloud. The post deeply discusses why certain things work and the reason behind their set up. These things are very simple which you may not be doing them. If read the entire post, you will get to know these things and guaranteed you to get more plays on SoundCloud. If you make these adjustments you will not only get plays but also you look professional as well. This is a really smart strategy which is the glitching SoundCloud system.

How to plays SoundCloud songs and keep all of your stacks:

Here you will get to know how to accomplish this. If your music on SoundCloud has a lot of streams and if you don’t want to lose them then you just need to replace the snippets with the full version of the song. You only need to promote your snippets on SoundCloud.  When you promote snippets between 10 seconds then a plays for second is almost done. When you play snippets someone really may listen. Here you will learn how to replace it. You get extra credits when you promote it.

You just need to edit and replace the file. The great thing about the feature is you can upload the unmixed song and get feedback from the audience. If you upload the file and it will completely replace the file which helps you to replace your entire SoundCloud file.

After uploading the whole thing and doing refresh then this will update automatically. You will also notice various comments through this time frame. You don’t need to worry because it will fix itself. You will be only replacing the file if you have paid an account on SoundCloud.  You can put your song on Spotlight so that people can hear your songs easily. Even you don’t promote your songs SoundCloud, you will still get getting more plays on SoundCloud. If you apply this t process then you will easily get plays easily on SoundCloud in 2020. This is a really smart strategy; it is also a glitching SoundCloud system.