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What Are The Different Kinds Of CBD Products Found In The Market

Feb 19, 2020

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The term CBD oil is nothing new for you if you are reading this. You probably have also read or heard about the multiple benefits it has. However, you might not know that there is not just one kind of CBD oil available in the market. These are the products that have different types depending on the amount of THC and cannabinoids it contains. Here is a brief overview of the three basic types of CBD oil found in the market.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

The cannabinoids, including any psychoactive compounds, do not get removed in full-spectrum CBD oil. The entourage effect is the reason behind this factor. All the cannabinoids come together, including THC, to work better in delivering the effects. If you see the words 'full spectrum' on that label, make sure to check the lap reports of the company. The full-spectrum CBD oils usually have THC in them in case the terms do not get regulated by the industry.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Making broad-spectrum CBD oil depends a lot on the refining process. The unwanted cannabinoids get removed from this formulation at the time of refining. Most of the CBD companies get THC removed from the products, but keep other cannabinoids in their formula. The companies that end up removing THC from the final product market the product as a broad spectrum. In this case, you get all the synergy of major cannabinoids, except the fact that THC has not joined the party.

Royal says it is better to go for broad-spectrum CBD over full-spectrum CBD because the latter has too many legal hurdles associated with it. The THC gets removed from broad-spectrum products, which means no legal issues about the percentage of CBD.

CBD Isolate

While on the topic of refining CBD, there are companies that go the extra mile to make more than 99% pure CBD. This is CBD isolate, which is more like a hemp-based thing. The ones who select CBD isolate are usually sensitive to other kinds of cannabinoids. CBD has many benefits by itself, but the results are far less promising than both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil.

A CBD isolate has to be more than 99% pure because traces of cannabinoids will remain in the final formula otherwise. Royal says, though there will be trace amounts of cannabinoids in the formula, it still is not acceptable because you were looking for a pure product.

You have all the information you need now about CBD oils. It is the right time now to go and take your pick from the wide range of quality products found in the market.