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Web Design London

Jun 20, 2020

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Building a website is not hard but there is a difference between a professional website designer and a person building a website for the first time. There are many web design London firms that offer incredible website designers.

While we at Web Buds highly encourage you to build your website yourself but we also know how much more effective it can be to hire a professional website designer.

How to Choose the Right Web Design London Firm?

To get the best of all, first you need to understand the difference between a web developer, web designer, and graphic designer.

Web Developer

A web developer is the one who can build any kind of website you need. Developers can code from scratch, and are better coders than designers.

However, keep in mind that developers are not very good at designing a website, don’t depend on a web developer for a professional web design.

Web Designer

A web designer can turn your imaginations into reality by designing a website exactly as you ask for. Designers can create the layout of your website from the beginning and add detailing just the way you want.

They can also code, but most of the time, they prefer code-free website building techniques. They do what they are good at, don’t expect a professional website development from a designer.  

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is someone who can create images, logos, add, and prints for a website. Basically, they make graphics for you to enhance the design of your website.

They make your website’s logo design, banners, header images, button designs, icons, and more. Some of them are good developers too.


It is better to hire professionals rather than building a website on your own. They can make a website that would make better sales, work smoothly, and make the customers happy.

A good decision is to hire a team of web designers, web developers, and graphic designers instead of a single person. Find the web design London firm you are most satisfied with, then sit back and let the professionals do all the work for you.