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Elder Abuse Lawyers have Resources that Individuals Need to Help

Oct 28, 2020

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In the long run, in most cases of abuse, the elderly person who is being abused does not report.

Especially in the case of neglect or particularly abandonment, it is usually a neighbor or friend that notices that an elderly person that needs assistance has none, although they know of family that are in the area or are granted guardianships or POA.  The aging individual might be very reluctant to seek help as they might be afraid of retaliation (which does occur unfortunately), or they might experience excessive shame.  It is hurtful to an abused, abandoned elderly person to realize that the individual they counted on and trusted the most has completely betrayed them.  Particularly if the caretaker is one of their children, the sense of shame can be intense. 

Elder abuse lawyers are very compassionateand will assist neighbors and friends with resources.

While fees for consultations do exist attorneys in this field enter it also because of their compassionate natures.  Most states and localities have resources that even their staff can provide to individuals that are concerned about an elder abuse lawyer.  The U.S. Administration on Aging has resources that can assist anyone that is seeking to look into care for an elderly person but most individuals are unaware of these types of resources.  This agency provides an Elder Care Locator to even elderly that do not have the financial means to hire outside care on their own.  Social workers and others can interview an elderly person and make determinations about the type of care needed and determine also if the stated POA (Power of Attorney) or guardian should be replaced by someone else even if a non-family member.  Many attorneys will waive a fee for reporting.

Some elder abuse lawyers are also caring enough to interview an elderly person themselves.

These attorneys try not to exacerbate a situation and expose the senior citizen to retaliation or further abuse.  With the permission of the senior they can explore other options, and even provide lists of caregivers and guardianship agencies in the local area who will assist and ensure that the senior citizen is taken care of properly.  If a POA or guardian needs removal, they can and will advise the least litigious methods of removal of the guardian and help a senior citizen obtain someone who will indeed be happy and willing to help them live a full life.  While most abandonment and neglect cases are seen in women and those with dementia, many males are often neglected and abandoned and those with physical disabilities many times are left alone in individual residences unsuited for their disabilities.