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What Are The Interesting Vegan Food Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Feb 03, 2021

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A vegan diet can sound really easy to follow these days. But unless you’re a vegan yourself, it becomes next to impossible to even think of a point when you choose food alternatives to exclude egg, meat, milk, and other non-vegan items. Whether you focus on eating plant-based food to promote good health or you want to contribute sustainability to Mother Nature, the supermarkets offer a slew of vegan products now.

Nutrition Deutschland recommends having veggie burgers and bleeding to multiple types of milk that are plant-based. This said, having a couple of vegan food tips and hacks up your sleeve shall never hurt. So, shall this post begin narrating about the interesting vegan food hacks?

Refrigerating A Container Of Coconut Cream

Instead of whipped cream, a vegan has a more interesting option. It is possible to mix coconut cream with vanilla extract and sugar for an easy and mouthwatering whipped cream.

Using Aquafaba And Not The Egg Whites

Aquafaba happens to be the gooey liquid that can act as a magic element for baking. All you need to do is to whip it in an electric grinder and get a healthier substitute for the egg whites.

Blend Frozen Bananas To Create Delicious Ice Cream

Keep some peeled ripe bananas in your freezer. And you can blend it well. Add cocoa powder, fruits, and peanut butter for an amazing vegan ice-cream treat.

Heat Dairy-Free Milk

At times, dairy-free milk just curdles in your coffee. Just to prevent it, heat milk before adding it! In case it’s hard to adjust to the taste of dairy-free creamer, select plant-based milk that can leave an aftertaste.

Use Chia, Flax, Applesauce, Nut Butter, And Banana Instead Of Baking With Eggs

Vegan substitutes for eggs are easy to get, but one can replace 1 egg with just a single tablespoon of flax and water (3 tablespoons). Banana, nut butter, and applesauce also make healthy and tasty egg alternatives.

Add Lemon Or Vinegar To The Dairy-Free Milk And Make Buttermilk

Nutrition Deutschland recommends adding one tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to one cup of dairy-free milk. Whisk and let the blend sit for ten mins.

Vegan Mayo With Oil, Soy Milk, Salt, And Vinegar

If you want to have vegan chickpea tuna, make mayo to enhance its flavor. Blend soy milk, vinegar, salt, and oil for an instant preparation.

Bake With Avocado And Not Butter

If you want to make something creamier and healthier, try replacing avocado for butter in the 1:1 ratio the next time you attempt baking.

So, these are the interesting vegan food hacks that any vegan can take into consideration.