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How Is Food Safety Maintained In Food Manufacturing Companies

Feb 20, 2021

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Validation and verification are essential food safety processes; however, more often than not, food manufacturers confuse both the meaning and function of these in their programs. The FDA is allowed to scientifically evaluate all the food safety and programs and preventive measure implemented by a food establishment. This power is given to the FDA by the FSMA, short for Food Safety Modernization Act. This law mainly focuses on preventing food safety issues and providing documentary evidence of the methods used and how they can help make a safer product. This has further stopped several foodborne disease outbreaks from taking place in the recent past.

This framework set by the FSMA is applicable to every segment of food production governed by the FDA. Verification and validation cover a rather broad area in this aspect and can essentially cater to every segment of food manufacturing. While most food manufacturing companies use both verification and validation interchangeably, each has its own purpose. This article will further explain the purpose of each.

What Are Food Validation And Verification, And Why Is It Important?

Validation is essentially a pre-emptive scientific evaluation that offers documental evidence that specific food manufacturing processes like baking, frying, extrusion chemical treatment, or cooking are able to deliver a product that meets the prearranged specifications.

In other words, it helps gather scientific proof that a specific process that involves physical, chemical, or biological inputs can help deliver the desired effects and ensure the obliteration of pathogenic microorganisms.

On the other hand, verification often comes after validation. This stage is usually conducted to see if the said processes are consistently and effectively carried out. In simpler terms, it is a confirmation that the food manufacturer is doing as they said they would. As per the FSMA, other than monitoring, verification can help establish the validity of a particular food safety plan and ensure that the food manufacturer is working according to said plan.

The first step in 먹튀검증 involves calling in qualified experts and determining is the parameters and processes are valid. These experts can either be internal employees or external consultants. While food validation is documented proof that the food manufacturing company is planning to implement certain safety measures, 먹튀검증 helps prove that the company implements those measures and the parameters of food safety match.

It will not be wrong to say that both verification and validation are important for achieving safe and disease-free food, and each complements the other. To put it simply, food manufacturers have to develop and implement food safety programs that are scientifically effective (validation) that help control the hazards and also comply with the recent food safety programs (verification).