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Why Are The Benefits Of Emoji Marketing According To Joel Henry

Feb 25, 2021

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Emoji marketing refers to the addition of emojis to the graphics or text in a marketing campaign. It can include putting up social media posts with emojis or using emojis in graphics and hashtags. However, one of the most popular forms of emoji marketing is launching branded emojis that have the company’s logo or the face of its mascot. Joel Henry has helped in creating emoji marketing strategies for several companies. These companies have managed to improve their image by turning their corporate logo into fun emojis. Keeping that in mind, here are the reasons why Joel Henry gives such an emphasis to emoji marketing.

Emoji Marketing Helps To Humanize A Brand

Regardless of where you work or the products and services you deal in, your prospective customers are still human. It means that their chances of responding to you increase manifold when you appeal to their emotional interest. According to Joel Henry, companies need to approach their prospects from an emotional viewpoint. Emojis help in adding a personal tone to the interactions of a company and turn it more engaging. As such, emojis help in humanizing a brand because emotions are fundamental to marketing and appealing to the customers.

Helps In Improving Customer Engagement

Companies using the emoji marketing strategies of Joel Henry have noticed a continued increase in customer engagement, open rates, and click-through rates. The strategies have helped to drive customer engagement on every digital platform. By asking the customers to interact with the companies’ branded emojis, the companies are able to spread their name far and wide, which is one of the ultimate aims of any marketing strategy. It is almost like having your call-to-action spreading far and wide through word of mouth publicity.

An Effective Way To Make The Brand Stand Out

One of the main reasons for Joel Henry to advocate emoji marketing is because it helps in making the brand stand out. With brands navigating the social media platforms, they feel the need to get their customers engaged in unique and fun ways. Companies create customized emojis to pique the interest of their audiences. The customized emojis are unique to the company and set them apart. It can increase the hype around the launches and help them stand out.

Emoji marketing strategies from Joel Henry have helped companies connect to their prospects on an emotional level. It has helped brands evolve their communication model into something that is more relatable and effective. This shift has helped the brands scale in terms of acquiring customers. You can learn more about his portfolio at You can also get in touch with Joel Henry on his Instagram handle-