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jeff callarman

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Only Faith Can Help

Mar 20, 2016

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My wife has lived with so many physical problems for so many years, that last year being only 42, she had to just stop teaching 4th grade; and her income down to about $80 per month was all that we had to live on - so we sold our lot and moved to another part of the Philippines where her parents were to help me in helping my wife through our efforts with love and prayer; however all the funds we had went into making their shack livable - but my wife still suffers greatly through her almost nonstop menstrual blood loss, her pale color due poor blood circulation because of her cognitive heart - plus myoma symptoms, UTI that comes and goes, her weak body near 80 lbs, lack of energy, and just no funds to help with good natural foods, Ensure Heart Friendly drink, vitamins, and basic needs we just cannot afford.

These link below can give some understanding of our situation that has not been good for almost 9 years - and now living like as in a prison with many restrictions does not make things any better - and this world of loving Christians have always been the least to care in any way other than judging me in the same way that Elohim [God] shall judge them all.


Update - Let it be known that our Father works in ways which natural minds cannot comprehend; therefore allows many difficulties within some lives so that He can continually teach, watch, and prepare them for the worst timesoftrouble coming upon all humanity; shortly after this original post above, Yehovah did remove all of the great pain my wife had been suffering - so even though we still have no life with any joy, still deal with our existence as being within a prison filled with restrictions - we just accept because we know why these things must be while having thanks for what we do have verses billions with nothing on our dying planet.

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