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What Size Of Skateboard Should I Need To Get

Aug 30, 2017

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As a beginner or an amateur, you may have thought of buying a skateboard. Taking your time to look around will expose you to the knowledge of the fact there are different sizes of skateboards. However, the question about “what size of skateboard should I get” is not really an easy question. So, it is essential for you to take your time to find out the answer and then decide the best skateboards that are right for you. Funny enough, a lot of people believe that all the skateboards are of the same size.

In most cases, these individuals get disappointed when they discover that they cannot really perform certain actions on a certain size of a skateboard. They may not even come to the realization that it is due to the size of skateboard they are using. Instead, they just assume and conclude that they are not out for this type of sport.

But, in fact it is depended on the size of skateboard you choose, and one of the most important factor you should consider of a skateboard is a deck size. Decks come in many different widths. If you are a beginner to skateboarding, choose your deck according to the width, not the length or wheelbase. The width you need depends on your size, skating style and personal preference. Here are some general information for you.

Micro Deck: Micro deck is ideal for skaters below five years of age. However, it has a length between 27 and 27½ inches and width between 6 and 7 inches. They are not meant to go very fast. Unlike most other types of decks, they are painstakingly designed to ensure the best riding experience for young skaters.

Because this kind of deck is usually used for small skaters who do not have too much knowledge in skateboarding, we recommend you to choose one from the best skateboard brand to ensure your children have great and safe experience.

They are often used indoors. This is considering the fact that they do not take much space coupled with the fact that they do not go very far. Owing to this, it enables parents to better watch their children as they learn the rudiments of skating. 

Mini Deck: This size of the skateboard is mainly designed for slightly older skaters. They, however, stand between four and a half to three and a half feet tall. It is ideal for children between the age range of six and eight. Its length is twenty-eight inches and width of seven inches. Unlike its counterparts, shoe sizes between four and six can perfectly fit the deck. In fact, there are different types of best skateboard for beginners offer this size, so you can easy find suitable one for yourself.

Mid-size Deck: This size of skateboards is ideal for skaters between the age range of nine and twelve. It stands between four and a half feet and five feet tall. Mid-size deck shoe size is between seven and eight. 

Full-size Deck: This deck size is regular and is mostly used by a good number of skateboarding enthusiasts. There is a wide range of variations in dimension for those that want to make use of their full-size skateboard for different purposes. Whilst its width is equal to or larger than seven and a half inches, its length is longer than twenty-nine inches.

Having in depth knowledge of the different sizes of skateboards will thus help people to choose the best skateboard. The need to take one’s needs and desires into consideration is of utmost importance. This is considering the fact that right skateboard size for you may not always be the ideal choice for others.

 Furthermore, it is pertinent to take into consideration what you really want to do with it as well as your size. A careful evaluation of your budget should not be taken for granted. The essence is to enable you to shop for quality skateboards that will fit that dollar amount you wish to commit to it. As an expert, deck size is highly suggested for you.

Before buying, it is important to watch a video that will expose you to the different sizes of skateboards. This may help you find the one that will perfectly suit your needs. Interestingly, you may not necessarily need a high dollar skateboard to really enjoy yourself. Most of the sporting goods stores will even give you the opportunity to test them before actually making your purchase. Amazingly, this idea is good, especially when you are not so sure of your real size.

 As an amateur, who is new in skateboarding, the need to consider what size skateboard should I get by seeking the advice of experts in the game is paramount. More so, if you want to know which Best Skateboard Brands   are, it is highly suggested to read our other articles. If you are contented reading this post, just share it with your associates and comment below.