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How To Choose A Best Complete Skateboard For Beginners

Aug 31, 2017

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Once you have decided to get a skateboard, there are a few considerations that ensure you get the right skateboard. You can choose best skateboard for beginners or build your own one. If you are wondering how to choose a skateboard, width is the most important thing to consider first. If you average height is around 5 feet tall, and 8-inch wide deck is the best choice for you. Taller people should get higher inches. The best complete skateboards ensure that you feel proportionate and comfortable throughout your ride.

The skateboard trucks paired with the skateboard are the next important consideration. They come in different widths, and this affects the turning radius. Trucks that are very wide have a short turning radius, which increases the stability of the skateboard. These wide trucks are for people who do not intend to perform tricks and flips with their skateboards. The thinner trucks, on the other hand, are lighter and make it easier for skaters to do various tricks and stunts with their skateboards. When grinding or sliding along edges, always ensure the main bolts in the truck do not stick up the ground surface which could be dangerous.


The wheels of the skate board are another important factor to consider. The size of the wheels and their level of hardness determine a lot. Small wheels that are 55 mm or less are very hard. They are ideal for skaters who love street skate boarding. Hard, larger wheels that range from 55mm to 65mm are also available. Long board enthusiasts can get specific wheels that have been customized for the long board experience. Such wheels are usually the largest and vary in size between 65mm and 100mm. They offer a comfortable and balanced ride. People who plan to use the boards for transport and cruising purposes should go for the long boards.

The bearings on a skateboard affect the overall performance of the skateboard. They are the ones that keep your wheels spinning long after you have stopped applying effort to move the board. 

No matter if you wonder “what size skateboard should I get?”

Skateboards have standard sizes of all kinds, from general to the best skateboard brands. You can still can choose the bearings you want. The speed of the bearings is determined by the ABEC value, which shows how fast your skates can move. AA bearings are the slowest and are very cheap. Instead of putting up with substandard bearings that restrict the board's performance, it is advisable to go for high-quality ones. ABEC 5 or 7 have a higher rating and are thus better.

Very fast bearings may not be the right choice for beginners who want to learn new tricks. They make landing tricks more difficult and may be ultimately dangerous. As a skateboarder, you run the risk of slipping from the skateboard regularly.


Modern skateboard graphics give skateboards a professional look and increase the fun factor. The shape of the deck will help you choose the right skateboard. A decent mounted curve near the kick tail can be a smart choice, especially for tricks or riding ramps and bowls.


Where to purchase?

For complete safety, it is better not to buy cheap skateboards from superstores and toy stores. Cheap skateboards will prove costly in the long run as they keep breaking down. They may also not offer complete safety which is key especially to beginners. There are many online best skateboard shops that are guaranteed to offer quality skateboarding equipment at affordable prices.

An Online skateboard shop is often the best option available nowadays. Simply browse through the online catalog and the board will be delivered to your doorstep. There are also sports equipment stores that sell the big brands which are also of high quality. The long boards and skateboards purchased from superstores might be poorly made with wheels and trucks that could break easily. Before making a purchase, always do some research and know exactly what to look for in a skateboard.


The range for skateboarding has increased massively among the youngsters due to the thrill as well as excitement in trying out a variety of stunts plus tricks of skateboarding. Although skateboarding is an amazing sport, many individuals also utilize it to cover up short distances. Having a qualified skateboard is something that cannot be underestimated or under looked, and there are different types of skateboards for you to choose freely. We hope that this article will be of great help for those wondering on how to choose best skateboard for beginners