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How to Reset Your Microsoft Hotmail Account Password on iPhone?

Jan 29, 2018

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How to Reset Your Microsoft Hotmail Account Password on iPhone?


With Hotmail, you have an email platform that is not only easy to access but also appears to be dynamic. Quite a few changes have taken place over the years and most important of all, Hotmail is now officially dead. Instead, it is now merged into Microsoft Outlook.


However, users can still use their login credentials to access the account and correspond. As of now, with the new upgrades, users can access their Hotmail account on the mobile platform, as well. The account, by and large, comes integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and of course, there is also the provision of large storage space, which is quite beneficial for the user.


What if you lost the Hotmail account password?


In case, you lost or forget the password to your Hotmail account, it certainly causes a minor disruption in the services. But, you are very much in a position to reset the Hotmail account password. This clearly implies you have nothing much to worry on that front.


However, the procedure of retrieving the Hotmail account password on an iPhone might appear to be a difficult task. That, of course, is not really the case. Almost all the problems have a solution. It all comes down to how you want to resolve the situation.


Changing passwords on iPhone is not that complicated, as it appears to be. Basically, you have to understand the process and proceed accordingly. There is not much of any technicality involved, which is always confusing for most of the users.


If you do make a conscious effort, the procedure can be completed in fairly easy terms. All you have to do is to follow a series of steps, which are being discussed below.


Steps to Reset the Microsoft Hotmail Password on iPhone


Follow these simple steps, if you are looking to reset the password to Hotmail account on iPhone:-


  • Open any browser of your preference on your iPhone.

  • Proceed towards

  • Log into the Outlook using your Hotmail credentials.

  • Once you are in, tap on the Settings icon on the top right.

  • Herein, you have to tap into the option Manage Account.

  • Scroll down to Mail Settings Account details.

  • Tap on Password and Security option and change the password.

  • After changing the password, straightaway access Mail, Contacts & Calendar.

  • Tap on Hotmail the Hotmail account.

  • Tap on Password the password.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and tap Done.


Considering the steps involved, it does not seem you are likely to face any obstacle while trying to reset the Hotmail account password. To a large, extent, you can complete the procedure, without having to face any major obstacle.





In need of Hotmail Technical Support?


At the same time, there will be occasions, where you might not succeed in resetting the password. Things may turn for worse if you are not in a position to access the account. Even then, you can expect some amount of assistance, provided you approach the experts. The experts can be reached using a third party support number, who will then look at the issue and come up with a solution that suits your immediate interest.