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How to Know if Your Partner is Unhappy?

Feb 19, 2018

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Although your partner does not receive mysterious messages in the middle of the night and is indifferent to scandals, you feel that something is wrong, but you do not know what. Find out what these oddities really mean. Perhaps your partner is not happy? new insights marriage counselling will present you a few fact that can help you figure out if your partner is unhappy.

1. Managing Electronics

When people are traumatized, they tend to focus their love on their belongings. They start collecting different things to fill the feeling of emptiness. The same rule applies to marriage. People who add value to their belongings are in most cases more insecure than other people. Widescreen TV has no requirements and expectations for us. The same applies to the tablet.

2. You become a plant in the room

The first time you are silent for a long time, you think, "Oh, how nice we can just sit together." On the 12th time, however, it can become quite "cold" and the reason is not in the air conditioner.

3. Instead of listening to you, your partner says "we have already done it".

Nobody likes to argue. But in a normal relationship your partner will at least hear what you are saying instead of focusing on the fact that you are driving the same dispute for the 15th time.

At first sight, it may seem like your partner just wants to quench the fire, but it may also mean that he does not care enough to understand what has upset you and seek a solution together. In fact, if you had found the solution the next time you quarreled about it, you probably would not have this problem again.

4. You know a lot more about the colleague than you want

Your partner often talks about her colleague - why she has quarreled with her ex-boyfriend, what problems she has in her work and that the aunt she has been very close to has died ... Here you have to think - why do you care so much for her problems.

Of course, you do not mind him having female friends. It is not said that this friendship will grow into something more. But the excessive enthusiasm of your partner to another woman may mean that something in your relationship does not reach him, and so he is looking for it elsewhere. It is even possible that he himself is unaware of it.

So if your partner talks more often about your colleague's problems but does not notice yours, there's definitely something to talk about.

5. Warns for attention

Did your partner go after you from room to room while you are trying to finish your duties? Besides, there is a whole arsenal of questions that cannot be postponed - wants to know your opinion about electric toothbrushes, asks how dry - cleaning works, etc.
Most likely he does not try to annoy you, but rather he is craving for attention. Just like a small child.

Pay more attention to your partner - so you will definitely increase your chances of a healthy and complete relationship.

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