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Top 5 Tips You Must Follow to Become An Expert Gmail User!

Mar 13, 2018

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Most of the communication these days takes place in the form of an email. Emails, by and large, are easy to use and makes it possible for you to communicate effectively, with anyone, across the internet.


Amidst all of this, when you have a Gmail account, it does offer a great deal of flexibility. Besides, you get loads of space to store all your important emails and documents. There are other aspects, which makes Gmail, one of the most preferred email platform.


Despite using a Gmail account, you might not be familiar with some of the features. There is also the probability of you not having any adequate knowledge on how to use these features. However, it is not something for which you need to worry.


If you wish to know how Gmail can benefit you, the ideal option then would be to contact the experts from the Gmail help chat team.


Herein are top 5 tips that you must know to become an expert Gmail user.


1. Organize your Gmail inbox: It becomes a lot easier to go through the inbox if everything is neatly arranged. For the same reason, you can create Labels and have separate categories, to organize the emails, which then helps you to avoid chaos and confusion.


2. Customize your account: Gmail gives you the ability to customize the emails, according to your need and preference. Depending on your preference, you can put stars on email, add colour or theme, which is always exciting. In short, by customizing your account, it gives you an opportunity to have some fun and this always helps.


3. Freeing up storage space: It is important to save some additional space in your email account. To do so, you can delete some emails, which are nothing but junk. While it's a bit complicated, but deleting the emails certainly helps you to declutter the Gmail inbox.


4. Enable “Undo Send”: The “Undo Send” feature in Gmail helps you to avoid embarrassment. In case, you realized something is wrong with the mail, this feature lets you send the email, which in fact comes in handy. At least, you don’t really have to goof-up, while having an important conversation with your business client.


5. Install Chrome extensions for Gmail: There are plenty of Chrome extensions or plugins, which you can configure the Gmail account. The extensions on their part streamline the whole process, offering you a chance to do a lot of things, without having to sign-out from the Gmail account.


Gmail consciously works towards bridging the larger divide. However, there are a few instances, when you might encounter a few issues while trying to access the account. In such a scenario, for prompt assistance, you can rely on the Gmail live chat program.

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