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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |more

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JamesMz7 (451 days ago) (0)

All of you users have heard of the word blog or website at least once, and there are differences between the two systems that will tell you the difference between a website and a blog and a difference between a web site and a portal. has it.

What is a blog?

Many people with knowledge in the field have a question in mind:

What do we need for a blog?
Through the months and years of having a blog you will be able to share your thoughts with thousands of readers and use them to promote your business. Many people share things like memories, emotions, and daily events. A blog is a short word from a blog where both words are used interchangeably.

Nowadays there are many beginners owning blogs and there are many free servers that provide users with a free blog with unique features. When you use to buy website traffic for blog, your blog name will be built under the domain and you will be affiliated with the main server site.

What is a Website?

Nowadays, people who want to be active in cyberspace and want to have a say in the online space need a website that is more powerful and flexible than blog systems.

Website and Blog Difference:

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages that illustrate the difference between them. At a very low cost you can provide a domain and hosting service. Launch your site the website is not affiliated with any kind of service and you can implement any site model depending on your needs. You will have no space for your website, and you can install various tools for your convenience.

But your blog has limited space and you are affiliated with the main site and you will not have to pay any hosting fees.

What is the difference between a website and a portal?

But the main difference between a website and a portal is the website itself, but the local portal that links to many websites will actually be a bridge between you and other websites.

for example:

links site is a portal because it connects you to a variety of websites.

What is Web Browsing?

Many users turn to websites to meet their needs and entertain themselves when they enter the big internet world; Social networks, forums, download sites, etc. are called users' activity on the web.

Website Types:

There is a huge variety of websites and there are millions of websites all over the world and they are increasing every day.

But each of them is designed to meet a specific need. Many of these websites are personal or corporate that provide specific services to users. But there are several other news sites that publish the news of the day, but many jobs in the physical space are turning to online business.

for example:

A toy retailer is thinking of creating an online store that is highly effective in boosting sales and returning potential customers. But social networks are also part of these websites, with many daily users.

Types of Website Structure:

The sites are also controversial in terms of structure and technology, some of which are proprietary coded and created by developers. And there are many other content management systems that have become increasingly popular, most notably WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

for example:

Content management systems can even be set up by beginner users with a simple tutorial. But proprietary sites require a programmer and cost more to the user.

What is the difference between a blog and a social network?

Both are types of social media but have similarities and differences. Blogs are also a type of social network where you can put your own content and other users can interact with you indirectly.

for example:

Audiences enter the blog through search engines and comment on your posts. But social networks are based on direct communication. You can send a pet to someone you know or even a stranger to you. In social media traffic networks, two-way communication makes more sense, but not in blogs.


You can easily understand the differences between the portal, the blog and the website, and you can choose the one you need. If you have a plan for your business website can be a good option. If you are interested in entertainment and only writing, a blog can be enough. Check this video about web traffic: ?v=qEnTZbMkNc4


WilliamHarris4 (361 days ago) (0)

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