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markjohnson9654 (421 days ago) (0)

Sound issue on lenovo laptop is one of the most common problem for nowdays. Everyday, thousands of customers are complaining about such kind of issue and they are looking for the solution online.

If you are also the one, who is looking for the solution about how to fix lenovo laptop sound not working problem.

Stay connected with this article, this article will help you in fixing the problem.

  1. When you can’t hear anything from your lenovo laptop, you should reboot your laptop once, after rebooting the laptop, you should play something. Let’s see if it is working this time or not.
  2. Review the audio mute function, confirm that sound is enabled. If you see the sound is muted, you may go ahead and unmute it.
  3. Choose your speakers as a default speaker and than play something. Let’s see if it is giving you the sound or not.
  4. Do not forget to check for the audio driver update, most of the time, people face sound issue on laptop due to the driver issue. so you should keep checking for the update time to time, if you find any update available just go ahead it.
  5. If you have updated the driver, but still the sound not working, you may go ahead and uninstall the sound driver. Now go to the lenovo website and download a new driver for your laptop and install it.
  6. After using these techniques, if the sound is not coming.  you may go ahead and factory restore your laptop to the back date. When you were getting audio from it. Once the system reset process will finish. You will receive audio on your laptop.

Well these are few techniques to troubleshoot audio problem. I hope you have fixed your issue using these instructions, if you have any other issue with your lenovo laptop visit askprob blogs.



frankgriffin (339 days ago) (0)

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