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Everything you wanted to know about audio uploads, creating albums and supported audio files.


Here you find all necessary information about creating Blogs. How you can add photos, videos and even galleries to your blog, and more...


Find out how to create your own Channel on


Looking for new friends, certain blogs or a specific topic in a forum? Find out more...


Everything about organizing your contacts, inviting your friends to or finding new contacts.

cross.board board is a user's window to his friend's activities. It also includes updates on his friends' wall as well as their contacts. Page visitors can be seen in cross.board.

e.motion Picture

Use this space to let your friends and visitors of your profile page know how you feel utilizing our choice of family friendly images.



The place to discuss and share! Our forums are multi-media powered.


Home link allows a user to become updated on the latest happenings, video and audio uploads, featured churches and members in the community.


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Check out our family friendly terms of use...


"One special feature is an individually adjustable language menu. You can not only choose in which language your screen will appear


Detailed information about what you can do with all our Media Features. Audio, Video, Galleries, Channels, Tagging and much more...


Check out our messaging tool. Stay easily in touch with all you contacts!

My Page

A variety of functions is available to customize your "My Page" according to your creative ideas. Create multiple paragraphs, embed video or audio files, change your background and much more...


Create you personal prayer network...

PRO Features

Find out everything about our professional streaming features and advertising solutions.


Find out how to edit your profile, language and account settings...

TV Shows

Check out our different TV Show formats!

Video Upload

When uploading your Video make sure you choose the right Channel, Format, Personality and Tags in order to receive maximum video views.