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Create New Blog Entry

Use this button when you want to write a new blog. Before writing a text, change the font size, color, style (1. left hand object / right hand text 2. left hand text / right hand object 3. object only 4. text only) or alignment.

Add Another Paragraph

Use this button when one paragraph is not enough for your  blog entry. You can add up to 10 paragraphs.

Delete Paragraph

You can always delete a paragraph. But be careful. Look twice before confirming the deletion of a paragraph in order not to regret it.


Choose the correct language from the drop down menu matching the blog's content language. To make everyone who has activated your blog's language in their text language filter to be able to see your blog.

Object Only

Embedding an object only is a very sleek and stylish way to blog.You can add videos, Photos or your photo gallery.

Paragraph Text

Type or copy and paste your blog text into your paragraphs, or add a paragraph with an object only. Adding multiple paragraphs with text and/or embedded objects allows you to be very creative with your blogging!

Paragraph Title

Create up to ten different paragraphs and give each paragraph a title. You can also add a title with the text editor by making the title's font size larger, bolder or transforming the color of the font using our palette tool.

Save Changes

Always click on the "Save Changes" button to avoid the loss of unsaved blog content. Do this in between, if you are taking your time to work on your blog. You can always add more paragraphs with text or embedded objects after saving it.

Select Object

Select from your uploaded videos, photo galleries, favorites, or upload a new photo.

Text and Object

Type or copy text into the text area. Mark it to change the font size, color, style or alignment. You can choose from 4 display options in the tabs: 1. left hand object / right hand text 2. left hand text / right hand object 3. object only 4. text only Displaying an object allows you to embed objects such as videos, photo galleries, or individual photos. You can embed any of your uploaded videos and photo galleries, as well as your favorites. If you want to embed another member's video in your blog simply save it to your favorites (to do this click on "Add to Favorites" below the video player). The file will show up in your favorites and in the list of embeddable objects in your blogs. Use the check box "Autostart" to make an embedded video play automatically whenever the blog is being opened. You can create a "videolog" (vlog) simply by embedding an uploaded video as "object only" and activating "autostart". Record your spoken blog on video instead of writing the blog, or upload a documentary, message or any other video as your blog.

Text Only

You can create a blog with text only. Simply type or copy and paste your blog text. Remember a blog is like a news article about yourself, describing an experience, an event, an insight or wisdom shared, a reflection on a certain opinion, or anything related to yourself, a personal project or event. A blog is a continuously published series of articles and a new blog should be created at least once a week if you wish to have a following.