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My Contacts

This is your personal contact area where you can review and approve contact requests, approve group requests, manage your contacts and friends, and communicate with your groups or individual contacts. The difference between a contact and a friend is simply this: a new internet acquaintance is a "contact", a close friend you know from life is a "friend". You can distinguish between the different relationship types by using the differentiation between "Contacts" and "Friends" and by using the group functions. This allows you to both network professionally, communicate with fans or acquaintances, find and make new friends and stay in touch with your real life friends! It is all up to you!


Approving a contact invitation establishes a connection between you and the inviter, allowing you to post on their cross.wall, share media with them and visa versa. Daily updates on their activities can be displayed on your cross.wall automatically the same way your contacts receive automatic updates about your activities. We recommend checking out the inviter's profile before accepting them. If you feel intruded or bothered by a user you accepted as friend, you can always delete the connection by clicking on the "red X" on their profile picture in your contact area, or block them in your message box.

Artists/Bands members with an artist/band account. Artists have special privileges on allowing them to build a fan base and to censor uploads of their music from users.

Churches members with a Church account. Churches can become members and add their leadership, staff and congregations to their church social network on

Families/Groups members with a Family/Group account, dedicated to families and groups.

Organizations/ Ministries members with an Organization/Ministry account. These members are not churches, but faith-based organizations, para-church ministries or companies.

People members with a personal account for individuals. Besides individuals, you will also find families/groups, churches, artists/bands and organizations on


Rejecting a contact invitation results in the removal of any connection with that particular user. After 3 rejections the invite can not be invited again.


Use this feature to display which friends and contacts you are interested in seeing on your page.

Waiting for Approval

Invitations sent to prospective contacts or friends. The invited user must approve your friend/contact request.