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Album Artwork

PIcture associated with the audio album, perhaps cover of the DVD the music is from, name of the artist, or any other pictorial file which users can associate with the music/teaching.

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The artist signing or speaker teaching in the audio file.


Background information for the album and audio files.


The name of the audio album.

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Edit the files existing within an already made audio album.

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About Worship

Audio files which teach and speak on worship. This is not content which is a worship session.


Concerning various addictions.


You can group your audio files within specially made albums. In order to do that you must create an album first.


For everything revolving around arts this can be captured via audio.


For recordings of audiobooks.


Any audio file pertaining directly to the Bible. We prefer this category to be scriptural readings, or teachings directly about the Bible. Please use the teaching category when discussing sermons on passages taken from the Bible.

Bible Verses

A specific passage taken from the Bible.

Business & Career

To help your business and career, provide sound advice or reports on the business economy.

Cartoons & Animation

Contain cartoons and animations.


You can select 2 Topic Channels for your audio file. Make sure to select the right topic channels according to the content of your audio file. The more precise you choose your channels, the more effective you will attract your audience. If you are not sure if your audio upload is suitable for a certain channel, please do not select it. Get advice on selecting the right channel by moving your mouse over the little question mark icons next to every channel.


Videos which are for children or about children.

Christian Filmmakers

About Christian filmmakers, or contain information, stories, ideas for Christian filmmakers specifically.

Christian Metal

The Christian Metal Channel is exclusively intended for Christian Metal Music. If your audio file is about Christian Metal Concert, or a Christian Metal Studio recording, this is the right channel to choose.

Christian Television

Christian television shows.

Church Media

Audio files which churches produce which are not direct recordings of their services. This category may contain video announcements or videos made to play within church services. May be creative skits to help people understand the meaning of Christmas, but again audio file produced specifically to play within the church, not recordings of church service events.

Church Videos

Audio files which may be used in a church service. These are NOT audio recordings from church services. We have a separate category for that called "Church Service".


Containing comedic sketches which is humorous drama with a happy ending.


Audio files of dance productions.


Background material on the audio file. The who, what, when, where and why of the content.


Helps people grow in their relationship with God. It is usually broken down into daily chapters that you can listen to and pray about.


Containing material specifically in an educational format. May contain various topics, such as teaching one how to bake or fix a car, yet the format is a teaching style rather than reporting style.

Electronic Music

Techno and Electronic Music.

End Times

Concerning the book of Revelations and interpretations on end time prophecy.


Videos containing concepts of eternity, life after death, our eternal perspective on this life, etc.


Tips and valuable information dealing with finances either personal or generally with the economy.

For Church Musicians

Audio files which contain useful information for Church Musicians.

For Pastors/Priests

Audio files which contain information that is helpful to a Pastor or Priest specifically. This is not videos about Pastors unless it is dealing with the issues Pastors face. Again, Pastor help materials here please.

For Worship Leaders

Containing material which a worship leader would find helpful and beneficial for their service as a worship leader.


Upload individual audio files of any length, file size or file format. We recommend AAC or mp3, but almost any file format works.

Fun Stuff

Audio files which are comedic in nature, yet are not stand up comedy. Can contain bloopers, practical jokes, dancing birds, anything entertaining which puts a smile on your face.

Giving & Sacrifice

Discussions, drama, teachings, depictions on the concepts of giving and sacrifice.

Gospel Music

Specific Christian music based on American folk music and incorporating elements of spirituals, blues, and jazz.

Healing & Miracles

Audio files which either teach or depict various physical, spiritual, or emotional healings. MIracle stories may be depicted here well, can contain documentaries on the subjects of healings and miracles.

Health & Fitness

Any health and fitness topic ranging from beauty products to spas to fitness tips and tricks.

Hip Hop

This Channel is exclusively intended for Hip Hop music. If your audio file is of a Hip Hop Concert, or a Hip Hop Studio recording, this is the right channel to choose.

Home & Family

Pertaining to any concept dealing with family life as well as home improvement.


Considered to be uplifting, positive audio content which is hard to categorize according to the other options.


Anything which inspires the spirit in a unique way! Also, material that is hard to place in the teaching or devotion category.


Specifically relating to the country of Israel in present day, Israel as it pertains to the Bible, and Israel as it pertains to end time events.


Material for children, not about children. Kids programming specifically.


Choose the language of your audio file. This is important in order for your audio files to be found easily by the audience you want to attract.


Audio files which deal specifically with the concept of leadership. Leadership principles taught or dialogued on. Any content which helps create a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen for their life.


About literature, publishings, books, etc.

May be embedded

By utilizing the given code from, the media element may be inserted into another page displayed on the world wide web. Simply copy and paste the code into your desired location, as long as the located allows for embeddable material.


Contain information which men would find interesting, also can be about men and topics that pertain to them specifically.


Actual films or movies which you have license to share. May include short films created by you or someone you know who has given you permission to upload it.


Please select this category if your audio file contains a musical performance or song.

Nature & Creation

Audio files dealing with such topics as the scenic elements of God's creation, such as animals and mountain landscapes. Also, files expounding upon the concept of creation vs evolution may be accepted.

News & Talk

Please select this category for any type of news format or talk show format. A radio show would work well here.


Evangelism efforts, or other ways of showing the community the love of Christ.


Key public personalities from all walks of life.


Audio files which deal with politics on any level. Can be news, seminars, debates.

Pop Music

Music videos or live performances with the pop music sound as the main focus. Some examples of Christian pop artists are Rebekah St. James and Rachel Lampa.


Teachings on the subject of prayer or recordings of times of prayer.

Pro Life

Dealing with the Pro Life movement and the issues they face.


Audio files which may contain actual prophecies given to one another. This message can involve divine inspiration, revelation, or interpretation. May include teachings on Prophecy as well as the unfolding of Biblical prophetic events.


Christian Reggae music which is based on a rhythmic style characterized by accents on the off-beat, known as the skank.


Audio files dealing with the issues we face in relationships. Advice on marriage relationships or parent teen relationships.


Dealing with varying religions.


A a reawakening of faith or renewal of commitment to the Christian religion. Audio files containing actual revival services or materials relating to the history of revival, the hunger for revival.

Rock Music

This Channel is exclusively intended for Rock Music. Rock Music sound revolves around the electric guitar or acoustic guitar, and it uses a strong back beat laid down by a rhythm section of electric bass guitar and drums. It has nothing to do with stones. ;)


Teachings on what salvation is, or topics surrounding the gift of salvation. May depict someone's testimony where they describe their actual salvation experience.


Dealing with scientific issues.


Special videos which people of a certain age group my find interesting. Also may be about topics which seniors face.

Sermon Media

Audio files which can be used to support sermons, perhaps used during the sermon to help illustrate the talking points.


All audio files containing any type of teaching materials that are Christ focused.


Dealing with the topic of human sexuality.

Soul & RnB

Soul and RnB music. Soul music combines elements of gospel music and rhythm and blues. RnB music is used to define urban style music.

Spiritual Growth

Containing material which helps Christians with the growth and development of one's spiritual life by focusing on one’s personal spiritual life, interactions with others in everyday life, and the spiritual practices of prayer, the study of scripture, fasting, gifts of the Spirit, fruits of the Spirit, and worship.


Anything to do with sports. All types are welcome!


Videos about students of any age and the challenges/issues they face.


Enter tags for your upload. Make sure you tag your audio file effectively in order to reach a maximum audience. When people search for certain themes or keywords, their search results will be determined by the tagging of the file. The advantage: The one who is looking for particular themes which include your video will instantly be able find it. You will have many more video views. What is a Tag? "tag" = a label associated with something for the purpose of identification, for example 'Business', 'Jesus'.


Select the format "Teaching", if your uploaded audio file is a teaching program or contains teaching on any subject.


Testimonies generally involves an inward belief or outward profession of faith or of personal religious experience. Can be stories of faith.

The Bible

Teachings on the Bible.

Theological Debate

Dealing with discussions on theology, does not have to be an exact theological debate.

Travel & Leisure

Audio files about leisure activities such as hobbies, which may be photography, or kayaking. Travel may specifically relate to official reports on destinations and vacation places. As well as some national geographic type of materials on cultures and countries.


Containing material which deals with the state of oneness within the body of Christ.


Dealing specifically with categories that women would find interesting. May contain content which deal with issues women specifically face.

World Missions

Global ministry efforts, may contain evangelism meetings, humanitarian projects, or special church plantings. Should focus on missions at the core of the message.

Worship Music

Worship music is frequently referred to as ‘praise songs’ or ‘worship songs’, and are typically led by a worship band. Any videos that contains songs which worship Jesus Christ are considered within this category.

Youth Ministry

Pertaining to all things youth ministry dealing with ages 13 to 18.

My Albums

Collection of all your uploaded audio files grouped into albums.

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