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Add Page

Use this feature to add another page to your main pages in your area. You can add up to 10 pages. The pages will be accessible by tabs at the top, you can title these pages in the edit tool.

Add Another Paragraph

By clicking here you can add another paragraph to the body of your page.

Add Up to 10 Paragraphs

You can add up to 10 paragraphs. By adding different paragraphs you can customize your profile page.

Delete Paragraph

To delete a paragraph click on the red 'X' in the upper right corner of the paragraph space.


It is now possible to write blogs, create personal pages and to post comments in different languages. You may want to translate some of your blogs, pages and comments into another language. Maybe your native language is not English, then you might want to add another blog entry or page in English, or any other additional language you speak. Now you can do that - simply by adding a language attribute from the drop down to each text entry you make. Always make sure that the drop down is set to the right language. When it comes to reading other people's blogs, pages and comments: you will now see text content according to your language preferences, saved in your language selection. (right next to the logo in the upper left corner of your screeen). You language preferences are saved and will deliver video, audio and text content according to your settings, each time you log on.

Menu Title

The menu title you enter here will show in the tab on your profile page.

Object Only

This option is if you want to add an object only in the paragraph space chosen. An object may consist of a photo, a photo album, or a video.

Paragraph Text

Enter your text here. You can also select different font sizes and font colors.

Paragraph Title

Enter a title for your chosen paragraph. Every paragraph can have it's own title. In addition, each title or paragraph font can be colorized using the palette tool.

Save Changes

Make sure you hit the "Save Changes" Button in order not to lose your changes.

Select Object

Use this button to add a photo, a photo gallery or a video.

Text and object

Use this option if you want to show a picture, a photo album or a video next to a text. You can have the object left or right from the text.

Text Only

If you want to add text only, choose this option.