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Backgroung Designer

The background designer tool enables you to create a personalized design for your profile page. You have the option of picking different ornaments, figures, color schemes and background wallpapers. All of your pages will receive this personalized design and color scheme, including the colors of links and titles.


To set the opacity of the object. Set it to 0 and the object will not be seen. 100 means the object will receive full opacity and be brightly viewable.


Set the brightness of your selected color. This will change the actual color according to it's range within the color spectrum.


Design your profile page additionally with some cool graphic figures. Set color, brightness and opacity of your figures. These are different than ornaments in their shape and concept.

Main Color

Set the main background color for your profile page. Click on the preferred color in the huge rainbow circle. Your color will be shown in the small circle. You can adjust brightness and opacity later.


Design your profile page additionally with some graphic ornaments. Set color, brightness and opacity of your ornaments.


Choose your wallpaper pattern for your background on your pages. You can also choose a custom color and adjust the brightness and the opacity of your wallpaper.


Use one of our given templates as your personal background.