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Network Campaign

Target your campaigns to visitors of a variety of amazing websites on our Christian Ad Network. The Network Campaign product offers you the best price per click while ensuring a high quality of leads through our professional website selection and verification process.
Create multiple campaigns to target individual countries, languages, people groups to reach an interested audience that is inspired by your services and products. Various video, text and banner ad formats are available.

The latest trend is our “cross+ad™ format” – a unique online advertising format: easy to create, highly effective, cost efficient and versatile. Create a cross+ad™: use our simple interface to type up a few lines of ad text that addresses your target audience, upload a photo or graphic that represents your product well and run it over the network, on certain websites only, as a video ad, or create a targeted campaign. Your cross+ad™ can even be displayed on top of videos! It’s a three step process to create and run a new ad, takes only a few minutes and there is no need for a graphic designed banner.

Besides the popular new cross+ad™ format you can publish various type of classical banner sizes and video ads through the cross+ads™ network.