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Video on Demand

  • Custom VoD Channel Player with media center functionality for your websites
  • RTMP VoD High Definition
  • Unlimited
  • parallel viewers
  • Unlimited Server Space
  • for your on demand videos
  • No Video Duration Limits
  • TV Show Channels
  • on give you access to new audiences worldwide
  • “Fair-use-unlimited”
  • bandwidth: with 1,000,000 Streaming Minutes per year
  • Embed your
  • video players on your web and social sites
  • Boost your website traffic
  • by letting your video players go “viral”

Create your own VoD Channels on™ to archive all of your video material and create and brand your own online TV-Shows!

You can automatically convert anything to mpeg4 with the latest h.264 codec  through our conversion servers and make your video content available to a global audience of millions on™! You can also publish it on other websites through our unique embeddable VoD Channel Player.

All of your channels are listed under the™ tab "TV Shows" and will get exposure to thousands of daily visitors!

It allows you to not only embed one video, but your entire VoD Channel and lets visitors of any website access all your TV-Shows within your VoD Channel in one video player.

Our VoD Channels can contain HD video material, streaming with a bandwidth of up to 1.8 mbit. The better the quality of your uploaded video, the better the streaming quality!

Unlike other streaming platforms you don’t have to worry about converting your video to a certain file format or size before uploading. Any file type works and each uploaded video is encoded and optimized for video streaming automatically through our conversion servers. You won’t even notice it!


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