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cross.tv Helps Small Churches Go Global

Apr 26, 2011

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cross.tv, the Faith Based Social Network, recently released an updated version of their “Pro Features” designed to provide small and medium sized churches and ministries with professional Internet broadcasting capabilities at bare minimum cost.


The popular Christian Social Networking site cross.tv recently launched a new interface of their “Pro Section” making it easier than ever for small Ministries and Churches to purchase the kind of customized live streaming and Video on Demand archiving that normally costs thousands of dollars to develop.


“Our goal is to provide small and medium sized ministries with the same capabilities as ministries that have millions of dollars. We feel that just because a Church or Ministry lacks the funds for mass distribution does not mean their message is less important”, said cross.tv’s CEO Andreas Kisslinger.
“We believe that today’s communication technologies are a gift to humanity and should be used to help one another. We believe that the power of Internet Communication has been underestimated and that it is time for people of the Christian faith to be audible and visible online as well.”

It is on these principles that cross.tv aims to provide a variety of functions to small and medium sized Churches and Ministries that would normally be unaffordable to them, such as customizable Video on Demand Players with Integrated Archive Menus and Live Players with Countdowns adapting to the viewer’s time zone. 


Cross.tv’s new interface is designed to let users with little to no technical experience create professional grade Online Video Delivery. Video content is stored on cross.tv’s own servers and CDNs and streams in real time to prevent buffering.


In order for users to be able to reach the less affluent areas of the world every upload is automatically encoded into 128 kbs, 256 kbs, 512 kbs, 1 mbits, and 1.8mbits with the player automatically detecting the viewer’s available bandwidth. “We want churches and ministries to be able to literally broadcast their content to the world, and not just those fortunate enough to have a high speed Internet connection” noted Kisslinger. “There is great talent and creativity in even the smallest rural churches and there is a big world out there waiting to see it.”



If you would like more information about this topic please visit http://www.cross.tv/pro

To schedule an interview with Andreas Kisslinger, please contact cross:media  at 704-910-2434 or write media@cross.tv.