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News Release 10/08

Jan 13, 2009

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There are an estimated 1 billion people around the world with no access to Christian television broadcast. However, many have access to the Internet. With Internet availability and quality increasing rapidly every day, Internet broadcast is becoming one of the most efficient ways of reaching people for Christ.

Social web communities are taking the Internet world by storm. With the much given success of communities such as MySpace, Facebook, and others, web society’s have become an essential and vital part of today’s world. Understanding this evolution in social connectivity, Cross.tv founders, Andreas Kisslinger and Stefan Jager, took steps to ensure a strong Christian presence in this vast, new cyber universe. Thus, Cross.tv was born.


Cross.tv is a groundbreaking faith-based web community and an on demand WebTV platform and streaming solutions provider. Currently, members and visitors can access the site in over 30 languages. Signing up for a personal account is free. One need simply fill out a profile page registering as a person, family, organization, ministry, church, or company. Once the profile is complete, members are on their way to connecting with the world.

Cross.tv combines the top features social web communities have to offer with the added benefits of the highest quality HD streaming available. With enticing proHD accounts, video content is displayed in state of the art formats with the latest technologies in web development and streaming. HD video streaming and up to a 1megabit bandwidth give a streaming quality that is at least 7 times more than found on youtube alone.


Cross.tv creates innovative, state of the art outreach tools, such as evangelistic movies and flash tours in 30+ languages, driving thousands of daily secular users to it’s evangelistic sites through banner ad campaigns. In addition to these evangelistic campaigns, users may find themselves watching a Christian music video from England, reading a poem about Christ from a young student in Asia, or listening to a church service from the United States. All members have the opportunity of sharing Christ with the world in their unique voice.

To visit the Cross.tv phenomenon, go to www.cross.tv.

Cross.tv, a global multi-media community and web TV platform connecting believers around the world, supporting ministries in their endeavors and amplifying the message of Jesus Christ around the world.