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imee melchor



My Prayer

Father, All my praise are for you... I thank you for everything. I pray for each one of us who believes in your power.. I ask you God to bless us exceedingly everyday of our lives. |more

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mikmik Feb 15, 2009 9 Comments

Father God, I keep on striving, longing, pleasing... I keep on believing in everything you say, because I trust you with all my heart. Lord, I come to you now with my heart that is so tired!! Please help me to bear this pain, please help me to seek your love above all. I am starting to hate myself, for so many reasons! I am very SORRY Lord for all my lapses... I am starting to feel sorry for not serving you well. I feel so unworthy of your love... I thought I am ok Lord, but you told me that I have to look at myself.... I am really sorry for being a VOLUNTEER christian!!! I am sorry for being afraid of so many things, even afetr knowing you already surpassed it all!! LORD, I NEED YOU...... I TRULY LOVE YOU... I KNOW YOU KNOW IT... I KNOW YOU SEE MY HEART RIGHT NOW... PLEASE EMBRACE ME WITH YOUR WARM LOVE, PLEASE LET ME FEEL YOUR HERE BY MY SIDE. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE, PLEASE LIFT ME UP... PLEASE................................ I am not worthy to say please, but please IN THE NAME OF JESUS, your SON who's my SAVIOR and LORD, accept me.