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charlotte delatonga

charlie_sings|United Arab Emirates

For all the worst and all the best I AM BLESSED!

My Prayer

The LORD is closer to those broken hearted, cover me Lord with your great wisdom and strength to overcome this situation. Believing that all things work together for good. In Jesus name. |more

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charlie_sings May 22, 2010

I thank you Lord, for all the opportunities you gave to me... Wherever I go, I can feel that you're there to guide me, You turned all my disappointments to encouragements, and turned all my painful experiences to new beginnings. Despite of all my doubts and shortcomings you're still there to listen and to catch me. You are my wonderful God and Savior. and I could not ask for more. A perfect father, great provider, defender, comforter and Friend. Help me Lord to see You more and more everyday in my life, I will never be lost when you're with me. Thank you for the happiness I have right now, it's really unexplainable, despite of all the trials and pressures I'm facing I am still ,,,when I'm with you. I know nothing is impossible to you, you know my heart, you know my pains, I ask for your blessings and provisions , stretch your hand Lord God and take care of my loved ones back in the Philippines. My your supernatural Favor be upon them.. Be with me oh Lord, as I face my new day. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JESUS...