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Religions and spirits---spirits and Religions

May 04, 2011

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All Spirits And All Religions Of The World----Which Spirit and Which Religion are You? Read On For All The Spirits Of Evil.

Spirits, Beliefs and Religions Worldwide from Christianity to Wicca that all need to see in more depth. . . .because none know where they really are when thinking they do.

Are you in the light or in the dark? Do you hate or do you love? Do you look to God or follow what man says? Do you know the difference in the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of lies? Are you fireproof? Because the fires are coming hotter than ever before with a world of wrongly tagged fireproof wear that was improperly made and built on an unstable foundation that will only fall and burn you in great agony because all refused the truth when God made it available; and spiritually speaking now is that time.
I began to write Proverbs 1:22-32 as a very direct truth with warning from God to all with ears to hear, but then decided from my heart to just suggest that you read the first three chapters----But then as I looked at by heartbeat with its words as my only blood-flow for life when opened to Proverbs: God stirred my thoughts because of how how worn, marked and taped all of the pages are in that particular book because it is the best book in the entire Bible just for many of life's various situations that require an answer on how to deal with or handle what ever it may be. Just in reading chapter 1 with a spiritual mind while going into the second chapter which has the most important instruction in the Bible with the only way to ever gain the fear of the Lord will draw you with great interest into the following chapters because in truth they all contain what the shepherds of man cannot see and do not teach their flocks worldwide. Ezekiel 34 speaks God's Pure and Refined Words of Truth very well.    
I work and God draws who He chooses, calls and has mercy on at this stage in time as we near the beginning of sorrows; and very close it is with the signs of world conditions in a deceived world that knows not God in His Spirit of truth because all this religious world knows is the spirit of error that leads them astray in unseen darkness by a false light from the counterfeit Christ who is the father of lies. And so says our Father who His children of this world refuse to believe, therefore are unknowingly rejecting their own Father who is also going to reject them from His mercy in the coming great tribulation; and that does not mean they are not saved, just very disobedient rebellious hard hearted and stiff necked hypocrites who need punishment so they will learn. 
And God who is of no confusion whatsoever tells us all of these truths that we just don’t believe because man has fed us differently and the devil gives great false comfort because he is an arch deceiver and extremely good at what he does with a very strong resume with the history of deceiving one third of God’s angels and turning them into demons; then Eve who deceived Adam, and has been deceiving this whole world ever since; and that is why God says this whole world has been deceived; but you and whatever religious organization of man you are apart of does not believe what God is saying directly to you because you have been deceived: and the pride of all human beings goeth before destruction as written in Proverbs 16:18.

No matter what religion people may be----in their own minds and comfort zones they are right and correct while being just where God wants them because they are saved, born again, Christians, or of any world denomination that loves God {through words} and knows that Christ is the son of God who gave His life for the love of us all and was raised from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God----but for many in their own particular man made religions, the rest of the world is wrong, lost and in darkness facing the fires of hell if they do not come to see the only truth of God through His only true religion which is. . . .

Christianity (Christian)

African Methodist Episcopal
Assemblies of God
Baptist (Southern, National, National Missionary, Progressive National)
Catholic (Roman Catholic)
Christian Science
Church of Christ
Church of God
Disciples of Christ
Friends (Quaker)
Jehovah's Witnesses
Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
Mormon (Latter Day Saints)
Orthodox (Eastern, Greek, Russian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Romanian, other)


Quaker (Friends)
Roman Catholicism
Salvation Army
Seventh Day Adventist
Unification Church

Baha'i Faith

Ethical Culture

Islam (Moslem)



When the worldwide religions of man are actually broke down into their separate individual groups of believers, there are over 33,000 different beliefs. So either all of those religions of man worldwide are deceived, or there is more than only one God, one Spirit and one doctrine of truth. So which religion of man is you’re leader of false truth through deception?

Let's look at some religions from man's point of view because only the Pentecostal is of God all the rest have to be wrong . . . Oops, I mean because only the Seventh Day Adventist can only be correct, therefore all of the rest are wrong. . Oops, I mean if you are not a Christian who murders with their hearts {1 John 3:11-18} while praising God with their lips while not being worthy of the kingdom of God because they have no love {1 John 4:7-8} you have no hope because only Christians full of hate can be saved. . .and I speak of the kind of love through many years of experiences that God has put me in to see the rootless hypocrites in all the man made religions of the world; therefore the love I speak is the truth that only brings hate upon me just as Christ told me it would be in John 15:18-21---1 John 4:7-8
So what exactly does all that hate or dislike against me with persecution from a world of religion mean?  It means that I am doing my job appointed by God quite well. Because if you all loved me, I would be of you and among you all rather than being not of this world. 

What this entire world is missing is that God is but only one who is true, and Christ is but only one and true; and the Spirit of God is the only one and true Spirit of Truth that delivers but only one doctrine of truth that contain only His traditions of truth because all words of God that we are commanded to live by are delivered by the Spirit of Truth ----

Rather than the spirit of error and the spirit of darkness and the spirit of disobedience and the spirit of hate and the spirit of lust and the spirit of greed and the spirit of ego and the spirit of perversion and the spirit of same sex attraction and the spirit of kill and the spirit of power and the spirit of evil and the spirit of self and the spirit of believing in man and the spirit of judgment and the spirit of slander and the spirit of wealth and the spirit of crime and the spirit of lies and the spirit of porn and the spirit of pain and the spirit of tortures and the spirit of spirits which leads to alcohol, drugs, abortion, adultery, sexually transmitted diseases and the never ending list of evil spirits that have deceived this whole world with temper tantrums, to woman beaters, to rapists, to serial killers to child molesters to the crooked and corrupt people in high up places that control this world from behind the scenes as a world population of puppets on the strings of the evils that are coming to their full while bringing this world to the most sickening and painful years of blood baths full of every single evil spirit I have mentioned with innumerable more that will make millions only wishing for a death that they cannot even find. But when all of the evils of the darkness within these end times have come to an end----Those that were protected through God's mercy will remain in the flesh for the start of a new life under the kingdom of God with a new government in the Millennium.


Welcome to the world with the spirits of love and truth that would lay down their lives for each other while knowing that love is an unbroken circle of people helping people for all of eternity which will bring them into eternal life. And those who knew not God in Spirit throughout all of eternity will be in the second resurrection for a 100 years of life with leading through God’s firstfruits who have become part of His eternal government that will reign with Christ; and it is only the firstfruits who have been chosen and called out of this world who have become hated, detested, persecuted and not believed in any way by most all in this deceived world who know all things through pride while not knowing the love we are commanded to live by.

Proverbs {1:22-32} was written for all today to either laugh at or take deep into you’re heart now before its to late. The many in these ten verses are the many in {Matthew 7:13} with the few in verse 33 being the few in the narrow way of {Matthew 7:14}. 

From what I can count regarding views of my hundreds of writings that have been put in many sites there are near 150,000 plus only God knows how many more from blogs and emails over the years, and all sites are religious with the cruelest cold hearted judgmental non caring hypocrites with no roots to hold them in the great tribulation are the people who claim the love of God while only being blind murderers according to God who they choose not to hear because they hate truth, love, care and giving of themselves through honesty and love so deep that they follow only their Head as part of an active body that makes up His only true body called the church which means a group who are the firstfruits in training for God’s kingdom to train and teach all others when the god of this world has been removed and sealed so that his spirit of error is no longer there to lead those astray from God’s truth; and that means the religions and churches {building} of man worldwide which are the churches of Satan that has deceived this whole world.

Welcome to the truth of God that you won’t believe and do not want to hear because it will smash your pride and ego into nothing because without God we are nothing and without fully abiding in Christ according to His own words we can do nothing but be as a cast off branch that withers and is gathered for the fires of great tribulation where it will burn. . . .

Daniel 3:16-18 are you’re lesson for today because with the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego you will become fireproof; and the choice is yours because all I do is deliver the truth, the whole truth; and nothing but the truth so help me God.
I have been placed by God to help and assist as many as He draws by what only He can see within their hearts that pleases Him. {Hebrews 4:12-13} 
The truth of God is something very rare within this world, therefore when it comes before you, its a gift from God, but only temporary. 
"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.  Amos 8:11