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When We Just Write Depending on God

May 12, 2011

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Only those very truly and genuinely seeking to please the Father with gaining the understanding of Him will gain some spiritual insight through these words along with uncountable others within my works for God as a workman with no shame because of all the scorn with judgments from a world of love through the religions of man.

When a person has had many times through their life when they should have become very dead, but lived through a life that became more as an education on roads of life that they would never again walk even if given a chance for a re-run; and then came a time at the end of 2006 when they just left America on a one way ticket to the other side of the world in the Philippines with very little pocket money that was gone in the first month with no savings or income of any kind within a country where there was no work only to begin a four year process of learning how to live on faith with absolutely no trust in man whatsoever while also gaining an understanding of God and exactly why He speaks many words that a world with billions of believers don’t believe, such as these words below which I fully understand with a clear understanding of why God spoke them in His pure and tried words written with no confusion that are only truth a world of believers does not believe.

“The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. {Psalms 14:2-3}

Now being that you are a believer in God, and one of the human children of men, do you see yourself as God just described you? Of course not; and that is because you are of this world as the many in Matthew 7:13---whereas those who understand God are the few in Matthew 7:14 and of God’s little flock in Luke 12:32---and only because they take God for His every word—such as His words that tell all believers how the doctrines and traditions of man will make His word to become of no effect in all the lives of those who become a part of the worldwide religions of man who know not God in a very deceived world. So if you feel the words of Christ in John 15:18-21---and are hated with zero association with man in his buildings---then you are not of this world and can understand spiritual things with spiritual rather than what seems as foolishness.  {1 Corinthians 2:13-14}

Only those with the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of knowledge can know God; and that’s because the knowledge understands God; and only God can be the supplier to those who follow His instructions that begin in Proverbs 2:4 with 5-6 as your reward for the fear of the Lord in Proverbs 9:10-----And I have been in the same square mile through the past 4 years only to dig deeper and deeper while losing all trust in man with becoming fully dependent on only God while knowing that He not only knows all things, but can do all things.

Words Below sent to Publishers

What’s below I have spent much time on preparing, and when you read a bit about me in the first link, you may gain some understanding, because for me to write everything I want to speak would require uncountable words; therefore just few words and links of my writings is where we will begin with whatever God makes to happen. At any rate, at least allow me to know where you’re mind ends up. Thank you

The Only Way to Do What’s Right Means Opening You’re Mind to the Unseen through Faith—because without, God cannot be pleased. Hebrews 11:6


This link I decided to place at the start just so you have some idea of who I am.



Please at least take the time to read these words, and then glance at my great many writing efforts for God and the human race along with the book that I can write with a little assistance. And may God be your lead as He leads me.


When there is but only but few individuals that see this worlds 6.8 billion inhabitants as passengers upon the land oceans of earth with an unseen most violent storm packing more horrible ways of death than has ever been in the history of this world since the beginning as it rapidly approaches upon the billions of completely unsuspecting passengers while also knowing that there are only enough lifeboats for the survival of but few while trying to warn them all before its too late which seems useless; therefore what is the knowing individual suppose to do?  So, you may say, how do you know?  In the same way I know that the Titanic sank because its history, and in the same way God has chosen me to warn the passengers on the earth because all that I am warning of is death and destruction with waste and desolation that has already happened, so there is absolutely no mistake---and of my 300 -500 writings there is one about our subconscious which is where most all of my many warnings from God shall end up.


Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 are but a scratch on the surface of God's words regarding the destruction of America and the world.


Only Faith in the Higher Powers known as God Almighty can be my director because what’s coming has already happened; and it can be read about within the unreported pages of breaking news within God’s book that has been distributed with over 7,000,000,000 copies and in more than 22,000 languages; and only God knows the true correct number just mentioned---yet the Holy Bible is the least understood book on planet earth; and that is because this world of believers does not believe “all” the words of God who they believe in, therefore are all led by the god of this world whether religious or non believers; and the devil is so very powerful, cunning and intelligent that he will allow man to learn 99% of God’s truths, but then he injects his shot of strychnine that removes any knowledge of love, which just completely nullifies all they have been taught because they can not know God without love, therefore don’t even have the fear of the Lord which leaves them all 100% deceived just as God said---but they don’t believe God.  


When you believe in God with all of your heart, mind, strength, body and soul, you have become a living sacrifice for God with absolutely no life other than what His will of direction has become, so if there is pain, hardships, mental and physical sufferings; so be it because we just know that God is watching and directing us, so the harder our life may be, the greater our calling; and when we can somewhat understand the many why’s, its because we are no longer of this world.


This Whole World Has Been Deceived; and that includes Billy Graham who was and is a Freemason along with every great name with any association of these times in which we as the human race are all in; and just for a brief clarification on this whole world of deception, it means just as written {Revelation 12:9} including you---and that is why God is behind me as my director because any in this world who are called deceived as you were have already reached their human limit, so just stop and turn away---but when God is involved, it will be whom He chooses, and they will become apart of this work.


Back in 2006 was my last good meal of choice. Since I have been in the Philippines seven people in my family have died including my mom and dad. My teeth have been falling out with a body full of pains and weakness from being within the same square mile for over four years now. In these links below you can see my efforts for God which are for preparing you, and as many as God leads along with the book or books that I can write when my wife and I get a little help which I have been searching for since January 2007----but have learned to never trust in man, especially those who profess so much love for God with their tongues---because that is as far as this world of religious God loving people ever get in their actions---only words---and never any further.