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Words to a Writer with 3 Best Sellers

May 15, 2011

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Words to a Writer with 3 Best Sellers

Hello Scott,     Scott Berkun   


These words began as directly to you via email, but being you’re a writer and take interest in many subjects, I felt that in posting this as a comment in would show you the way of man’s religions verses God’s only true word with His Spirit that leads in full obedience without the doctrines and traditions of man that make His words to be of no effect in all the lives of believers who choose to associate with what God says not to through {Mark 7:6-16}---after all, are not believers to live by every word of God that is pure and written with no confusion? {Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4, Psalms 12:6, 1 Corinthians 14:33}


In other words, Christ said that I would be hated just as He was; {John 15:18-21} and the world in verse 19 represents the buildings of man called churches which verse 21 makes clear because non believers most certainly would not feel they were doing Christ a service through persecuting men of God that were not like them, and they know not God because of no love or obedience. {John 13:34--Revelation 22:14} {1 John 3:15-18, Luke 6:46, Hebrews 5:9}

As far as God being a liar-- --it’s impossible, and only His Spirit of Truth can tell you full truths rather than the uncountable partial words of man that can only add, take away and confuse with no purpose served; and that is because man has always been shame and confusion where the truth of God is concerned. {Jeremiah 3:25} Rather than me writing 10 pages of comments regarding Adam and Eve, Satan and the tree of knowledge, I will just leave it with God being the only true Spirit that can supply knowledge when earned. And according to God, the most blind of all are the religions of man with the blind leading the blind worldwide with shepherds that don’t feed their flocks, but any truth that goes against the false religions of man, to them, is just taking God’s words out of context; and that is because all teachers worldwide don’t even have the fear of the Lord, so how can they teach of who they know not in Spirit and Truth? {Matthew 15:14, Ezekiel 34}{1 Corinthians 2:10-14} Read fear of the Lord link listed at the end of this writing.



We all as human beings have only ourselves, so we can either be as a sluggard who only thinks that they know or we can be as a hardworking ant that never rests while always seeking silver and hidden treasure, and when we know for certain no matter how much blood sweat and tears that we may encounter through our search----that what we are after is there and awaits, therefore we just never give up, in fact the longer it takes, the harder we work because there is no such thing as mistakes when we possess knowledge; and that is because knowledge is understanding of God. {Proverbs 2:4-6, 6:4-6, 9:10}


I am a man of God in a sense not known to man or the man-made religions scattered worldwide that are but dens of thieves who not only rob money, but also have robbed Christ from being the head of His body which is a group or assembly known as a church, and not a building with a steeple that represents an erect penis filled with the blind leading the blind into their own blood shed, therefore I have more respect for {some} non believers than believers who are the greatest hypocrites of this world with lips full of love accompanied with hearts of ice that sank the Titanic in 1912. Those who don’t believe in God I can understand, and that’s because they are on the outside looking into the buildings of man falsely called churches, and if it were not for a Spirit of Truth that few have, I would never want any part of the god who billions worship through lies, greed, stupidity, pride and just absolute ignorance as if God would be a part of any of mans religions with homosexual priests, pagan holidays, and complete disobedience through just not knowing God through His every pure word of truth. {Psalms 12:6} It was about twenty years ago when my search for God began, and to this day I have never been a church member or even in any way associated with one since the mid 1990’s---yet God has become my only heartbeat with His words as my only blood-flow for life itself, that without, I would surely die, therefore I can understand the sufferings of Paul in {2 Corinthians 11:23-27} along with false brethren that he had to deal with.  


There are very many important factors that you and I could discuss, but for me to try and unload my near five hundred {short stories for book chapters}writings on you is my least concern with my greatest being only the start of friendship which in truth is but another rarity in this life because many friendships are only more bull because all too many in this world can’t see much further than self---and I have come to learn much about people with my past life being more as an education than a life---so I have come to see those with the least being those who care about others the most----while people with much along with man’s homemade religions only care through much thriving lip love----and I am as a 4 year witness of their coldness through many struggles, that in truth, their smiles with loving words are in truth a big, sorry but I really don’t care, and that is why they all refuse to see themselves in the way God sees them as rootless hypocrites whom He won’t even trust --- {Job chapter 8, & 15:15} ---or hear when they themselves are crying out in need. {Proverbs 1:22-32, 21:13,  Lamentations 3:8, 44}


Much more than thoughts for writing. . . .


One of the most thought provoking subjects can be the need to know more; and what makes it that way comes from knowing that this world’s civilization was formed on and has been built on lies; and the biggest miss direction in the human race that wants to know more is on which way to go, who to hear, who to listen to, who to believe and who can be trusted, or in the most very plain terms, which liar has the smoothest tongue, sounds the best and it liked the most? Or whose charm with personality is the most magnetic? Or who has the most money behind them to make them become the most well known? ---- Because that is how politicians get put into place; and not for the people, but for the rulers with lies to create more lies through whom ever their puppets may be on a worldwide basis through governments, religion, banks and industries.


And now for the first time, what this world’s society today has reached is the beginning of it’s long slow and painful demise through these coming years with no where in this world to turn because there is but only one road for safety that cannot be found through man’s false religions worldwide along with this world’s false educations from kindergarten through collage that never have nor ever will produce the only true, strong and genuine roots that can hold within the great and massive coming storms of great  tribulation that have been produced by the evils of man.


Welcome to the human race that has been lied too ever since the beginning; therefore now the first full truth with no more lies, no bull shit, no money, no wealth, no power gains and no egotistical slam-dunks for the thriller of mans ride on unbroken circle of pride which only exists within their very deep mire of life that is only an unseen darkness with a false light that has always fooled all of humanity in every way.


At the time of these words being written there is but only one goal with purpose for all of the people on earth while supplying them for the first time with the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God---and there are millions of gods on this planet within the spirit world with but one god of this world who is in charge of them all; and he is the god that has deceived this whole world----and do you have any idea of what that means?


There is but only one true God that cannot be spoken of through His truths to any within the over 33,000 man made religions on this planet, which when broken up and dissected puts them into the millions with false Christianity, Catholics and Muslims being no different in the eyes of God than today’s Wiccan religion which are in part based on Mother Earth’s ancient cults of the Celtic and Nordic peoples prior to Christians in Europe. Read this link on the religions of man to see where you are. http://ttimeoftrouble.


These words are not a sermon because I have absolutely no association with the religions of man worldwide, nor any of the shepherds scattered all over this planet who feed believers lies and false words for the love of money, pride, ego’s and just the feeling of being superior when in truth they are mere puppets on the strings of the father of lies who is so extremely good at what he does that his resume stretches way back before human beings were created, so it was then that his lies were broadcast into the minds of the sons of God who were angels turned demon which brought destruction upon the face of the earth, and here it is now many thousand or millions of years after the fact, and he {Lucifer who became Satan} has never changed, so through these past six thousand years of being a professional liar through his spirit, {but this time broadcast into the minds of man as the prince and power of the air}{Ephesians 2:2} destruction is coming once again---but in far worse ways that ever before which shall become the worst timesoftrouble that has ever been; and there is one massive supply of true words that describe the coming fall of the human race---but the religions of man completely lack the full truth of a God who they know not because in the eyes of God they are as nothing; and {1 Corinthians 13} is all on love with verse 2 being a description of many big named world preachers along with {1 John 3:15-18  &  4:7-8} to show how they don’t even know God as they lead millions in blindness.  



Let’s now get to the 1st point of this book http://ttimeoftrouble.w  that will become the world’s best seller, maybe not today, but without question tomorrow, because when hundreds of millions reaching into the billions find themselves within pits as the walls are closing in on them with no way of escape, many will want to know why---and the answers shall be made clear for a few now, a few more later with the other 99% only receiving into their sub-conscious for them to unknowingly call upon when what they need to resurface.


At this time as these words are being laid out before you, it has been just over 99 years since the sinking of the Titanic in the icy waters of the Atlantic ocean, so now I ask you this; If you had the chance to go back in time to when the first of the 2228 began boarding with almost 900 of them being crew members only to tell them that the ship was going to sink leaving only 705 survivors, would you not do it?  


Would you still do it if you knew that you were going to be laughed at, scorned, judged, ridiculed, hated and persecuted? Welcome to the reality of the way that it has become for my life which is exactly as my Lord said it would be; and that is because. . . .


People of this entire world are as the land passengers upon a ship that is near the beginning of sorrows {Matthew 24:4-8 & Revelation 6:1-8} that will be as the ripped open steel in the gigantic ships haul being this world’s population as it begins letting the water in a little at a time while bringing the deaths of only thousands, then hundreds of thousands which goes into the millions as it steadily rises into the hundreds of millions that eventually gushes over the walls with so much massive force that billions are now dying worldwide; and the ways of death are far to gruesome and painful with agony for the ears of a lied too world of religion through man to bare while being just out of reach for the rest of one completely deceived world to even acknowledge.


What I just briefly touched on is the breaking news that has already happened, read about the Time Machine.  http://timesofroubles.webs .com/timemachine.htm  


When God Almighty looks down upon this world filled with the children of men, He sees none, no, not one that does good, and that is because this whole world has been deceived, therefore has about three billion who say that they believe in God while not believing some of the most important words written with no confusion{1 Corinthians 14:33}in the Holy Bible----and God who they believe in even tells them all that they don’t even know Him----but this world of religious hypocrites shall have no roots to hold them within the coming raging storms that are rapidly approaching upon a blinded human race with the god of this world as the leader and head honcho who has stuffed all minds so full of his bs like the snatching away that everyone wrong thinks they are right; and especially religious people who live the opposite of God’s direction as they just reject Him by what man has fed them as watered down milk with the god of this world as their lead; and God warns them all, but they just refuse to believe every word of who they all claim to love. If only all believers could only see God in truth, they would see His lessons for us all to learn, such as how God rejected king Saul because Saul rejected His command.              {1 Samuel 15:26}


What I am going to do is add some of my writing links which I sent to a woman at Tate Publishing to gain her interest, but because she is your typical believer in God without knowledge, I never have heard back from her just as all the Christians and religious people of this world who are worshiping the wrong God who is the god of this world and the father of lies who is a counterfeit feel good spirit when in truth everything is going to get very bad for all humanity through the lies and deception with innocent children suffering greatly for a world chaos that has been in preparation many decades before they were even born.


Just a quick glance within this link will show just how dedicated my time has become for only truth which concerns every human being on earth. http://timesofroubles


This writing is most important for all who believe, and that’s because it shows why what they need is not taught through the religions of man.



This link tells of who we are, why we were created, who Satan is, and why he was created, and of the universe that was created to be inhabited----but not with the scum of all who have not overcome the god of this world who is the god of everything dark, wrong and totally counterfeit.



God can never be known without the WORD which becomes their only educator because the spirit of man has not the Spirit of God.

http://timesoftroubles.webs.c om/theword.htm


This link is a very good example of how the life of faith can be; and a tough one it is.



Some very stable words on what God says that believers just flat out don’t believe.



My Testimony for God.



About the New World Order.

ht tp://< /p>


What to expect when walking with God. 


Some of the religions of man.



What God expects from believers verses what they all do with His money.



Spiritual weather report; and very interesting.



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Our native home in the Philippines. urhome.htm


God’s punishment,





I worked on this writing for about 12 hours which is typical of my every day for years now with only people of the world as my concern, yet still live just day to day in many struggles within a world of religious people that have no idea of what love through our Lord even is. {Ephesians 3:19} speaks very loudly in very few words, but only to those who can hear God and never man.