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Karina Kalinkina


"Бороться и искать - найти и не сдаваться" :)

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Что бы стерлись границы между нами

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Dear Friend!

The creative group “In Defense of Life!” have done different activities with the purpose of raising our voice in defense of unborn babies who are the least protected category of children.


“My heart is beating” is one of the projects of this group. In October this year on the basis of non-commercial, editorial productions, “Angel TV” started the movie version with the name “My Heart is Beating”.


  Before starting the project “My Heart is Beating” in a version of a musical movie, the play with the same name was performed before the Day of protection of children. The musical play “My Heart is Beating” took place on the 30th of May 2009 in Minsk.


Here are some quotations from the interviews taken after the play:


“It is the mother who makes the decision. The decision concerning not only her own life, but the life of a future probably scientist, probably a mathematician or probably an artist, as we have seen it in the play. Then I think she may think it over and change her decision”

Elena Teresh, spectator.  

“Such things are necessary for our young people, in order for us to be a healthy nation where good and wanted children are born”.

Irina Boklan, spectator.


  “The child who read the story of the character he played cried for three days. He would say “is my character not going to be born?” He really cried for three days. When the children understand this, then the child who participated in the play would never kill a baby of his own.”

Pavel Kharlanchuk, the performer of one of the main parts in the musical play “My Heart is Beating”.


Right now the work is being done on the movie version “My Heart is Beating”. Part of the preparation process is complete. The scenario is being written, the artists and decorators are at work. The costumes are being made and the actors are selected. The places for shooting are chosen. Some of the episodes are planned to be shot in December 2009.


This is a short summary of the movie.


The unborn babies created by the Great Master are in Heavenly School where they get education necessary for coming into the world. Their tutors are angels. Children study kindness, childish spontaneity, parental logic, etc. Their names are speaking to show their future calling in life (Doc is to become a doctor, Eureka is to become a scientist, SMI (Belarusian abbreviation for mass media) is to become a journalist, etc.).


The atmosphere at school is that of a family where everybody cares for each other. Children are of different ages. The elder ones know their parents and are looking forward to their graduation ceremony (birth).


Unfortunately, not every baby is welcome by parents. Some of them are not to be born. From Heavenly School they go directly to the City of the Great Master and from there observe the others who mark their graduation by the shouts of joy.


You can participate in this project. And if your participation helps save a life of at least one unborn helpless baby, this is a great victory.


 At one of the annual conference of doctor’s gynecologists:

- If the first baby was born deaf, the second blind, and the mother is expecting another child. Moreover, she is sick with tuberculosis. There is a question to you as professionals what would you recommend to this woman?

It got loud in the auditorium. Many were shouting from their seats:



-Surely abortion!

Then the speaker said:

-Dear colleagues, that child was actually Ludwig van Beethoven


 This story may sound like an anecdote but it gives us something to think about.


To connect with us: e-mail heart@angel-tv.org

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Недавно прочла...

Недавно прочла...

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