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Naveed Shahzad


Hi, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am saved by the grace of God with the work of the the blood of the Jesus Christ. And i wish, everyone should be saved.

My Prayer

Keep praying for me and team , we will be dealing a demonic case from KCHI at their home place. We announce our victory in Jesus name. Amen ....

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22 November 2013 is my wedding date" Pray Oct 12, 2013 1 Comment

Greetings Dear Family, Friends and People of God. Hoping God's grace on you,family and ministerial work. Me and my Family under God's grace,mercy and power. "On 22 November 2013 is my wedding date" I am very thankful to God for he has answered our prayers.. after long time of my engagement period now i will be termed married through his mercy n grace. On 22 November 2013 is my wedding date. I faced many hardships and barriers to reach my destiny(Wife), We kept praying, fasting and waiting upon God and His time for union, and spent 9 long years in engagement phase. Then God chose me as a pastor in April i was ordained by God and Ministry , and God spoke through a international prophet that September will bring some change in your life., When September came one more prophet spoke that God says your church demands Mrs. Naveed Shahzad too., He further said that in the month of November you will be married this year , in 2nd Prophecy he mentioned the exact date 22nd , on the other hand situations and circumstances were totally against the word. Both families were not in position to do so. But i trusted in God's word that it will be done. After many ups and downs finally date was decided exactly the same God spoke. Praise God for He is a True God, speaks truth and fulfill it. Now i expect you to pray for me to arrange all in a best but cheapest way. Because being servant of God i won't take loan and wont spend lavishly. Pray for these days (21-24),families and provision involved in Marriage Celebration. Love you all in Christ Yours in His Service Ps. Naveed Shahzad.