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Lindsey Little |United States

Coming back to the states! Have so much to share!

My Prayer

Hello Everyone, I am on assignment with YWAM (Youth With a MIssion) leading a missionary team into several countries summer. We are leaving for Thailand today! I would love your prayers |more

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My Blog

Sep 12, 2009

No Time

There never seems like quite enough time in the day to get done what you want to do, let alone what is pressing and NEEDS to get done. Why is this? Why, in generation of shortcuts and quick solutions, do we need more time? When I was back in the states, i |more
No Time

Jul 17, 2009

Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand with YWAM!

What an incredible time we've had here so far. After arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, we took a temple tour around the city where we ended up at one of the highest points in Bangkok praying over the city and the country. There is such a stronghold of |more
Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand with YWAM!

Jun 13, 2009

Journal: daughters. May 2008.

So far, in our time here in Phnom Penh, we have found many models of safe homes for young women and children from the sex slave trade industry… but none quite like this one. After a long tuk tuk drive to the slums, we arrived at this peaceful place run by a |more
Journal: daughters. May 2008.

Jun 05, 2009

Journal "SVAY PAK- brothel town" May 08, 2008

After leaving The Rahab House, we took an eerie stroll around the dusty streets of Svay Pak. Quietly, Don (of Agape) informed us of the many families involved in this sex slave trade industry. There are many problems to be dealt with on many levels. We will |more
Journal "SVAY PAK- brothel town" May 08, 2008

May 17, 2009

Journal: The Rahab House, May 2008

Amber and I first heard of this developing project a few days ago while chatting with Don and Bridget of Agape International. Immediately our interest peaked. About two years ago, you might recall, Dateline did a piece on human trafficking called “Children |more
Journal: The Rahab House, May 2008