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Prophetic Evangelism|Austria

You all may prophesy! You have permission to be passionate about it!

Please feel free to share your personal testimonies or experiences of your friends. You are welcome to post questions, thoughts and ideas related to the topic of this group.

Whenever we try to witness to people out of guilt or because we think God is not happy with us if we do not do it, we often end up acting in our own strength and experience a lot of rejection as a result. The truth is: God loves us a 100% even if we never witness to anyone. He cannot help himself - we are his children.

On the other hand, witnessing to people together with the Holy Spirit is a lot of fun. We might experience some rejection, too, especially in the beginning when we learn to listen to him and to work together with him. But he will give us an assurance that he will watch over the seeds we have been sowing with him.

And as soon as we meet the first person who is absolutely ready to receive Jesus right there in the public place, who is ready to be baptised in the Holy Spirit or to be completely healed, we know why it says in Luke 15:7 there will be great joy in heaven when a person comes back to God. We know it because the joy of the Lord manifests in moments like this on the earth as well, both in the hearts of people and in many cases in some kind of outward expression.

Are you ready for the adventure of your life?

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The funniest clips of cross.tv!

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Prophetic Evangelism You all may prophesy! You have permission to be passionate about it!

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