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sunil jannu



My Prayer

We need prayers and support of Godly, dedicated men and women around the world... join in prayer.

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I, Sunil Jannu, was born of God- fearing parents. My grand parents were full time ministers and they served the Lord faithfully. God did extra ordinary miracles through them. People who were oppressed by the demonic forces began experiencing the love of God. The enslaved were unfettered and many received their instantaneous healings. The immoral lives of the innumerable had undergone a complete transformation. They glorified the risen Lord with their testimonies.

The spiritual life of my Grand Parents and their strong faith in the Lord made a tremendous impact on my parents. They were good believers and lived a christ centered life. They both went abroad and settled there, leaving me here in India to the care of my grandma.

Soon after my completion of graduation, Our wonder working Lord led me to Canada for higher studies. From Canada I went to NewYork in search of job. I wandered the streets of NewYork in quest of suitable placement. Atlast I got a good job there. I was blessed materially there yet still there was emptiness in my heart. Having felt disgusted and deeply depressed, I thought of even returning to India abruptly.           

In fact, I did not know that the Lord took me to Newyork with a specific  purpose and plan. In a newly shifted room in NewYork. On a certain day, Lord Jesus visited me with his Heavenly vision when I was in prayer. Prayer began around 9.30 in the night continued until midnight. The moment I gazed at the Lord, I began crying my heart hours together, confessing and committing my total life. A great transformation took place in my heart and the heavenly joy was ineffable. Our Lord began speaking to me through the word of God. He took me to the book of Isaiah and asked me to read chapter 45 verses from 1-4 and also Jermiah chapter, 1:4-6, Isa. 41:8-14, I went on reading those scriptures and the Lord began revealing his plan to me. God also bestowed on me all the nine gifts of the spirit, Which were later confirmed. I quit my lucrative job and I came back to Canada as commanded by the Holy Spirit.

Again in Canada has I was spending in fasting prayer along with Mrs. Elizabeth, my God-mother, our Lord in a crystal clear way disclosed a specific name for the ministry to be commenced in India as  THE BLESSING MINISTRIES. Our Heavenly Master gave me a great    burden and also commanded me to reach the un-reached living in the far-flung villages and cities. He promised me to bless the people in abundance through THE BLESSING MINISTRIES


Hi, my name is Julie My collection of hot photos here http://v.ht/i18ixx


Hi, my name is Julie My collection of hot photos here http://v.ht/i18ixx


Hi, my name is Julie My collection of hot photos here http://v.ht/i18ixx

jannu joined the prayer loving each other of eloi55

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