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Tabernacle School of Ministry|Malaysia

The Tabernacle Ministry is called to glorify GOD through the extension of the territories and boundaries of the Kingdom of GOD, by the HOLY SPIRIT, in CHRIST JESUS, in accordance with the FATHER's will through the teaching of the word by the HOLY SPIRIT

Tabernacle School of Ministry is new on cross.tv and has no activities yet. Would you like to send a contact invitation and leave a little welcoming message, helping Tabernacle School of Ministry feel welcome in the cross.tv family?

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2012 – A Pivotal Year For The Body Of MESSIAH – part1

2012 unfolds the LORD’s invitation for the Body of CHRIST [MESSIAH] to embrace the deeper things of GOD. As the fleshly ways of man lead to the end-time scenario that the Prophet Isaiah saw in Isaiah 24:1-6, we | more

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