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Feb 16, 2013

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On this Wonderful day called VALENTINE DAY I sit in the feet of my Valentine whose love is above the love of the world. He sacrificed His Holy Blood on the cross for my sins and that of the world, I submit my sad story of injustice done by the people claiming to be Christians.

Lord nothing is hidden from you and I do pray for Thy mercy on the people like me. Lord You spoke about the foreigners, the sick, the hungry and the naked and separated the sheep on your right side and goats on your left side. Lord I know You love me and will never discard me. My faith in You is beyond breakage. I know Thy Holy Word leads me my every breath. I do not know to whom I should submit my petition when you are with me as no one is above You. I invite all Thy children to join me in prayers particularly on this day of love.


My Sad Story


 Dear friends, I hereby relate my awful story as I have been cheated in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by His so called Apostles.

In February 2010, I was working as a Indian Missionary with Cornelia Avenue Southern Baptist Church in Fresno. The said Church helped me to create Punjabi Christian Fellowship an independent Ministry to reach Indian and Pakistan communities spread throughout the world. With their help I created good number of audio sermons in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages. My sermons gained popularity over the net everywhere.

Some one known to Dr Nathanial J Wilson, Bishop of Rock Church, 8520 Elk Grove CA 95624 talked  to him about my works among the Asian Communities. Bishop Wilson sent me an email (on my email. djasjit@yahoo.com mow hacked) that he wanted to meet me. I accepted his request and he himself fixed the meeting to be held in Kerman in the month of February 2010.

In the meeting Bishop Wilson, Bishop Young and Pastor Young traveled from Sacramento to Kerman and met me in a small hotel. During the meeting Bishop Wilson placed a proposal for my joining the Rock Church as Indian Pastor to make the Church reach Indian and Pakistani people locally and on the internet.

I told him that I was a believer of Trinity faith but they had a faith of baptism in Jesus name. If I accept their Baptism all Trinity organizations will close their doors for me. He said he will take care and I would not have to go anywhere.

Thereafter I told them about my Visa status and also visa for my family. He committed and assured to me that he will take care of everything. All the three put their hands on my head and prayed to the Lord. They took a few pictures also for showing those to the church during service. Those photographs were shown to the entire church during service with lot of excitement as church people told me.

On 1st March 2010 Mr. John a member of the church was sent to Fresno to pull my trailer to Rock Church Sacramento. He pulled trailer placed it in the church property where it is still parked.

The No Limit Conference started on 2nd March 2010 and I was introduced to the entire congregation as a new church pastor for the Rock Church. On 3rd March Bishop Wilson gave me water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ nullifying my two decades old baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The third day of the No Limit Conference I was made to stand on the platform in front of 10000 people with a begging bowl projecting me that I was a very poor pastor living in a trailer with no food, no family, no house no transport etc. This derogatory image of mine was being watched by the people throughout the world in addition to the local attendees. Rock Church gathered huge money exposing my helplessness in the church and also on the internet throughout the world. I was expecting big money in addition to my salary for growing the ministry “Punjabi Christian Fellowship. To my surprise they never advised me the amount of money they collected in my name.  I was paid only 1000$ PM for my ministry.

It was not the end of my exploitation but the said exercise was repeated in the No Limit Conference 2011and 2012. To my assessment the Rock Church collected more than 300 thousands $ during three conferences. Entire church and the leaders of the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship are witness to it. The Church has the recorded videos of three conferences which stand witness to my claim.

My helplessness was projected to the entire world creating my undignified image. My shabby presentation by the Rock Church was seen by my relatives and friends in the church and on the net. They were unhappy seeing the awful condition of a senior officer of Government of India appointed by the President of India in such begging posture. My people will appear as witness in support of my claim. I deserve compensation for my unlawful presentation without my consent before the world.

There are a good number of pictures and videos where Bishop Wilson highlighted and praised my performance in the Church. Apostolic News gave my special features on good number of occasions that I did wonders in Pakistan by translating nine pastor course books, creating about 100 videos, opening five schools of online Pastor Courses in Pakistan, converting and attaching four Trinity Churches with Rock Church, Baptism of 1269 people in the name of Jesus. Pastor of Sadhu Sunder Singh church of Jallo Park in Lahore s in Pakistan gave 45 baptisms in the Central Prison in Lahore Pakistan also. In the local church in Sacramento I created about 20 fresh Baptisms.

For my works among Muslim Community and Sikh Community invited the threats for my life from the religious fundamentalists. I received a good number of threats to my life which are available on the record of the Honorable Immigration Court San Francisco.

Rock Church’s works done by me among the Muslims and Sikh Community created the circumstances that I had to seek asylum in USA.

During this period our family church was attacked in Ludhiana in my street. It is available on the record of the Honorable Court.

My wife and my daughters living in Delhi were attacked by anti Christian elements.  My wife was hit on the forehead by them causing deep bound and it took six months for recovery. The militants snatched her money bag containing 60000 Indian Rupees. 

Dr John Dayal President of the Indian Christian Council presented himself as an online witness to the unfavorable country condition in my case.

I applied for asylum in United States. Bishop Wilson and Pastor Young submitted their affidavit about my works and need of my protection. Through affidavit they prayed to the Honorable Court that they needed my services. On the date of hearing, Bishop Wilson presented himself as a witness along with the entire team of Pastors of Rock Church that I was needed to be saved from any unwanted danger. I was granted asylum on 25th Jan 2011 and the entire church celebrated it as a victory of the Rock Church. I have the video recording of the occasion.

It is further added that Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship paid 4500 $ as fee to the Attorney. It is very clear that the said asylum was for the needs of the Rock Church not of mine. I have simply been exploited by the Rock Church leadership.

Virtually my works for Rock Church made me the victim of terrorism and I had to seek asylum in US to save my life. Now, I cannot return back to my country and be with my family.

The church has gathered huge money might be 300 thousand $ in three No Limit Conferences and do not want to try this old man in the next No Limit Conference falling in next month. They have the program to get away with me before the next Conference.

I am unable to find any other church as most of the Churches are of Trinitarian belief and have shut the doors for me for discarding their belief and accepting the belief of Rock Church. Rock Church is forcing me to vacate this place by 23rd Feb 2013. I am living under a great terror that they could cause some physical harm also. They have used some members of the church with probable criminal record to abuse and misbehave with me.

Danger to life: The services rendered to Rock Church by me invited wrath of Muslim and Communities but now I am under continuous terrorism of Rock Church as I am staying in their property. My security is in extreme danger at their premises as I have already been abused and misbehaved by some of the Church members.


  1. As a proof of my claim I have a good number of Videos and pictures
    with Bishop and other members of the church praising my performance.
  2. They gave me 1000 $ PM through checks excepting on three occasions
    when my money was stolen by the woman and the Bishop was duly advised
    about the incidence.
  3. For the purpose of Asylum a sum of 4500$ was paid by the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship as the needed my services and cared for my security.
  4. Punjabi Christian Fellowship was registered as an outreach ministry of Rock Church with California Corporate in Sacramento County on June 10th 2011 on the directions of Bishop Nathanial J Wilson by Attorney Peter Cianchetta a member of the Rock Church. The Attorney Peter Cianchetta filed the papers of Punjabi Christian Fellowship for Tax exemption also and the case is pending for decision for want of some papers. The documents of corporation and application for tax exemption are available on the record of the Sacramento County offices.
  5. I was assigned a job of translation of nine books of Pastor Courses from English to Punjabi language. All these books are authored by the Bishop Nathaniel J Wilson. I completed a big assignment doing hard work involving my sons in India and presented the Punjabi version of his books during the church service. It is accepted by Pastor Myles Young through an affidavit submitted on Jan 25th 2011 in the Honorable Immigration Court San Francisco.
  6. In the studio of Rock Church I created about one hundred videos for the Pastor Courses which are available on Youtube, Godtube and on the website of Punjabi Christian Fellowship www.punjabichristianfellowship. org.
  7. www.punjabichristianfellowship. org. The website opens with the worship service of Rock Church with a picture of Bishop Nathaniel J Wilson standing beside me. The said website was created about a year back.
  8. Rock Church distributed lot of fliers and tracks in Punjabi and Hindi language with Bishop giving me baptism in the name of Jesus.
  9. I was given a place of honor to sit with the team of the Pastors on platform of the church.


All the above evidences leave no room to deny that I was the regular Pastor of Rock Church.


 10.  Specific Charges:


  1. They introduced me as an Indian Pastor but denied my wages.
  2. They have appreciated my works very openly in the church and on the
    internet but have denied my wages.
  3. They are responsible for creation of the circumstances of endangering
    my life and I had to seek asylum. It caused me further loss that I have not met my family and nor I do keep a hope in near future.
  4. They have added a debt of the fee of the Attorney amounting 3200 $
    which is beyond my ability to pay. It may make me to be in the jail.
  5. They have projected a poor image of (me) a retired senior officer of the
    Government of India appointed by the President of the country against
    my consent. It has damaged my personality throughout the world and I
    should seek compensation.
  6. Now I am 65 years old, unable to find a job, cannot go back to my
    country, denied of being with my wife, children and grand children
    and Rock Church is forcing me to move on the footpath as I have no house, no job, no transport and nothing for my civil needs.

    g. I am undergoing preventive treatment with the Chest Clinic Sacramento which I cannot stop midway but they have no mercy.


Declaration: I do declare it openly that if something wrong happen to my life, the Bishop Dr Nathaniel J Wilson, Bishop Young and Pastor Myles Young will be responsible who displaced me from Fresno for their deceptive motive. They have deceived the believer of the Lord to a big deal selling my helplessness and the Holy Blood of the Lord.

 Prayer: All Brother, please read it and help me to save my life as I am in a foreigner country. I am a senior citizen and sick person subjected to gross injustice by the so called people of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have no fear of God but are selling His blood. They have sold out my helplessness.

Dr Jasjit Singh

8456 Bradshaw Road

Elk Grove CA 95624

pcfministry@hotmail.com Cell 001-916-604-0036