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michael joseph


do as JESUS would do

My Prayer

My loving GOD,the GOD of all,we love you so much and glorify you,you are our everything ,we pray in this time of need all around the world,and all these wonderful people here on cross |more

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For all Nov 22, 2012

I pray on accorbance to my faith and i know it will be done and thank you in advance,for the healing of a very special woman lola, also for all cross tv members that are going through trials, sicknesses obstacles, hinderences, and financial frustraions.You are the GOD that is above everything, and we thank you for giving us the Victory, you have said that we can do greater, and we are excercising our write as children of the most HIGH.use us mightly to Glorify your wonderful name, keep us free and de;iver us from evil, gyard us, guide us, mould us ,. prune us, and keep us all united as one body as the enemy comes to seperate, give us the strength to exit temptation, and rise above all situations, to glorify you, We love youi we worship you we glorify your mighty name, i pray blessings abundantly for all cross tv memebers that are obedient to your WORD and try to live by actioning your word each and every day.