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michael joseph


do as JESUS would do

My Prayer

My loving GOD,the GOD of all,we love you so much and glorify you,you are our everything ,we pray in this time of need all around the world,and all these wonderful people here on cross |more

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For all Apr 19, 2015

My wonderful,everlasting,eternal GOD .I give thank to you and worship your holy name.As you always make thing right.Your timing is absolutely perfect and I continue to pray that myself and all here on cross tv that our hearts will be always filled with the love for you.I pray for more and more of signs wonders and miracles to glorify your name.I pray that anyone suffering here on cross tv with sickness,problems emotionally mentally financially,temptation,lust,and any other hold the enemy has on life's may it all be broken once and for all in JESUS mighty name.I pray for breakthrough upon breakthrough to glorify your mighty name.You are our JEHOVAH Jirah our provider You are our JEHOVAH Rapha our physician ,and we fully trust in you by faith we are healed and thank for in advance ,in the mighty wonderful name of JESUS I pray.