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Dear friends! I ask you about prayer ... My friend mom was in the hospital. She had a stroke. The left side of the body paralyzed. But most importantly, I want to her mother drew his |more

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vava Apr 27, 2011 7 Comments

Lord this time we are lifting Panama to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover them now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father...we know that by your son's blood you established peace ..now we are asking that blood may cover whole Turkey and protect them.....by faith it is done..we believe...... (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says.".i made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ see my Blog too..Thanks http://www.cross.tv/blog/23945 so those who knew the Lord are called to preach him... its a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare Lord's mercy over all country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so its our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and i welcome all friends to pray over Panama ....and friends from Panama can just pray about the problems of their place ...so it will be helpful to pray together Praise the Lord~~~)))

Laurand Apr 19, 2011 4 Comments

God Almighty! I give thanks for Your gifts until the last minute. Your decisions’ wisdom is very deep. Unknown is the path You lead me to and Your miracles are incomparable. Don’t punish, nor do not leave me in difficult times, where I am. How many attempts do You obey me? You know how to help. Have mercy of me! LORD!

Ezra Apr 18, 2011 2 Comments

From Br Ezra Orando C. A. Brethren, STAND UP NOW FOR JESUS MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, IF YOU SINCERELY BELIEVE YOU ARE ON HIS SIDE, OR NEVER ! If you know that you are a real follow of Jesus Christ and so should care for his interest worldwide, then He is obliging you now to join this prayer below, for the gospel of salvation to mightily sweep through NORTH AFRICA and the MIDDLE EAST. Don’t sit back and fold your arms for any raisons whatsoever. Why is it interesting that the pro-democratic movements in the Middle East & North Africa, are mostly having the Mosques as gathering bases for their movements in Friday prayers? Brethren, the Totalitarian Principalities of Islam , are having their strongholds over the people of North Africa and the Middle East crumbling as Christ return approaches with power, so that they will be free to listen to the gospel of salvation in Christ, before the imminent Rapture:(…..Whole countries will be in DESPAIR, AFRAID of the ROAR of the sea and the RAGING TIDES. People will FAINT from FEAR as they wait, for THE POWERS IN SPACE WILL BE DRIVEN FROM THEIR COURSES. Then the Son of Man will appear, coming in a cloud with GREAT POWER and GLORY. When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your head, because your salvation is near” Luke 21:25-28). PRAYERS: Let’s pray that: 1) With the crumbling of these fortresses of darkness that closes people’s eyes, and blinds their minds, that the people will have their minds open to the divine truth of salvation by grace in Jesus Christ through repentance from sins, and not works. 2) God will grant a rebirth of living churches in the Moslem lands. 3) God will move mightily and greatly sweep millions of Moslems into his kingdom. 4) God will grant the many Arabs in North Africa and Middle east as well as outside, to come in touch with the gospel of salvation in Christ and believe. 5) Churches will be established in many towns of North Africa and the Middle East. 6) Doors will be open for the gospel through men, literature, Bibles, radio, correspondence courses, cassettes, and tracts etc.. 7) The women will be released from seclusion imposed by the men and be free to turn to the gospel of salvation through Christ. 8) The God of harvest will raise apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers and many laborers from within and without, for the conquest of North Africa and middle East for Christ. 9) God will open doors for churches to be established in countries with no churches such as : Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, North Yemen etc. 10)God will strengthen the faith of all those who turn to Christ, by visiting them mightily with his spirit, and give them boldness to preach Christ. May his spirit of revival also visit those who already are confessing Christ in counties like Afghanistan, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, South Yemen, Pakistan, etc, and give them courage and boldness to preach Christ. 11) God will raise up state authorities in these countries now, who will be instruments of his hands, to greatly favor in a deep and special way, the preaching of the gospel of salvation in Christ through repentance from sins. 12) Satan will not use the negative role of counterfeit “Christianity”, that promote Homosexuality, Pedophilia, sexual immorality, drunkenness, smoking etc.., to block the people from the true authentic born again Christianity through sincere repentance from sins, and forgiveness through Christ, for salvation of their souls. We all know that it is the so called Christian” Countries that are legalizing and openly practicing all these sins. 13) God should crumble ‘Babylon’ and it’s counterfeit “Christianity’ as he promised in Revelation 18, so that authentic Christianity will have a mighty way through, for the salvation of souls. 14) Pray that by the grace of God, he will protects the people, so that the crumbling fortresses of darkness , don’t destroy many and precipitate them to hell, before they ever repent. 15) The Lord in his mercy will comfort and meet the needs of all those affected in one way or the other by events characterizing the crumbling of these forces of darkness. You can continue to pray as the spirit leads you…….. For world massive participation, mail this to many others, and get your Church, friends, family involved. Print copies, and as you pray, water your prayers with some fasting.

vava Apr 14, 2011 7 Comments

Picture my son Gavin’s first birthday party. Friends and family gather in our backyard, and on the patio table sit dozens of birthday gifts and a big chocolate cake. To kick off the even with a bang, I feel I should start with a speech. I hold Gavin high atop my shoulders and begin to share what a joy he is to me and his mother. I tell cute and funny stories about things he has done, how he is growing so fast, and all the things we have to look forward to with him. While I am sharing about Gavin, a friend at the back of the crowd shouts, ‘I’ve got a drinking problem.’ On the heels of that comment, someone else mutters, ‘I’ve got a critical spirit.’ Yet another confesses, ‘I struggle with lust.’ Soon chatter gives way to more chatter, and the whole focus of the event shifts. No longer is anyone concerned with Gavin and what I have to say about him. Instead, everyone seems to be consumed with their own issues. How ridiculous! How inappropriate! Of course, this event never really occurred. But I tell the tale to illustrate a point. God has lifted his Son high, seating him at his right hand. God has declared that his Son’s works are awesome and that we should marvel at them. The central purpose of our lives is to focus on the Son. In so doing, we please the Father… If the ridiculous circumstances at Gavin’s party were actually to occur, my only response to those who interrupted would be, “Join the club! We all struggle. But we’re not here to focus on your issues. We’re here to focus on my son.” Similarly, we’re invited to fix our eyes on Jesus, since He’s worthy of our celebration. Are you consumed with your sins when God says he remembers them no more? Are you willing to agree that the focus is no longer on your failures? Will you please the Father through obsession with the Son? The Son of God has finished his work. He is risen and is now seated in heavenly places. There’s only one appropriate response. All eyes on Him! Lord we declare with whole Cross family that ....our all focus on You Lord amen

vava Apr 12, 2011 6 Comments

This is a prayer for my mom~~~ My Mom is 42 years old and she is pregnant .Now she has fever and so tired.She need a special attention in this time So please with me my dear cross tv family for her that she will be healed in Jesus name now amen

Ezra Apr 09, 2011

HORROR !!!! HORROR!!!! MASSACRE OF CHRISTIANS ! Dear brethren, I beg you to kindly follow this link and let's all together pray that….:http://www.facebook.com/notes/ezra-chea-amaboh/horror-massacre-of-christians-/157715770955062

vava Apr 05, 2011 10 Comments

Praise the Lord~~~my dear Cross tv family~~ Now I am at Magdeburg University in Germany ....so much new experiences.......i am really feel alone in my new place... different language.. different place.........i am really praying to Lord to be in normal track...surely,it is hard at new place at beginning......Lord called me to be the best.......so i know Lord will make everything fine..... please pray over me now that i have to adjust with new climate ,new people.....and hope my health will be fine to meet all these new conditions.. 1 Corinthians 1:30 30But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God — and righteousness and sanctification and redemption —. Похвалите Бога ~~~ моя дорогая Взаимная семья телевидения ~~ Теперь я - в Магдебургском университете в Германии.... так новые события......., я - действительно одно только чувство в моем новом месте... различный язык.. различное место........., я действительно молюсь Богу, чтобы быть в течение нормального следа... конечно, это твердо в новом месте вначале...... Бог назвал меня, чтобы быть лучшим......., таким образом я знаю, что Бог сделает все прекрасным..... пожалуйста молитесь по мне теперь, когда я должен приспособиться с новым климатом, новые люди..... и надеяться, что мое здоровье будет прекрасно, чтобы удовлетворить всем этим новым условиям.. 1 Послание к коринфянам 1:30 30But Его Вы находитесь в Христе Иисусе, который стал для нас мудростью от Бога — и справедливости и освящения и выкупа—. ---------------------------

Больше всего хранимого храни сердце твое Mar 29, 2011 3 Comments

Dear friends! I ask you about prayer ... My friend mom was in the hospital. She had a stroke. The left side of the body paralyzed. But most importantly, I want to her mother drew his attention to the Lord. Thank you for your prayers !!!!!!! May the Lord bless you and keep .. Дорогие друзья! Прошу вас о молитве... У моей подруге мама попала в больницу. У нее случился инсульт. Левая часть тела парализована. Но самое главное, хочется чтобы ее мама обратила свое внимание на Господа. Спасибо вам за ваши молитвы!!!!!!! Пусть Господь вас благославит и сохранит..

Ezra Mar 28, 2011 2 Comments

From Br Ezra Orando Chea PRE-NOTES: SPIRITUAL RAISONS FOR THE EARTH QUAKES AND TSUNAMI IN JAPAN! Brethren, let’s pray that the Lord will stir up our hearts to more than ever before, watch and pray always, as he has commanded. It’s time we be more psychologically armed against more world chaos to come( socio-economic hard times, earth quakes, floods, tides, wars etc..) The great and Mighty power of the LORD approaching the Earth for the rapture, is driving the powers of darkness in spaces(wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age Ephesians 6:12), from their courses and so they set the whole world into total chaos : -Earth quakes - Tsunami -Wars - Diseases -Difficult socio-economic times etc…. To this the bible says: “ …..Whole countries will be in DESPAIR, AFRAID of the ROAR of the sea and the RAGING TIDES. People will FAINT from FEAR as they wait, for THE POWERS IN SPACE WILL BE DRIVEN FROM THEIR COURSES. Then the Son of Man will appear, coming in a cloud with GREAT POWER and GLORY. When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your head, because your salvation is near” Luke 21:25-28. It is not therefore God who is killing people, because he desires them to repent from their sins and save their lives even though he may permits, but the POWERS OF DARKNESS IN SPACE , which are being driven from their courses, by the mighty powers preceding the Return of Christ for the Rapture, and so provoking all of these just as the Lord had long warned. Therefore, the so called, earth quakes and Tsunami in Japan and now threatening other areas like Burmia, tides and floods, etc, European Zone austerity measures to bring more hardship on the people, shouldn’t surprise you, because these things had already started sometimes ago, but just intensifying as the rapture power of Christ, approaches more and more. You will agree with us that chaos only came after the fall of man. God had created everything from the beginning , good and perfect. Brethren, the times are very, very hard! The pressure of these forces of darkness now on the human race, is extremely very strong ! Every Saint(believer) in Christ now who is not careful to watch on his way of life and pray always, will be forced by the pressure of these forces of darkness, to compromise God’s standards of Holiness, and so perish. Those who just died in Japan never in some few minute before, knew death could be so soon. I and you are not exempted from the divine role of physical death, which may be our way sooner than we had expected. But the fundamental question is: Are you sure to escape going to hell, if it was to come your way? Prayers: - Heavenly father, we confess the we have already being experiencing the critical chaotic days preceding the imminent return of Christ, as written in your word! - May you stir up our spirits to be more than ever before, alert in watching and praying, so that we are not distracted by the difficult hard times, and compromise your standards of holiness ! This, so that we can be ready for eternity with you, in case of any sudden physical death that may come our way. - May all these happenings be an eye opener to the vanity of life here on earth so that , we may be contempt with food and clothing as you command, so as not to fall in the devil’s trap of worries over the vanities of life here, and miss eternity! - We pray that you use the incident that occurred in Japan, to transform the harden hearts of the people into fertile soils, for repentance from sins and salvation through Christ. - May it bring fear upon the hearts of the people of the world, on the uselessness of science without God, so that the human race will clearly see it’s limits, and surrender to your sovereignty. - We pray that you through this incident, race up Instruments of your work in Japan, and use mightily to preach the gospel of salvation as to ready them for the rapture. - That in your mercy, you will comfort and meet the needs of all those affected in one way or the other. Let’s continue to pray as the Spirit of the Lord inspires us.

tonyjeans Mar 28, 2011 3 Comments

SHALOM Dear Brother/Sisters please pray for us to stand in his name forever,let all of us make woe unto the LORD,that are follows:- 1.Be a living example to others, 2.Each one bring the one soul unto the GOD, 3.Tell about the gospel,preach,healing of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to others. Pray for the world and deliverance from every evil in the world. i ask every cross TV people to stand to do God's Will in our life...we found love of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in us..that why, i need you every one to pray for them,because they know how to live fearful,faithful in sight of the LORD JESUS, i ask this small prayer in name of LORD JESUS CHRIST Matchless name forever,, Amen.Amen.Amen

vava Mar 26, 2011 7 Comments

Praise the Lord my dear Cross tv family~~ Lord was really preparing me last few months,, to know Him more. To know people who are so called by Lord….to know more about Grace…and above all, being in a spiritual family who cares me just like my own family ….., . This time ,Father calls me to Germany for doing masters in Medical system engineering in Magdeburg University …i am so sure~~~ its for preaching Christ.. its for Heaven’s glory …..all glory to Lord Jesus Christ…….. amen So I need your strong prayer support~~~~ We are like a drop of water and His love is like an ocean ~~~~so when a drop of water fell in to an ocean ,then it became a part of that ocean……..no one can’t distinguish or separate that drop of water after being in that ocean…………………………I believe ,in Father’s eyes we are in Christ………..just like a drop of water in ocean………….so we can say like Paul apostle””~~~who can separate me from Christ’s love~~~~~~ Surely no one can .. Because we already fell in love with him……. God chose us~~~~~~~praise God~~~~”””””””Rom 11:6 says” His choice is based on his Grace….” Amazing grace~~~~~~~~~~

vava Mar 21, 2011 10 Comments

Lord this time we are lifting Libya to your presence.....there are many problems..but we are asking Lord's blood may cover them now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father...we know that by your son's blood you established peace ..now we are asking that blood may cover whole Libya and protect them.....\by faith it is done..we believe...... (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says.".i made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who knew the Lord are called to preach him... its a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare Lord's mercy over all country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so its our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and i welcome all friends to pray over Libya....and Libiyan friends can just pray about the problems of their place ...so it will be helpful to pray together Praise the Lord~~~)))

Ezra Mar 15, 2011 2 Comments

From Br Ezra Orando Chea A. PRE-NOTES My dear brethren and members of the body of Christ! Are you a real and honest born again child of God , who wants to be wise and honest to know the exact day in this first month of the year, that our Lord Jesus Christ was ARRESTED, DIED and RESURRECTED, as not to be Satan’s fool under “Babylon” –Rome’s manipulations as the LORD warns us in Revelation 14: 8-12? Let’s pray then that the Lord will open our minds to understand what the scripture says as to move in perfection of biblical truth. Since we are in the first month of the year as commanded by God in Exodus 12:1-28(departure of the people of Israel from Egypt to Canaan- the feast of Passover, which we celebrate today as March –Easter ), let’s logically see what the bible says as we have been doing till now without any contradictions: “The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU, On the evening of the 14th day of this month, the whole community of Israel will KILL THE ANIMALS . The people are to take some of the BLOOD and put it on the DOOR-POSTS and above the doors of the houses in which the animals are to be eaten. .....You are to eat it quickly , for you are to be dressed for travel......It is the PASSOVER FESTIVALS to honour me the LORD. “ On that night, I will go through the land of Egypt, killing every first-born male....The BLOOD on the DOOR POST WILL BE A SIGN to mark the house in which you live. When I see the BLOOD, I will PASSOVER you and will not harm you when I punish the Egyptians. You must CELEBRATE THIS DAY AS A RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL to remind you of what I, the LORD, have done......when your children ask you. “ What does this ritual mean? You will answer, ‘ It is the sacrifice of PASSOVER to honour the LORD because He passed over the houses of the ISRAELITES in Egypt ...” Exodus 12:1-27. The animals killed and blood put on door posts, was pointing to what was to come which was our Lord Jesus Christ, replacing the animals, to die for his blood to be our cover from spiritual death. The bible clearly say: “ For our PASSOVER FESTIVAL is ready, now that Christ, our PASSOVER LAMB, has been sacrificed,....” 1st Corinthians 5:7-8. WHEN THEN WAS OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST ARRESTED, DIED AN RESURRECTED ? The bible says: “The day came during the FESTIVAL of the unleavened Bread when the LAMBS for the PASSOVER meals were to be killed. Jesus sent Peter and John with these instructions: “ Go and get the PASSOVER meals ready for us to eat”........When the hour came, Jesus took his place at the table with the apostles. ......Then Jesus took a cup, gave thanks to God, and said “ Take this and share it among yourselves.....This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in memory of me. In the same way, he gave them the cup; after the supper, saying “ This cup is God’s new covenant sealed with my blood. Which is poured out for you” ......Jesus left the City and went. As he usually did, to the Mount of Olives;....he went off from them and .about a distance of a stone’s throw and knelt down and prayed: Father, he said if you will take this cup of suffering away from me... Jesus was still speaking when a crowd arrived , led by Judas, ... he came up to Jesus and kiss him...They arrested Jesus and took him away...” Luke 22: 7-54. The arrest of Jesus took place on the 14th day of the first month of the year. Since according to God’s word, a day begins from sunset and ends at sun set(Evening passed and morning came-that was the first day Genesis 1:5), and not from midnight, they where in the evening period making the beginning first part of the 14th day which was Friday! Before the Lord, evening means the whole night period from setting sun and morning the whole light period from rising period. The combination of the two which is 12hours each, makes a full day of 24hrs. SO, HOW DO WE GET TO KNOW THIS 14TH DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH, THE BEGINNING PASSOVER WHEN JESUS CHRIST WAS ARRESTED ? Very simple! The Lord says “ I made the moon to mark the end of the months” Psalms 104:19. So, since we are now in the first month of the year, you count from when the new moon appeared, that was on Saturday March-Roman 3rd Month 2011, to Thursday 17 March at setting sun.! Therefore, Friday 18th March which is 3rd month on Roman calendar, is the 14th day of the first Month on God’s Calendar beginning from setting sun on Thursday! ! The bible says: - "And they kept the PASSOVER IN THE FIRST MONTH, ON THE 14TH DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH, IN THE EVENING .." Numbers 9:5 - "The PASSOVER celebrated to honour the Lord, begins at SUNSET on the 14th day of the first month..." Leviticus 23:5-6 Refer back to our blog page to see the monthly Calendar. " Therefore, the day Jesus Christ was arrested, will always fall on a Thursday, which is the 14th day in the first month of the year, on the biblical calendar. We are today Tuesday the 15th day of Roman 3rd month , the 11th day of the first month of the year before the Lord. The PASSOVER - 14th day when Jesus was arrested, is therefore to be on Friday evening from setting sun ending the day of Thursday. The New moon marking the beginning of a new month, comes out in a 'C' shape and keeps enlarging day after day and is round(full) on the 14th day. It shines brightly , then grdually begins losing it's brightness and finally dies in the next 14th days to re-appear again in a 'C' shape. Brethren , we are really foolish tools in the hands of Satan and his demons in pagan Roman rites disguised under Rome's "Counterfeit" Christianity. According to the word of God as we see clearly, the fesast of passover we celebrate today as EASTER, was supposed to be celebrated in the first month of the year! But they take us to celebrate a false End of year called the feast of Saint Sylvester in December 31st -January 1st , as first month of the year. Let's ask them this question: If this was the right first month of the year, why then not celebrate the feast of Passover you called today EASTER in this month as it is written, but come to celebrate it in your 3rd month of the year? Brethren, this only goes to confirm our right biblical explanations till date, that we had celebrated a false new year before God, and we are today March, in the right first month of the year, during which PASSOVER was celebrated! Yes, Satan in his opposition and challenge to God, he has changed the Times and Laws of God and we God's Saints, are obeying him-Daniel 7:25. WHEN THEN DID HE DIED AND RESURRECTED? -He died on the cross on Friday noon, therefore the 18th of this Roman 3rd month, which is the 14th day of the 1st month before the Lord. - And was in the world of the death(1st peter 3:18-20) the whole of Saturday (Sabbath day which is the 7th day of the week before God), that will be the 19th March 2011 on Roman calendar , and 15th Day of the first month-Biblical calendar! - Resurrected on Sunday (the 1st day of the week before the Lord), that will be this 20th March 2011-Roman Calendar, 16th day of the first month –Biblical calendar. To this the bible says plainly: “ It was about the 6th hour(biblical time) of the day ( which is 12noon) when the sun stopped shinning and darkness covered ...until the 9th hour(3 o’clock), and the curtain handing in the Temple was torn in two. Jesus cried in a loud voice....... Then he took the body down, wrapped it in It was Friday, and the Sabbath was about to begin. The women who had followed Jesus from Galilee went with Joseph and saw the tomb and how Jesus body was placed in it. Then, they went back home and prepared the spices and perfumes for the body. On the SABBATH day, they rested according to the commandment.......Very early on Sunday morning the women went to the tomb, carrying the spices .....They found the stone rolled....He is not here, he has risen ....” Luke 23:44-56, 24: 1-7. So if you are honest before God that you want to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, do it the right way as the bible says: “ For our PASSOVER FESTIVAL is ready, now that Christ, our PASSOVER LAMB, has been sacrificed. Let us celebrate our PASSOVER, then not with bread having the OLD YEAST OF SIN and WICKEDNESS, but with the BREAD that has no YEAST, the BREAD OF PURITY AND TRUTH ” 1st Corinthians 5:7-8. That is, you check your life if you are living in SINS, than going to be shading crocodile tears on a day that it was the day Jesus died for your sins, and on the other day, you go eating and drinking that it was the day Jesus resurrected from death. Therefore, if there was something to be commemorated on this day in the light of this scripture , it will be to: - Humble on Friday the day he died on the cross, to say :Thank you Lord for your sacrificial death on the cross this same period and same day some thousands years ago, that I may be saved from SINS and death. I keep promising you not to crucify you again in sinning, because everyone who keeps sinning after knowing you, crucify you the second time on the cross. - Humble on Sunday to say: Lord, it was this same day , you resurrected from death, that I may die with you, in water baptism to SIN, and resurrect with you to live a newness of holy Life(Roman 6:1-4). May I continue to live a newness of holy life in you, until I leave this terrestrial body to be with you for eternity. As simple as this! So please, don’t go and be celebrating a pagan feast of EASTER to Roman gods disguised by Satan as Passover, that you don’t even know it’s origin. To know all the details on this Pagan Roman Feast to demons you are deceived by Satan to celebrate as the dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ, read our blog page No 20: “....Easter celebration is not a Christian appellation. .... is Babylonian in origin which is the name Astarte, representing one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven(Jeremiah 7:18). ... the name Astarte, as found on the Assyrian monuments by the noted archeologist Layard, was the name Ishtar. Historically, the worship of Bel and Astarte was introduced very early into Britain, along with the Druids, “the priests of the groves,” which is the high places where the pagans worshipped the idols of Baal.....”.. .......After the death and resurrection of Christ, the Apostles no longer celebrated the festival of Pasch, or the Passover, since spiritually, it had been transformed to the Lord’s supper (breaking bread) as earlier mentioned in previous chapters. In addition, the festival of Ishtar (Easter celebration) now observed in churches is far different from the original festival of Pasch. It is historically revealed that: “The hot cross buns of Good Friday, and the dyed eggs of Easter Sunday figured in the Chaldean rites just as they do today........” Remember the Lord warns that Satan in his disguise tricks, will deceive even the ELECTS(Saints) Matth 24: 24. So what is Christ business in something that really has nothing to do with him, even though his name is disguisedly used ? Be always wise, intelligent and open minded like the people of Bera to verify word by word with the scripture, what ever thing you are taught , rather than walk in religiosity ! All these explanations are biblical truth that you can’t dispute since they are very clear to you and me. But you will allow them to follow things that you don’t know their beginning and their end! Things you can’t justify with a single scriptural word! Then why are we carrying the bible for, and doing things contrary to what is written in it ? It is said : “ The people there were more open minded than the people in Thessalonica. They listened to the message with great eagerness, and every day they studied the Scriptures to see if what Paul said was really true. Many of them believed...”Act 17:11. The teaching here is that, before we believe in any teachings and practices, me must verify with the scripture to see if they are in conformity with the scriptures. So, we can’t put aside what the bible says, and obey teachings and practices of demon in the name of “ being saved by grace in Christ”. Religiosity of the Jews in Thessalonica had blocked their ears, blinded their eyes and closed their minds from understanding , and so they rejected what God was doing at that moment with the coming of Christ and so perished: “ But when the Jews in Thessalonica heard that Paul had preached the word of God in Bera also, they came there and started exiting and stirring up the mob....” Verse 13. Are you like these Jews, seriously buried in religiosity, that instead of verifying side by side what you hear of God doing now, but instead you rise in bitterness against God’s instrument of work? The bible says: -“ Intelligent people want to learn, but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance” Proverb 15:14. -“Stupid people are happy with their foolishness but the WISE will do what is right” Proverb 15:21. - “ Anyone who loves knowledge wants to be told when he is wrong. It is stupid to hate being corrected.” Proverb 12:1. PRAYERS: -Father, we pray that you may open our minds to the understanding of these your divine truths so that we may not walk in ignorance to please Satan, and displease you. - Bless us with your wise spirit, so that we can be wise to discover Satan’s disguises to trick us bow to him, because it is true as you had warn us in Daniel 7:25, that Satan will change your times and your Laws, and we your Saints will obey him. - May we be quicken at heart to collaborate with your Holy Spirit Lord, so that we may be led to walk on the path you have laid before us to walk on and please your heart. - Continue to pray as the spirit leads you .......... Go over to our blog page No 20 for detailed continuation on this subject matter!

vava Mar 14, 2011 10 Comments

We can pray for Algeria ..........May Lord's mercy fall on everyone.....Lord we know that your word is only truth and that truth may set us free......Praise the Lord...we dream a world where everyone loves annd live in harmony in Christ...Lord we bind up on all hinderances that stop this country's progress by Jesus blood.......May your Holy Spirit awaken many people in this country........Lord we held our hands together to heaven and praying....... Bless them Lord......Bless all Alegerians~~~~ (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says.".i made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who knew the Lord are called to preach him... its a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare Lord's mercy over all country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so its our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and i welcome all friends to pray over Algeria....and Algerian friends can just pray about the problems of their place ...so it will be helpful to see pray together Praise the Lord~~~))) نستطيع أن نصلي على الجزائر .......... اللورد الخريف رحمة الرب تكفل للجميع ونحن نعلم أن لديكم كلمة إلا أن الحقيقة, والحقيقة أن ما يدفعنا خالية سبحوا الرب... عالم نحلم فيه الجميع يحب المعنية بالتنمية الحي بانسجام الرب المسيح ونحن الزام الاتفاقية قد اتفقت على ان يتوقف كل هذا البلد (hinderances) لتقدم دم المسيح من الدول قد يوقظ الروح القدس عليكم الكثير من الناس في هذا البلد موجهة اللورد وعقدنا معا الى السماء أيدي والصلاة....... visit my blog http://www.cross.tv/blog/22831 Lord bless you all

paula garcia Mar 11, 2011 5 Comments

Amado Senor gracias por nuestras vidad personales, gracias por todas tus bendiciones, bendice la comunicad de Crosstv. Te pido y te suplico que protejas a Japon de este gran terremoto, por el sunami que ha afectado sus vidas, sus viviendas dales fuerzas mi Amado Padre, te ruego por los paise que van ha ser afectados, por el trascurso de este Sunami. Ten Piedad de tu pueblo Senor, Cubrelos con tu bendita sangre. Amen y Amen.

kokimoncada Mar 11, 2011 8 Comments

Padre nuestro, te pedimos en el nombre de Jesús, que tengas piedad de los pueblos y las personas que está siendo azotadas por el terremoto de Japón y los efectos colaterales que se deriven de ese fenómeno natural. Que ninguno de tus hijitos se pierdan, antes bien, que alcancen la salvación y tu gloria. Sana sus heridas, aparta todo mal de sus caminos. Los que no te conozcan, tengan la gracia de poder conocerte, enamorarse de ti, aceptarte y permanecer en ti para salvación de ellos y sus familias. En el nombre de Jesús, tu santo nombre, lo pedimos y te damos las gracias, amén

Ezra Mar 08, 2011 3 Comments

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea A. A HAPPY AND BLESSED PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!!!! Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this my PRAYER OF BLESSINGS wishing you a GLORIOUS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2O11 in your SPIRITUAL, SOCIO-ECONOMIC life below, is for you! ( Don’t just click for clicking seek, but carefully read to the end, to receive in your spirit). It is Spiritually correct that after a good stock taking with the Lord for the past year, we should stand on the mountain of blessing with the Lord and bless abundantly, for when we bless, we are doubly blessed. The LORD say: “Whoever bless Israel will be blessed. And who curses Israel will be cursed.” Numbers 24:9. Remember today that, ALL BORN AGAIN CHILDREN OF GOD(John 3:3), are spiritual Israelites. We are today, in the first Month of the year (the Easter month Roman March ) marking the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt to Canaan , that the Lord spoke and said: “ THIS MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU …. Exodus 12:1-2( continue to verse 20)! Just look up in the sky and you will see the New moon of the New month, of the new year beginning 2011, in a small " C" shape. My dear brethren, members of the body of Christ world wide! It is a privilege for me to stand on the Lord’s mountain of blessings at this appropriate timing, and prophesy blessings in spirit of the Lord, upon you. May you receive them materialize in your spiritual and socio-economic life, from the invisible to the visible , for the glory, honor and power of the Almighty God, in the name of Jesus! Have you been preparing with us from previous topics? Then it’s right time for you to receive! After my three days withdrawal in prayer retreat with the Lord, I came out with this prayer of blessings for you. MY PRAYERS OF BLESSINGS TO YOU: -Precious Heavenly father and source of ALL creation, the fountain and showers of blessings! You, who by grace through the blood of King Jesus Christ transferred me from the mountain of curses , to that of blessing that I may stand with you to bless! - I humble before your great and mighty throne of blessings now, in this FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR that you spoke of in Exodus 12:1-2, to bless, for a wonderful prosperous year 2011. - I beg that you be attentive to listen to my voice and bless, not because we merit it but out of your abundant love expressed through the precious blood of your dear beloved son- king Jesus Christ, and materialize them from the invisible to the visible! - In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I release .your abundant blessings for this year 2011 from your throne of glory, and proclaim their materialization from the invisible to the visible according to your perfect will upon: -Your saints who have gotten into your spirit and truth of stock taking of their lives for the ending year, at this your right appointed timing, and have brought before you the desired plans of their hearts according to your will for you to bless it’s accomplishment in this new year 2011, beginning from this first month of the year! You say in your words: “Ask the LORD to BLESS your PLANS and you will be SUCCESSFUL in carrying them out” Proverb 16:3. On this therefore, I stand before you with these plans for you to bless them to succeed. 1) IN THE DOMAIN OF SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY : - That they will experience an extraordinary growth in their spiritual life in this new year 2011, as to reflect the nature and stature of Christ to be ready for the Rapture! - That in this End Times characterize by global socio-economic turbulence, their hearts will be more heavenly orientated and enflamed for the things of the Lord in: ● Reading and meditation of the word. ● Watching and praying always as to be ready at any moment of your arrival as you command. ● More burning hatred in their hearts against the love of the world and the things of the world. ● A more seeking spirit to know their specific calling or assignment as to begin doing it faithfully. ● A more burning heart in praying for the growth in spiritual maturity of the Universal body of Christ(Church). - That their hearts minds will be more open to the understanding of Matthew 24:15=Daniel 7:25-28=Revelation 14:9-20. - That the backslidden in any domain of their walking with you, will be totally restored. 2) IN THE DOMAIN OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROSPERITY: - That those seeking for jobs or looking for a way to ameliorate their lives will find favor before you and have a wonderful break through. - That those already in jobs be protected as not to lost them and be rendered unemployed, which may affect their spiritual life. - That those wishing for legitimate promotion in their jobs will have it. - That those schooling will have their hard work blessed with success. - That the singles wishing to get married will receive from you their husbands and wives this year, according to your will. - That the childless who have been weeping before you to be fruitful, will have their sterile birth basket or wombs, becomes fertile and begin to produce. - That the marital homes of your children will be void of , divorces and they will know a stability that has never been known before. - That those who have been forced into divorce by the devil, but are looking for a way of reconciliation will have a victorious break through and come back to be re-united. - That those in honest business before you will experience a boom in their activities. May their capital be increased so that they will increase the wages of their workers and so improve on their living conditions, expand their business and so employ the jobless. - That let those doing farming enjoy your favor by having an extra-ordinary abundant harvest. - That those suffering from any type of sickness or demonic oppression will receive their total deliverance and healings from you in this new year. - That they will enjoy divine health from you as it is our legitimate possession in Christ. I CONTINUE TO PROCLAIM IN PRAYER OF AUTHORITY AGAINST SATAN’S WICKED WORKS : -That no scotching winds from Satan and his demons manifesting in any manner whatsoever: poverty , or precipitated deaths through sickness and accidents will reach the homes and lives of any child of God, in the name of Jesus! -That everything concerning any child of God, will be for this year 2011: barren, sterile and infertile grounds to any wicked attacks from Satan and his demons, in the Name of Jesus. -That there be a total rupture in their lives of any negativity from the devil in the past year, and that all be buried with the end of this year 2010, so that there be no spillover into this New year 2011. -That in the name of Jesus Christ, all open doors of any negativity of the past year remain completely closed with the blood of Jesus, in the domain of : - Spiritual sterility - Material and financial poverty - Sickness - Bareness of the womb - Celibacy - Joblessness - Debts - Marital instability - Love of the world and the things of the world etc...... - That every arrow shot from the kingdom of darkness against any child of God and what belongs to him/her, will be totally paralyzed and destroyed in the Name of Jesus. - That fire of brim stones and sulphur will rain from the throne of the most High, all occultists alters, and bases of witchcraft practices against any child of God , in the name of Jesus Christ. - That I build a protective hedge seven folds round with the blood of Christ around your body, soul and spirit, and all your belongings just as it was for Job, in the name of Jesus. FOR THIS NEW YEAR 2011, I PROCLAIM THAT GOD : - Shall be friendly to you as He was friendly to Abraham and blessed you as He blessed him! - Shall rejoice you with a fertile womb as he did to Sarah! - Talk with you and guide you in His right ways, as he did with Moses! - Favor and raise you as He did to Joseph! - Fight for you and bless you with victories as he did for the Israelites, because today in Christ, you are Spiritual Israelites. - Answer you in all that is in his perfect will as he did for Elijah, Esther, Daniel etc ! May the merciful unmerited protective and salvation blood of Jesus overshadow all your weakness before the Lord, so that you may, the bible says: “ Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation, because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to OBEY HIS OWN PURPOSE” Philippians 2:12-13. Heavenly father, because the spiritual, socio-economic prosperity of your children will automatically mean that of your kingdom, we thank you for having heard and blessed. That we may live them now, materializing in our lives from the invisible to the visible. In Jesus Name Amen Dear brethren in Christ! I believe everyone who has been sincerely following our teachings on this as to be spiritually in tune, will automatically get yoked to these proclamations and see them materialized in his/her from the invisible to the visible, because they have all been worked and obtained in the invisible from the Lord. In this line, you can equally be guided by the Holy Spirit to: - Proclaim blessing upon your flock if you are a Shepard! - Proclaim blessing for your self where specific needs are! - Proclaim blessings for your spiritual and carnal family! - Proclaim blessings for your nation, continent and the world! Etc...... Are we not all adopted the sons of blessings in Christ to bless? We are! So let’s bless and ourselves doubly blessed! If you are new to this page and will want to be in tune with this, please kindly take time to spiritually prepare by reading backward our prayer topics Number: . 29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36 ..You may equally visit our blog page Number: 18;1 You will all agree with us that we never put God to test! Well, God may do as it pleases him, but we will want to believe that anyone who will just be trying to see if it will work, may certainly find his efforts futile. You then rejoice before the Lord in feasting and thanks giving, on any day you may desire within this first month. Get something to feast on, no matter how little it may seem to be, and share with your family, neighbours and friends. Kindly read Deuteronomy 14:22-26, and be led by the holy Spirit to select that which should be done- pleasing to the Lord. Enjoy your New year before the Lord and his angel for the Lord honors only his words ! Happy New year 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!

vava Feb 18, 2011 5 Comments

My Dear Cross Tv Family~~~~ My Aunt;s brother had an sever accident..He had an injury in Kidney and some internal injuries~~.He is in Operation theater now... Pray and declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that He may be healed now~~~~~~

kokimoncada Feb 17, 2011 3 Comments

Señor Jesús, en tu Santo Nombre, te pido que excedas en bendiciones para todos los que pasen por aquí, les concedas salud y larga vida. También pido que les des gozo, paz, bondad, benignidad, templanza; así como también dominio propio, mansedumbre y que hoy, sean muy felices. Todo te lo agradezco en tu Bendito Nombre, mi Señor Jesús, amén.

Ezra Feb 15, 2011

From Br Ezra Chea Orando A. PRE-NOTE ( How to PREPARE to enter your new year BLESSINGS, is a continuation of the previous topics. Read previous topics if you are new). Dear brethren in Christ, are you a born again child of God in Christ? Then it is the right time for you to begin preparations to enter your New year wishes of blessings. May we pray that the Lord will lead us in a thorough stock taking of our life before him, as we follow the guiding steps below, so as to enable us better enter His airs of New Year blessings in our lives, for the year 2011 that is at the corner. Yes, the first Month of the year that the bible says: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2(read ahead to verse 20), is soon. This is the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan, which is already at the corner. If we believe as the bible says : “ God controls the Times and the seasons ” Daniel 2: 21, then we are today in the 12 Month of the year 2010. I follow the rising and setting of the Moon just as my unlearned parents do in the village, to know the beginning and end of a new month. They don’t follow the Roman Calendar, but are led by God’s spirit that says in the bible: “ You created the MOON to mark the END OF MONTHS” Psalms 104:19. We just celebrated a month ago, the death memorial of Saint Sylvester as new year and calling for God to bless. Knowing that God is an orderly God, and not that of disorder; and equally the God of the living and not that of the death, I don’t see how possible he would have blessed something which is opposing to his commands. You will all agree with us that, you can’t justify the feast of Saint Sylvester as new year with any word of God. If you can, then I beg you to quote only one!. If you can’t, then you better submit to the word of God. We don’t do what we think is good for God in the name of salvation by grace in Christ, but what God commands us to do. PREPARATIONS IN STOCK TAKING 1st STEP: A) STOCK TAKING OF OUR LIVES FOR THE PAST YEAR AT INDIVIDUAL OR PERSONAL LEVEL. 1) Look at your SPIRITUAL LIFE with the Lord in terms of: -Spiritual growth since you believed: Is it progressing or regressing? -Has your love of the world and the things of the world been growing more violent, or more compromising? -Have you noticed an attitude in your life of more violence towards sin, or you have turned back to committing the very sins you had long confessed and abandoned just like a dog will turn back to it’s vomit? -Have you known your specific assignment from the Lord and you are busy doing it, or you are just there like that after 1,2, 3, 4, 5...years wasting time doing nothing? ( Why are you wasting the whole day here doing nothing? He asked them... Matthew 20:6). -Are you bearing fruits, or you are still spiritually sterile as you were in the world? ( Then Jesus told them this parable: There was once a man who had a fig-tree growing in his vineyard. He went looking for figs on it but found none. So he said to the gardener, “Look for three years I have been coming here looking for figs on this fig-tree, and I haven’t found any. Cut it down.... ” Luke 13:6-9. Every believer born again in Christ, is a fig-tree in his vineyard. Etc, etc.... -What of your spiritual investment before the Lord for the salvation of the souls of your family members! Have you been tarrying before the Lord in their favor for God to convict their hearts of sins and provoke repentance in their hearts? Or you have been look warm and cold, and instead prefer to be accusing and insulting them? You are God’s representative in your family and will render account of their souls before God on the judgment day. 2) Look at your SOCIO-ECONOMIC LIFE: -Is your socio-economic life ( Marital , financial, health etc..) moving on the trend of the Lord as you collaborate with Him, consciously assured that He is leading you from one step to the other, or you are just confused, desperate and frustrated in a standstill, not knowing what is happening, and counting on good luck? -Are you in spiritual rest in your socio-economic life before the Lord, or in spiritual unrest? B) STOCK TAKING AT GENERAL LEVEL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST: -Are you growing in harmony into maturity with the general body of Christ, which is universally one and indivisible guided by the Holy Scriptures under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, or you are yoked to your denominational doctrines? -Has your spirit been raised beyond denominational barriers so that your mind is broadly opened to share with exhortations of other members of the body of Christ scattered world wide, or you believe and swear only by your denominational doctrines? The bible says: “ It was He who gave gifts.....for the work of Christian service in order to build up the body of Christ...And so we shall all come together to that ONENESS in our faith...we shall become MATURE people, reaching to the very height of Christ’s full stature” Ephesians 4:11-13. -If you are a leader over God’s people, how can you clearly present before God your stewardship to him in your tending of his flock? Is it negative or positive? May these words of the Lord be your mirror to look through: “ You take care of yourself but never tend the sheep. .You drink the milk, wear clothes made from the wool, and kill and eat the finest sheep. But you never tend the sheep. .You have not taken care of the weak ones, healed those that are sick, bandaged those that are hurt, brought back those that wandered off, or looked for those that were lost. Instead you treated them cruelly. Because the sheep had no Shepard, they were scattered and wild animals killed and ate them...” Ezekiel 34: 2-5. Etc.... Yes, we must yearly take stock of our life before God to enable a better continuation. Else what are you wishing God to bless for the new year? The drama is that, in our business enterprises, we know very well how to yearly take stock of our business activities, but when it comes to God, we think that we can just do anything in the name of being saved by grace in Christ. 2nd STEP: BUILD UP HEART’S DESIRES IN COLLABORATION WITH THE LORD, AS WISHES FOR A PROSPEROUS WAY FORWARD TO BE BLESSED BY HIM FOR THE NEW YEAR. Therefore, after all these stock taking of our life for the past year, we can now in collaboration with the Lord put things right where they went wrong, then place before Him what we aspire for the new year as wishes for Him to bless for our lives( spiritual, socio-economic): That of the church -Family -Friends -Country and the world. So, we don’t just jump up one morning and start shouting: Happy new year!!!!!, in Eating, drinking, dancing, sexual immorality, drunkenness, etc. Look brethren, our God is a mighty God! He is not a child that we just come to clown before Him. Such are the works of the devil, and I don’t see how saints of the Lord that we are, can be part-takers. 3rd STEP: THIS IS THAT OF CELEBRATION BEFOR GOD IN THANKS GIVING AND PRAISES IN THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR AS WE PROCLAIM AND ENTER OUR NEW YEAR AIRS OF BLESSINGS. After the first and second step of stock taking and building of new vision for a better way forward, we then proclaim it into the new year new for God’s blessings to prosper. We do this in feasting, rejoicing, praises and thanks giving to the Lord as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 in the first month of the year, irrespective of the day. It can therefore be on the 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 6, 10th, 15 th etc, there will be no problem. Unless the born again children of God generally agree on a particular day to generally do it world wide which preferably can be at the rising of the new moon, they can individually choose any day and will not be sinning before God. The fundamental is that, it should be in the first month of the year. When the present moon now which is up representing the 12 month of the year 2010 dies before the Lord, it next rising will be the first month of the year that the Lord spoke of in exodus 12:1-20. This will be around March. I will let you inform. Visit debate blog Number 19, for details on this, as to be well clarified. As I equally withdraw to take stock, I will then come out with my prayers of wishes of new year blessings to my brethren, the church and the world. If there is any brethren who has any specific thing to wish me handle specifically, then you write me spelling them out clearly: wwmissionar@yahoo.com ezrachea@yahoo.com But you must be sure to have followed the teachings on this topic carefully from the previous topics, and let your spirit be buried into it as God’s truth. Therefore, you must have been enlightened to spiritually denounce the false new year wishes of blessings you claim from saint Sylvester by celebrating his death memorial as new year, because they were curses. You can not be blessed by the death spirit of saint Sylvester, and the Spirit of the living God. You must chose one. Either you choose the LORD, or the Roman Catholic Saint Sylvester. Equally, don’t say “ Let me just try and see if it will work”. The bible says you shall not put the Lord your God to test”. So you must read and pray as to be spiritually well convicted of the truth, before you get into it. PRAYERS: -Heavenly father, thank you that we are before you in the 12 month of the year 2010, coming to an end in few weeks for us to enter into the first month of the year which you spoke of in Exodus 12: 1. -You are our heavenly father before whom we must yearly render an account of our lives! It is true that Satan changed your Times and Laws and we your saints have been obeying him till date, just as you had said in Daniel 7:25 and therefore disobeying you in obedience to him. We pray that you forgive us. -We humble before you now to beg that you teach and lead us in stock taking of our lives for this year which is ending, so as to better enter into your blessings of the new year that is at the corner. -We pray that you release the light of your Holy spirit upon our hearts, as to better confront it in a sincere stock taking void of deceits and falsehood, as to squally face the truth that your know about us, in our walk with you. Do it Lord, so that we may correct ourselves and better enter a new year of spiritual and socio-economic prosperity before you. -May you open our minds into the understanding of this teachings so that we will be led by the holy Spirit to obey for our blessings, rather than carnally trying to test you for our own disfavor. Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead you. Check blog No 19 for what divine scriptural inspiration says on open debate topic: “This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU.... Exodus12:1-2..

Therealalchemist Feb 11, 2011 4 Comments

Have mercy upon us, O God, the Father,Almighty. Remember, O Lord, the safety of this holy place, which is Yours, and every place and every monastery of our Orthodox fathers. Pray for the safety of the world and of this city of ours and of all cities, districts, islands, and monasteries. Pray for the air of heaven, the fruits of the earth, the rising of the waters of the rivers, the seeds, the herbs, and the plants of the field, that Christ our God may bless them, bring them to perfection in peace without harm, and forgive us our sins. Raise them to their measure according to Your grace. Give joy to the face of the earth. May its furrows be abundantly watered and its fruits be plentiful. Prepare it for sowing and harvesting. Manage our life as deemed fit. Bless the crown of the year with Your goodness for the sake of the poor of Your people, the widow, the orphan, the traveler, the stranger, and for the sake of us all, who entreat You and seek Your Holy Name. For the eyes of everyone wait upon You, for You give them their food in due season. Deal with us according to Your goodness, O You Who give food to all flesh. Fill our hearts with joy and gladness, that we too, having sufficiency in every thing always, may abound in every good deed. Remember your Holy Land My Lord, Egypt ! which you visit while you were a child !! Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

vava Feb 10, 2011 13 Comments

My Dearest Cross tv Family, WHAT WE NEED AT THIS MOMENT IS CHRIST ~~~~ We are called to preach Him~~~I am asking a very strong prayer request about my college youth camp which will be held on Feb 11-13~~~~I don't have words to explain how much important this ~~Its a very good chance to preach Christ and pray for many ~~~I am so sure that many souls will be touched by Holy Spirit~~~~Even I consider, this is an important event in my life~~~~~~ I am so sure that you will pray for the success of this program~~~~ Just sing and pray with me through this lyrics of "Amazing Grace song" ~~~~~ Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear. And Grace, my fears relieved. How precious did that Grace appear The hour I first believed. Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come; 'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home. The Lord has promised good to me. His word my hope secures. He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures. Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail, And mortal life shall cease, I shall possess within the veil, A life of joy and peace. When we've been here ten thousand years Bright shining as the sun. We've no less days to sing God's praise Than when we've first begun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55S72_Z-PX0 Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ German translation from my best friend in Christ~~~ O wunderbare Gnade, Wie suess ist mir dein Klang, die du mich elenden Uebeltaeter gerettet hast! Ich war verloren, doch nun hast du mich gefunden, war blind, doch jetzt kann ich sehen. Es war die Gnade, die mein Herz das Fuerchten lernte, und Gnade hat mein Herz von Furcht befreit. Wie kostbar erschien mir diese Gnade zur Stunde, als ich zum Glauben kam! Wieviel Gefahren, Muehen und Hindernisse hab ich bereits durchlaufen. Es ist allein die Gnade, die mich sicher bis hierher gebracht,, und Gnade wird mich leiten zu meinem himmlischen Heim. Der Herr hat mir Gutes verheissen, meine Hoffnung findet ihre Sicherheit in seinem Wort; Er ist mein Schild und mein Anteil (am Erbe), solange dieses Leben waehrt. Ja, wenn mein Leib und Herz versagen und alles Sterbliche zum Ende kommt, werde ich ein Leben der Freude und des Friedens erlangen, (wenn bisher auch nur durch einen Schleier hindurch sichtbar). Bald wird die Erde dahin schmelzen wie Schnee; die Sonne wird aufhoeren zu scheinen, doch Gott, der mich hier hinunter (zur Erde?) berufen hat, wird mein fuer immer und ewig.

paula garcia Feb 04, 2011 5 Comments

Amado Senor, gracias de doy por todas las bendiciones en mi vida, gracias por tu consuelo tu fortaleza y tu amor incondicional. Senor tu que siempre estas atento a las suplicas de las personas que tratan de agradarte, y luchan por hacer tu boluntad, perdona Oh Amado Senor, todas mis faltas. Oy clamo a ti por la Paz de todas las Naciones del Mundo entero, por Egipto, por Mexico, Por Colombia, por Guatemala, por el Salvador, por Israel, por Pakistan, Correa del Sur, Correa del Norte,Cuba, Venezuela, Estados Unidos, Chile, Peru, Brasil, Argentina. Dale sabiduria a sus gobernantes, que el Ejercito que esta obligado a darle seguridad a sus habitantes actuen correctamente, que no se vendan ante el mejor postor, que cada ciudadano de lo mejor de si mismo para crear un mejor Pais, herencia de nuestros hijos y nietos, hasnos mas suceptibles ante el dolor del projimo, del desamparado del hambriento, del que sufre necesidades materiales economicas, enfermedades,desastres naturales, epidemias. Inunda con tu paz a todo ser humano e impregnalos con tu amor y damos tu bendicion que tanto necesitamos. Todo esto lo pongo a los pies de tu Cruz porque tu vives y reinas por los siglos de los siglos Amen y Amen.

Laurand Feb 03, 2011 1 Comment

Prayer for Egypt We are praying for those suffering in Egypt. Let God enlighten them to withstand all horrors abated over them! Every drop of blood shed unjustly hurts. It is a spot for mankind. “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”(James 3:17) Shall remember the seventh Beatitude: ” Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”( Matthew 5: 9) “You may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”(Mattew 5:45} … because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.”(Romans 8: 14) “The trouble that he makes for others falls on his own head. His own violence comes down on the top of himself!”(Psalm 7: 16)

vava Jan 09, 2011 23 Comments

1. Why should I say I can't, when the Bible says I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH. (Philippians Ch : 4 verse 13) 2. Why should I say I lack, when the Bible says I KNOW THAT GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALL MY NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS. (Philippinas Ch : 4 verase 19). 3. Why should I say I fear, when the Bible says GOD HAS NOT GIVEN ME A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT A SPIRIT OF POWER, OF LOVE AND SOUND MIND. (2 Timothy Ch: 1 verse 7). 4. Why should I lack faith to fulfill my calling, when the Bible says, GOD HAS ALLOTED TO ME A MEASURE OF FAITH. (Romans Ch: 12 verse 3). 5. Why should I be weak, when the Bible says that, THE LORD IS THE STRENGTH OF MY LIFE AND I WILL DISPLAY STRENGTH AND TAKE ACTION BECAUSE I KNOW GOD. (Psalm Ch: 27 verse 1), (Daniel Ch: 11 verse 32). 6. Why should I allow satan supremacy over my life, when the Bible says, HE WHO IS IN ME IS GREATER THAN he THAT IS IN THIS WORLD. (1John Ch : 4 verse 4). 7. Why should I lack wisdom, WHEN CHRIST BECAME WISDOM TO ME FROM GOD AND GOD GIVES WISDOM TO ME GENEROUSLY WHEN I ASK HIM FOR IT.(1 Corinthians Ch : 1 verse 30), (James Ch : 1 verse 5). 8. Why should I be depressed, WHEN I CAN RECALL TO MIND GOD'S LOVING KINDNESS, COMPASSION AND FAITHFULNESS, AND I CAN ALWAYS HAVE HOPE (Lamentations Ch : 3 verses 21 - 23) 9. Why should I worry and fret WHEN I CAN CAST ALL MY ANXIETY ON CHRIST WHO CARES FOR ME. (1 Peter Ch : 5 verse 7). 10. Why should I ever be in bondage, KNOWING THAT THERE IS LIBERTY WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS. (Galatians Ch : 5 verse 1). 11. Why should I accept defeat, when the Bible says that, GOD ALWAYS LEADS ME IN TRIUMPH. (2 Corinthians Ch : 2 verse 14). 12. Why should I feel condemned, when the Bible says that, I AM NOT CONDEMNED BECAUSE I AM IN CHRIST. (Romas Ch : 8 verse 1). 13. Why should I feel alone, WHEN JESUS SAID HE IS WITH ME ALWAYS AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME NOR FORSAKE ME. (Matthew Ch : 28 verse 20), (Hebrew Ch : 13 verse 5). 14. Why should I feel accursed or that I am a victim of bad luck, when the Bible says, CHRIST HAS REDEEMED ME FROM THE CURSE OF THE LAW, THAT I MIGHT RECIEVE HI SPIRIT. (Galatians Ch : 3 verses 13, 14). 15. Why should I be discontented, when I LIKE PAUL, CAN LEARN TO BE CONTEND IN ALL MY CIRCUMSTANCES. (Philippians Ch : 4 verse 11). 16. Why should I feel worthless, WHEN CHRIST BECAME SIN ON MY BEHALF, THAT I MIGHT BECOME THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM. (2 Corinthians Ch : 5 verse 21). 17. Why should I have a persecution complex, KNOWING THAT NOBODY CAN BE AGAINST ME WHEN GOD IS FOR ME. (Romans Ch: 8 verse 31) 18. Why should I be confused, WHEN GOS IS THE AUTHOR OF PEACE AND HE GIVES ME KNOWLEDGE THROUGH HIS INDWELLING SPIRIT. (1 Corinthians Ch : 14 verse 33, Ch: 2 verse 12). 19. Why should I feel like a failure, WHEN I AM A CONQUEROR IN ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST. (Romans Ch : 8 verse 37). 20. Why should I let the pressures of life bother me, WHEN I CAN TAKE COURAGE KNOWING THAT JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD AND ITS TRIBULATIONS. (John Ch : 16 verse 33). click on link below : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8K4b2GN5KM ~GOD BLESS YOU ALL DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN JESUS CHRIST~

Ezra Jan 04, 2011 10 Comments

From Br Ezra Orlando Chea A PRE-NOTES: Dear brethren in Christ! Let’s pray that the Lord will open our minds to understand the broader meaning of the word LIES! The bible says: “ But what if our doing wrong serves to show up more clearly God’s doing right?.....But what if my UNTRUTH SERVES God’s glory by making his truth stand out more clearly? Why should I still be condemned as a sinner? Why not say, then “ Let us do evil so that good may come ?” Romans 3: 5-7. -“ Never say anything that is not true, have nothing to do with LIES and MISLEADING words” Proverb 4:23-27. Yes, I didn’t wish anyone happy ‘Christmas’, nor ‘new year’! But I will be prophesizing you a wonderful new year in spirit and truth(John 4:23-24) backed by the Lord, at His right appointed timing for it , so that it will be effective, rather than playing hypocrisy in professing lies from my lips that I know God won’t listen to ! He is an orderly God who has his norms that we must follow, and not a God of disorder. It is God who created man for himself, and not man who created God for him self. There are two forces in action, in the world of which man is the major target: -God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH, and -Satan’s Evil Spirit of LIES. For God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH to succeed over Satan’s spirit of lieS, man who is the major play ground, must collaborate in TRUTH with the Holy Spirit of TRUTH for his own good. But when we collaborate in Lies, with the devil’s lying spirit, we bloc God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH, and give victory to Satan over lives, for our own detriment. And for Satan to seduce and get us, he disguises by clothing his lies with some apparent good! And what is a lie? It is everything that originates from Satan the chief liar, no matter how good it may seem to be. The bible says: “ But cowards ....ALL LIARS the place for them is the lake burning with fire and sulphur , which is the second death ” Revelation 21:8. This therefore means that, it will be self seduction to think that we can use LIES and MANIPULATIONS to win souls for the God, or to glorify His name, and please Him in the name of grace in Jesus. Quite often because of our ignorance by associating with Satan’s lies in the name of giving glory to God, we bloc the Holy Spirit from operating and cause a lot of damage to the kingdom of God, in favor of the kingdom of darkness! No lies can ever serve the purpose of God as He clearly says it. I DON’T CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF “SAINT SYLVESTER” -Disguised as new year! As we go busy celebrating the feast of “Saint Sylvester” disguised by Satan’s LIES as new year, let us remember that the RIGHT END OF YEAR commanded and known by God, is still to come. So we should be ready to get into it, and celebrate in thanks giving and praises, if we really want to enjoy the divine blessings set for this by the Lord, that Satan has wisely and intelligently been keeping us away from. We all know that in every obedience to the word of God, there is a blessing ; and in every disobedience there is a curse. WHICH IS THIS RIGHT TIMING OF THE REAL END OF YEAR FIXED BY GOD FOR OUR BLESSINGS ? The bible says: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). This sounds a command to obey his Time as he has set in place! In which period was he commanding this as the first month of the year? This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan( please if you are serious with the Lord to know this, carefully study the Biblical Calendar on our blog page- number 18 and read the details). Why was it important for the Lord to give this command of specification , if we think times and periods do not matter to him? Let’s equally ask this fundamental question : Why did God chose only the End of Year, and the Beginning of a New year to set his people free from the bondage of slavery in Egypt? Certainly because He is the sovereign creator, and master of Time and seasons( Daniel 2:21), and always want his people to begin another airs or yearly period of 12 months( 2nd Kings 25:27) , in a special blessed way. They take stock of their lives for the past year with the father, give praises and thanks to him, then entrust the new beginning year for him to richly bless in all dimensions as inspired. Remember God had created man for a blessing before the fall, and not for a curse. It is to be a wonderful feasting celebration for his children as the spirit of Deuteronomy reveals : “ Set aside a tithe- a tenth of all that your fields produce YEAR by YEAR ..... Spend it on whatever you want-beef, lamb, wine..... in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families are to EAT and ENJOY YOURSELVES” Deut 14: Verse 22-26. The thing is that Satan has displaced it to his own time, and cloth it as the feast of Saint Sylvester. This is in accomplishment of God’s warning in Daniel 7:25, that Satan will change his Times and Laws, and we his saints(believers) will obey him. And this is exactly what we are experiencing. I don’t know if you understand what we are trying to say ! So it was not only to be celebrated as the day they were set free from slavery in Egypt, but year after year in praises and thanks giving unto God for their own blessings. It was not therefore something just limited to their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Today, our own day of deliverance from slavery in Egypt(world of sins) is that day we repent from our sins and move from the kingdom of darkness to that of light(Canaan), through Jesus Christ whose death became our Passover lamb. Therefore today, we are led by the Holy Spirit in our yearly celebrations of End of year and New year as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26, at the right appointed timing which is the pass over period we call Easter today-in March.! This is the first month of the year before God, and we can chose any day within this first month for our festivities, and there will be no problem, since he hasn’t lay emphasis on the day. God made the moons to mark the end of the months, if we can equally use the appearing rising moon which is sign of the beginning new month(Psalms 104:19) as most of our illiterate village parent do, and even the Moslems , there will be no problem. Let me turn this question to you my dear brethren: Will it be right for me to get into the presence of God and say: Father, this is the first month of which you commanded Moses and Aaron and said......! Or, this is the feast of saint Sylvester which the Roman Catholics instituted as new year in memorial celebration of the death of Saint Sylvester....? If you are honest and love me with the love of Christ, write and tell me which I should say! As I wait to hear from you, I promise to wish you a wonderful new year at the right timing comes, between March-April ! HOW THEN DID WE COME TO BE CELEBRATING THE “FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER” AS NEW YEAR? After the death of the Roman Emperor Constantine who was the founder of Roman Catholicism, pope Sylvester who succeeded him as, died on 31st December 335 AD, and the so called “new year” celebration was decided as honor in memorial of his death. That is why it is called the FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER. Satan in many crafty ways, has changed the Times and Laws of God, and we the Saints(believer) are obeying Him just as the Lord had long warned in Daniel 7:25. Certainly there are many knowing this for their very first time, but this shouldn’t be a surprise because God had told Daniel: You must go now, Daniel, because these words are to be kept secret and hidden until the End comes. Many people will be purified. Those who are wicked will not understand but will go on being wicked; only those who are wise will understand.” Daniel 12:9-10. We are today in the end times which God spoke of, and that is why He has raised this Ministry to use in reveling these things which may look so strange and opposite to the old trend or standards of the world. To take side with LIES in the name of glorifying the God of truth and Holiness is to be deceived. Satan will hurry many who are reading this, to quote some texts of Paul’s letters out of context as defense, not paying attention to the warning : “ ..Paul wrote to you, using the wisdom that God gave him. ...There are some difficult things in his letters which ignorant and unstable people explain falsely, as they do with other passages of the scriptures...But you my friends, already know this. Be on your guard, then so that you will not be led away by errors of lawless people..” 2nd Peter 3:15-17. Did Apostle Paul we always hurry to quote, followed all these Satan’s LIES that we are following today? Certainly not! The scriptures can never be contradictory! If I say no to memorial death celebrations of my long death ones because God says no, I should equally say no to the memorial death celebration of Saint Sylvester disguised as new year! Satan and man thinks that God is so confused and stupid that He created an imperfect work for them to restructure the way they want. When God says this, they say the opposite! Yes, God and his rebellious challengers! Many who don’t yet know God, may belittle this! But it means much to him, and that is why he expresses it in Daniel 7:25 (Satan will change the Times and laws of God, and the Saints will obey him). For those who have been really ignorant of this, God understands! But for me whom He knows convectively knows , I will be the greatest rebel and fool before him, to consciously abandon his TRUTHS and turn to obey SATAN’S LIES. If you want to know more, search about the FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER in the net. Equally imagine me saying: Thank you Father for the birth of Jesus Christ on this 25th December ! It will be horrible! SO, I EQUALLY NEVER SAY “ HAPPY CHRISTMAS” TO ANYONE! We all know that Jesus Christ was not born on the 25th of December and that this is a pagan feast instituted by Satan and celebrated long ago even before the birth of Christ as a feast to the queen of Heaven-Jeremiah 17-20, then later disguised as Christmas-birth day of Christ. For me therefore to pretend it as the birth day of Christ for God’s glory and be wishing people “happy Christmas”, is lying and pure hypocrisy before God, no matter my good intentions. God can never be glorified in lies! He can never dirty his holiness with what is of evil origin! The thing is that, we don’t really know the holiness of God, and think that we can just do anything for his glory. God lived in his glory before he ever created man, and will still live in his glory even in the absence of man. If the children of God sat down to decide on a day to celebrate in thanking God for sending Christ on earth to save their souls and which they have repented to be born again(John 3:3), and not the day Jesus was born unless the exact day is known, there will be no problem. Unfortunately it is an evil feast celebrated in evil activities by those who don’t even know Christ, and the saints go and join them in t\he name of giving glory to God. In the bible, Levi celebrated the birth of Christ in his life, with a great feast, as he repented from his sins: “ After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector named Levi, ..... “Follow me” Levi got up, left everything, and followed him. Then Levi had a BIG FEAST in his house for Jesus ....” Luke 5:27-29. This feast goes in line with that celebrated in Heaven as it is written: “ In the same way I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over ONE SINNER WHO REPENTS ....” Luke 15:7. So it is in this line that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus for the glory of God. If the Lord has warned me that the whole world is under the power of the wicked one, I should be very careful to verify the source or author of everything I see the whole world doing! If the Lord open my eyes to see that it is the devil in challenge to Him, I radically refrain from it even if I will be the only one on earth not to adhere! After all, He will judge us individually rather than as a group. The fundamental problem of believers today is that, we walk with God not by hearing him, but with our sentiments, emotions, feelings, and philosophical reasoning. To me, when I have carefully taken time to seek for the will of God on a matter, known it, I must obey and defend it without forcing it on people, even if it means death! God will never want any one to obey him through force, but out of love for Him. So, whom should I fear ? God or man? PRAYERS: - Father, we pray that you open our minds to understand what you are trying to tell us in these last days! - Quicken our hearts to always bring to you in a humble spirit to find out from you, your truths on matters that we don’t really understand, than just hanging on mere assumptions, or misunderstanding of the scriptures, and believing in Satan’s lies. - Open our minds to understand as you speak to us, so that we may be faithful in obeying you! - Father, you said: Enoch walked and pleased you! May you equally lead us to walk in your truth and please you! Continue to pray as the holy Spirit leads you.......

vava Jan 01, 2011 10 Comments

John 15:1 says” I am the REAL vine, and my Father is the gardener. He breaks off every branch in me that doesn’t bear fruit, and he PRUNES every branch that does bear fruit, so that it will be CLEAN AND BEAR MORE FRUIT. ~~To My dear Cross tv family~~~ I am so much thankful to our Lord for giving some months to spent with a spiritual family members in Cross tv ....Everyone influenced me directly or indirectly.......by messages and thoughts...some spent with me even though in busy work....Thank you so much for everything....... Now this is the time I am going to back to my studies again......But everything for Lords glory~~~ Now I got an offer letter from German University (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg) for doing masters in Medical system engineering..........Hope every visa procedures and other documents will be ready soon.....For that I am leaving to my state capital for learning German language with in two days.....I miss everyone in cross tv............. Pray for me, compares to my India, Germany is an absolutely different place...I don’t know how to start, continue and finish my education there.....as my mom told sometimes in life we have to “walk on water” as Peter did....By looking Jesus alone.......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Being under the Cross~~ I hear “IT IS FINISHED”...IT IS FINISHED~~~~~~ Entirely a different life~~~~~ My dear Cross tv family, pray for me ~~even though we miss so much ~~ Just pray for me as Apostle Paul says “be in clear conscience of Holy Spirit” ~~~~~~A rosebush must be pruned to bear perfect roses~~~~~~~

МакНик (Варух) Jan 01, 2011 7 Comments

Братья и сестры. Прошу вас с верой и любовью молиться за моих племянников Даниила (9 лет), Сему (8 лет) и Юлю (6 лет). У них патологии в организме. У Даника не опустились яички, у Семы правая почка маленькая и повышенное внутричерепное давление, у Юли деформация нижних конечностей. Но я верю, что молитвами святых божьих людей болезни они будут исцелены и Бог восторжествует могущественно в этих маленьких телах. Также прошу вас поддержать молитвой веры их маму - сестру Валю. Ей очень необходима поддержка и укрепление от Господа и Святого Духа. С Миром Божьим, брат во Христе, Максим.

Больше всего хранимого храни сердце твое Dec 21, 2010 4 Comments

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my lecturer! She is a diploma in fine. Thank you my dear friends! My loving Lord thank you for all your deeds! Thank you for my friends! I ask you, Bless them and help them through the prayers! Glory to Thee! Спасибо всем, кто молился за моего преподователя! Она защитила диплом на отлично. Спасибо вам мои дорогие друзья!!! Мой любящий Господь благодарность Тебе за все Твои дела!!! Благодарю Тебя за моих друзей!!! Прошу Тебя, благослови их и помоги им по молитвам! Слава Тебе!!!

"Чадо Божие" Dec 18, 2010 1 Comment

Счастливый человек Я счастлив Я счастлив, несмотря на проблемы, Ведь у меня есть ответ. Я благодарен за конфликты, Ведь это значит, наступило время моего обновления. Я рад испытаниям, Ведь они расширяют мой сосуд веры. А неблагополучные условия – это основание для благословений. Я счастлив потому, что могу молиться Богу. Lucky person I happy I happy, in spite of problems, After all I have an answer. I am thanked for conflicts, After all this signifies, approached time of my renovation. I am a pleased test, After all they increase my container of the faith. But unchancy of the condition this reason for blessing. I happy therefore that can be prayed God.

Больше всего хранимого храни сердце твое Dec 11, 2010

Thank God for my birthday! Hallowed be His name! Thank Him for my friends! For what they are good nice people! Lord, I thank you! Lord, I thank you for all all all that you do to me !!!!!!!!!! You're the most gentle, kind father! Благодарю Господа за мое день рождение!!! Пусть прославится Его имя!!! Спасибо Ему за моих друзей! За то, что они добрые милые люди!!! Господи, я благодарю тебя за все все все, что Ты делаешь для меня!!!!!!!!!! Ты самый нежный, добрый Отец!!!

Frosa Dec 03, 2010

God, give me the power of enduring all the difficulties sent to me!

Ezra Nov 30, 2010 2 Comments

From Br Ezra Orlando A. PRE-NOTES: (Begin from here and continue on our blog page N° 18) Brethren, join me in prayers that the lord will open our minds to understand some vital spiritual issues, still blind to our understanding. A real occult mocks us saying “ You people claim to be born again children of God living by the word of God and only the word of God, and call us demons! You refuse to offer customary sacrifices saying that they are to demons, but again do offer them! Asking how? He says on Christmas day, all that you offer saying it is celebrating the birth day of ‘Jesus’, and the feast of Saint Sylvester, are sacrifices to our high spirits in the astral world”. Then adds “ You people claim the feast to be for your Jesus, and your new year! Can you show me where it is written in the bible you call the book of your master? Where in that your book call bible, did that your master- Jesus, and his disciples, celebrate it? They are all our feast, and you bow down to us ! Come and join us and you will see our goddess-ROSE, that you celebrate in what you call the birth day of your Jesus and our god saint Sylvester in the astral world. We are your masters, you don’t even know the God you claim to be saving, and disturb places saying : In the name of Jesus, I cast you demons, come out demons! You are just wasting your time in that your thing you call “ born again”. Come let’s teach you the real mysteries of the world. You people know nothing! You are just empty bible readers”. Brethren, this is shocking, embarrassing and very challenging, but the reality. I came with this to understand that, we have only two masters in the world: God and Satan! Either we are fully serving one or the other, and anything which God is not the author no matter how good it may be, or the religious names given to it, Satan is the author! There is no middle position. With this in mind, one is challenged to question the author of Christmas and the feast of Saint Sylvester. Are the occults just usurpers, or are their claims authentic? Let us exploit the Bible our only divine reference, and probably get into history to be assured of the authors of these feast. Is it God, or the devil as the occults claim? Therefore, this topic calls to the divine spiritual intellectualism of each and everyone of us participating, to seek to restitute divine biblical truths the way they should be, rather than assumptions or presumptions based on religious dogmatism, or overzealous ‘Christian’ ignorance because we do not read broadly, or just being cowards. Brethren, the bible says that the Lord reward those who diligently seek him. A coward is that one who knows the truth, but will say since the whole world is doing it, I shouldn’t be the only one left out. He thus toe the line behind the majority for fear of persecution. And to these the bible says: “ But cowards......and all liars, the place for them is the lake of fire and sulphur, which is the second death!” Revelation 21:8. Here there is no exemption of believers in Christ. A coward is a coward, and a liar a liar irrespective of what we may claim to be. God is not exemptant of persons. His word judges all equally. Brethren, no matter our sincerity in what ever we are doing, we can never turn evil to good before God. Brethren, from biblical discernment, it is very clear that, what we are celebrating today as the birth day of Jesus-Christmas, existed even before the birth of Jesus Christ. When the Lord rightly says Satan disguise as an angel of light, it is spiritually very deep, that we must walk close to the Lord as to be well illuminated on Satan disguises! But unfortunately, the believers walk so far away from the Lord that, Satan disguises and put them in his pocket. As to the longevity of this celebration today disguised by the devil as birth day of ‘Jesus’-Christmas, the LORD say: “ Jeremiah, do not pray for these people. Do not cry or pray on their behalf; do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you. Don’t you see what they are doing in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? The children gather firewood, the men build fires, and the women mix dough to BAKE CAKES for the goddess they call the QUEEN OF HEAVEN. They also pour out wine offerings to other gods.” Jeremiah 7:16-18. So, this feast to the Queen of Heaven , this goddess(principality ) reigning in the airs or astral world, better known in occultism as ROSE, and commonly disguised as “holly Mary”, has been long celebrated even before the birth of Christ, with Satan disguising it , in name changing. The bible talks well of this saying: “ Put on all the amour that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand up against the wicked spiritual forces in the HEAVENLY WORLD, the rulers, authorities and COSMIC POWERS of this dark age” Ephesians 6:11-12. These teachings are not for unbelievers, because this is not what we preach to them! To them, we first preach the gospel of salvation, and lead them to Christ, then as believers born again in Christ(saints), we then begin to teach them the letters so that the holy Spirit can give them understanding and lead them to obey. So these are teachings limited only to born again children of God(John 3:3). They are teachings to perfect the saints in ready for the rapture! Teaching this to unbelievers, will just be like letting them into practising the works of law that can't save! Therefore brethren, we really lack discernment as the Lord rightly says! The bible says:” “ Hypocrites, you can look at the earth and the sky and predict the weather; why, then, don’t you know the meaning of this PRESENT TIME? “ WHY DO YOU NOT JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES THE RIGHT THING TO DO? Luke 12:56-57. In our WATCHING and PRAYING as the Lord commanded us to, with regards Satan’s disguises, we will in this topic be x-raying the following through the scriptures under the light of the Holy Spirit: 1) How then have we all come to the celebration of this feast to the queen of heaven called today as the BIRTH DAY OF JESUS CHRIST-“CHRISTMAS”? (.....hence in 274 AD, the Roman emperor Aurelia declared December 25th as the birthday of the unconquered sun (“natAlis solis invicti”....). 2) Is EASTER CELEBRATION not a Christian appellation but believed to be Chaldean, that is Babylonian in origin which is the name Astarte, representing one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven? 3) Did VALENTINE’S DAY, begin as a pagan fertility rite celebrated with drunkenness and sexual licentiousness during which time sweets and spring flowers were given as sacrifices to the gods in the temple? 4) when does a new year begin? what then of the feast of saint SYLVESTER OBSERVED AS NEW YEAR? 5) what therefore did Paul mean in Galatians 4:10-11, when he said: “ …you observe days, and months, and seasons and years”? - You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons.....” 1st Corinthians 10:19-23, 27 etc.....? 6) Conclusion. ( Everyone worshipped the dragon........ Rev. 13:4) How then have we all come to the celebration of this feast to the queen of heaven called today as the birth day of Christ-“Christmas”? Go to our blog page N0 18 for continuation......

vava Nov 23, 2010 14 Comments

My Birthday Prayer ~~~~~~~~~~``` My Father, now I am here. Father, you know all about me……Now one more year...now I am 23 …..thanks for all, Father …You done amazing things…more than I could even imagine ….especially through Cross tv and face book , you gave me many friends …more than just friends ….i know now “Friends in Christ are friends forever”…how much true it is Lord …they helped me a lot, in all my troubles and tensions …I know all from you….Lord now I am before you with tears ….i don’t have words ..I don’t have anything to pray but to praise and tell thanks giving ………Lord you are in all ……….Lord you taught me so much in these time period…….now I realize Father, Christ is everything………in my all success ,in my failures ,in everything ~~ “In the beginning it is Christ In the middle it is Christ And at the end is Christ” Christ is all in all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (((( Today Father told me about boasting ……for what I have to boast…nothing other than 1 Cori 1:29 -31 ~~whoever wants to boast must boast of what the Lord has done~~~~~~ Father also showed me that when I closed my eyes for prayer the walls of my room flowing like water and praising ~~~~~~~~~~~~walls made up of stones ~~How ~~or why~~~?????~~~~ If we didn’t praise~~~~~ stones may praise ~~”And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples. And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out”.(Luke 19:39-40) Now what is left for us ,other than this praising ~~~~otherwise the stones, the lifeless things will praise ~~~the life less stones~~~~~ which is better ~~?? Are we praise or let the stones praise? Just praise with me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my dear friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spjkgMpVDWQ&feature=related

Ezra Nov 01, 2010 3 Comments

From Br. Ezra orlando Chea A. PRE-NOTES: The Bible says: “The people of Gibeon, who were Hivites, heard what Joshua had done to Jericho and Ai, and they decided to deceive him. They went and got some food and loaded their donkeys with worn-out sacks and patched-up wineskins. They put on ragged clothes and worn-out sandals that had been mended. The bread they took with them was dry and mouldy. Then they went to the camp at Gilgal and said to Joshua and the men of Israel .Then they told him this story, we have come from a distant land.................Look at our bread. When we left home with it and started out to meet you, it was still warm. But look! But look! Now it is dry and mouldy. When we filled these wineskins, they were new, but look! They are torn. Our clothes and sandals are worn out from the long journey” the men of Israel accepted some food from them, BUT DID NOT CONSULT THE LORD ABOUT IT. Joshua made a treaty of friendship with the people of Gibeon and allowed them live. The leaders of the community of Israel gave their solemn promise to keep the treaty. Three days after the treaty had been made, the Israelites learnt that these people did indeed live nearby........All the people complain to the leaders about this.....” Joshua 9:3-23. Brethren, many years ago, I met a man lying in a very desperate manner beside the road, with a hospital book just beside him! Some passers had stopped and were looking, so did I ! Feeling very sympathetic , I thought of the story of the good Samaritan in the bible(Luke 10:33), then moved closer and picked up the hospital book. It had been well written in French as if from a health center, indicating abdominal problems, stamped and signed. I then tried to talk to this man of around 30years, and he “struggled” to respond. I asked him where he was staying and he told me he was living alone, and will like to go to his parents in the village so that they can better take care of him there, but there was no money for transport. This looked very genuine and now became my responsibility to assist him, So I asked how much, which he said 2500Francs CFA. I gave him the money and as he was getting up to leave, I left. A week latter, at another point of the street, I still saw this very man in the same sympathetic position, and the very book besides him, so I moved closer and ordered him to get up, which he did, and before I could start talking to him, he was already going away. Brethren, every scripture the bible says, is for our instruction. If I had spiritually understood what the scripture of Joshua was teaching , I would have first inwardly prayed for discernment from the Lord, before acting. But I saw with my eyes, heard, then wasted the Lord’s money to a lazy crook. From that day, I became very conscious of first turning to the Lord, in face of every presented situation. We must never act by just what we hear and see, but always turn to the LORD to ask for guidance. It is not because some one presents to us a picture of a seemingly sick person, be it on the internet, or physically, and tells us some seductive lies, that we should just believe and heed to, without turning to the Lord. We are to walk by the Spirit in every situation, and not by sight, without which, the devil will use our carnal emotional sympathetic feelings, to deal with us. Scamming is a devilish spirit, and so knows very well how to disguise and trick people. A scammer in the midst of believers, will disguise like one, and struggle to speak their language. Many of you like my self, must have received pretentious love letter with pictures of ladies, claiming to love us, and requesting to have our own pictures! The pictures these scammers present to us are photos of others they seduced to collect. So if you have once given out your pictures to these crooks, don’t be suppressed to find it one day: - On a site presented as someone suffering from serious cancer and doctors have decreed your death soon, and so you want to share your wealth before you die, or - In trouble needing assistance, or - Requesting for love , or - A manager of a company recruiting workers, or - A philanthropist or widow giving aid to the poor , or - A destitute orphan etc ! So if we are moving spiritually and not by sight, the Holy Spirit will dictate the true from the false, as we turn to Him. I know of a brother in the Lord who was emptied some millions of his years earnings, by these crooks. Quite often after allowing ourselves to dubbed, we satisfy our conscience by saying that ‘God will punish them!’, as if we had turned to him for verifications, before dealing with them. Yes, God may punish them, but we disobeyed Him by emotionally acting on our own without turning to enquire from Him. There are brethren who are indeed venerable to being easily dubbed, so I believe it is our responsibility before God , to watch and alert. We all know that, a man who leads a blind man astray, is not spared by the Lord. Therefore, our brethren moving to fall into a hole is considered as blind, and we must alert him of the hole before him, so that he doesn’t fall into it. That said, let’s settle on this fundamental topic of the day. Bible says : “ The human heart is the most deceitful of all things and desperately wicked: Who can know it? I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doing” Jeremiah 17:9-10. It is because of this human nature that the Lord says: -“ Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” Matthew 5:8 - “And may your spirit and soul, and body be kept HOLY and BLAMELESS on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” 1st Corinthians 5:23. Brethren, do you believe in this exigency of the LORD as I do? Do you believe that only those who are PURE in HEART, will escape the coming wrath of God as the bible say? How is your heart? We should not just say that we have been saved by grace in Jesus! Yes, now that we have believed in the Lord Jesus and therefore saved by grace in Jesus, the fundamental question now is: Is our heart pure? These scriptures are addressed particularly to those who have gone through the right way of becoming a Christian(Read our prayer Number 19). Have you and me who have been born again, attain this level of spiritual maturity? If at this present moment that you are reading this exhortations, the Lord happens to come, will He take you along with him, or you will be abandoned to face His full wrath? A brethren asked this question: Why does the bible talk of TWO SALVATION as these two texts seem to reveal?: 1) “In the same manner Christ also was offered in sacrifice once to take away the SINS of many. He will appear the second time, not deal with SIN, but to SAVE those who are waiting for him” Hebrew 9:27 2) “This fills us with a living hope, and so we look forward to possessing the rich blessings that God keeps for his people. He keeps them for you in heaven, where they cannot decay or spoil or fade away. They are for you, who through faith are kept safe by God’s power for SALVATION which is ready to be revealed at the end of Time” 1st Peter 1:3-5. Does this mean that when we confess and repent from our sins and accept Christ, are we not already for ever SAVED? This question is very challenging to many of us, but let us scan through the thoughts of the author of the scripture- the Holy Spirit, to understand his use of this word SALVATION. SALVATION in the bible, is revealed in TWO DIMENSIONS: THE FIRST DIMENSION: In the first dimension, we are saved from Satan’s plat form of sinful destruction. Sins gives us into the hands of satan and his demons , to dominate and make us his slaves for hell. On this plate form we obey him, even against our wish. He has complete control over us and uses us to violet the laws of God, at his whims and caprices. The first step of SALVATION is transferring us from this domain or platform where we obey him even against our will, through confession and repentance from sins(Act 2:38), and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, unto that of Jesus to be able to refuse obeying him, and obey God through the Power of the holy Spirit. On this base now, through Jesus Christ (by the power of the Holy Spirit), we are able to disobey Satan and his demons and dominate them in the name of Jesus. By grace in the Lord Jesus, we overcome the power of sins reigning over us. We are now on the battle field and must do everything possible in collaboration with the Lord , to dominate Satan and sins, and keep obeying God for the SECOND AND FINAL SALVATION talk of in Hebrew 9:27, 1st Peter 1:5. Which therefore means that if Satan fails to stop us from the first phase, he will go to the second phase to continue the battle there. Therefore comes the exhortations: -“Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation” Philippians 2:12 -“ If your hand or your foot makes you sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is better for you to enter life without a hand or a foot than to keep both feet and be thrown into eternal fire......” Matthew 18:8-9. -“ Blessed are those who wash their robes clean and so have the right to eat the fruit from the tree of life and to go through the gates into the city” Revelation 22:14. -“ And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake, will .........and WILL BE GIVEN ETERNAL LIFE” Matthew 19:29-30. - “ Be like new-born babies always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk so that by drinking it you GROW and be SAVED” 1st peter 2:2. -“ You have not resisted sins to the point of shading your blood” Therefore, the second phase is the crucial one on the plate form of Christ to collaborate with the Holy Spirit for out heart’s circumcision and transformation, as to be pure to meet God( Happy are the pure in heart, for they shall see God). We are appealing to brethren, to re-visit our debate topic on circumcision of idols from the heart. Because of the importance of this topic, we are placing it as our top debate message again! So you can better read again as you read through this prayer page. THE SECOND PHASE OF SALVATION. Therefore, the second phase of salvation comes in, involving only those who have rightly gone through the first phase. They are those who go victoriously through the transformation process from the old creation to the new, and finally leave this terrestrial tent to be with the Lord, and finally SAVED from the earth where they were still under Satan’s temptations. Now, taken away from the earth to be with the Lord, they are completely SAVED from any influence of sins, or temptations from any where what so ever. Therefore, comes words like: - “ .....He will appear a SECOND TIME, not to deal with Sin, but SAVE, those who are waiting for him” Hebrew 9:27 - “ They are for you,..............God’s power of SALVATION, which is ready to be REVEALED AT THE END OF TIME” 1st Peter 1:5. This thus implies that, every believer now in Christ who has gone through the first phase of salvation, must make sure to in collaboration with the Lord, work to complete his salvation(Philippians 2:12), which is the second phase. Ananias and Sapphira , Judas, failed in the second phase as they didn’t complete their salvation, and thus ended in hell. The fundamental text that should leave no doubt to us of someone having the first Phase of salvation but losing the second is that of sins unto death: - If you see your brother commit a sin that does not lead to death, you should pray to God, who will give him life. This applies to those whose sin do not lead to death. But there is sin which leads to death, and I do not say that you should pray to God about that. A wrongdoing is sin but there is sin which does not lead to death” 1st John 5:16-17. - “ For how can those who abandoned their faith be brought back to repent again? They were once in God’s light; they tested heaven’s gift and received their share of the Holy Spirit; they knew from experience that God’s word is good, and they had felt the powers of the coming age. And then, they abandoned their faith! It is impossible to bring them back to REPENT AGAIN, because they are again crucifying the Son of God and exposing him to public shame” Hebrews 6:4-6. - Luke 13:6-9, Matthew 25 These texts are applicable to believers who have engaged in the first phase of salvation, and not unbelievers. It is just like the people of Israel who went through the first phase of being saved from slavery in Egypt ( Egypt to us today represent the world of sins). They were going to Canaan which was land for their complete physical salvation (today represented by eternity with the Lord). But on the way in the desert(which to us today represent difficulties or trials with the devil to obey God), many disobeyed and died without entering Canaan . Only some succeeded to enter their final land of salvation from slavery in Egypt , Canaan . Brethren, until we take time before the Lord, to cry out for him to expose it’s deceitful wickedness, so that we can collaborate with him for circumcision, we will be self deceived to think that our heart is pure. Yes, our hearts are deceitful and wicked: - We say to some one ‘God bless you’, while in our heart, doubting and suspecting him - A brethren is presenting a financial need to us that we find sincere, but say we have nothing, whereas there is, and tell him 'God bless you'. - Some one comes to us lowly dressed, we look at his attire from head to toe, and pay him casual attention, whereas another sumptously dressed, we give him all the attention and even bow to greet him. - We see a brethren nearly working bear footed, or naked, or lack food to eat, while we have and can help, but close our eyes and tell him ' God bless you' ! - We read the word and know very well what God wants us to do, but skip over it because it rivals with the doctrines of our religious system , and confess how we love God and God loves us. - We know very well the type of descent attire the lord want us to put on for his glory, but we throw it to the pigs because it goes against our worldly test, and confess how we love Jesus and are saved by grace in him! - We read the bible and select just those things that pleases us and we find our interest in them and hang on , while the others that seems to displease us, we throw to the pigs and keep confessing how we are saved only by grace in Jesus! - We pretend to talk well of someone in his presence, but immediately he turns his back, we say all sort of evil about him. - We pretend to be comfortably exhorting one another in Christ, and calling each other brother, but the day he says something that goes contrary to our thoughts, we throw him to the pigs and stop communication! -We pretend to say we love our wive or husband and so long as all keeps going well, the love looks very hot, but the day one mistakenly tramples on the toes of another, he/she vomits all his bile as if they have never known each other! -We are discussing and laughing with someone, but immediately one mistakenly alters an unwanted word, our laughter turns to violence and we are hardly identified again ! - We tell somebody, we are coming, knowing very well in our hearts that we will not come. - A person helps us to lend us something, but when the time comes to give it back, it becomes a talk of war. - We helped someone in need, and when there is a small misunderstanding between us , we let everyone to know that if not of us, that one wouldn't have been surviving ! - Someone wrongs us, instead of just limiting our selve to what went wrong for correction, but we now get into history and start recounting all the wrongs he has ever done us. - We hurt someone, and instead of saying sorry, and putting things right, we start justifying and quoting how he had equally hurt us some times ago! - We confess how we are all brethren in Christ without barriers, but when it comes to marriage, because of his white or black color, we consider that one an outcast! Yes, the list is very long and we know it! Yes, the heart of a man is deceitful and terribly wicked! The circumcision of our hearts from idols, is all about collaborating with the holy Spirit to purge it off from this deceitful and wicked nature so that we may have a pure heart qualifying us to see God. This is the twisted nature of the devil called the old creation, and does not change over night by our simply confession and repentance from sins. It is a process undertaken in us by the holy Spirit, as we turn to the Lord. Let each one of us pray this prayers for ourselves as individuals. PRAYERS:: - Heavenly father, I confess the truth that my hearts is deceitful and terribly wicked! - May you spiritually open my mind to the understanding and acceptance of the truth as you have declared that, 'only the pure in heart shall see you', so that I will be conscious to take you serious and start collaborating with you, for a pure heart! - I pray that you turn my attention to be sensitive towards every attitude of my heart, that I may be more conscious of it's evil ways. - May I not be self deceived with some empty religious words of salvation by grace, while keeping an impure heart, which will disqualify me from seeing you! - Examine me and test me, LORD; judge my desires and thoughts (Psalms 26:2), so that my heart may be exposed to the light. - “ Gold and silver are tested by fire, and a person’s heart is tested by the Lord(Proverb 17:3), test my heart Lord, that all it's hidden evil may be exposed so that I can collaborate with your Holy Spirit for it's circumcision! - Examine me, O God and know my thoughts. Find out if there is any evil in me and guide me in the everlasting way(psalms 139:23) to complete my salvation and be with your eternally! Let's continue to pray as the Spirit leads us. Open Debate topic N° 17: Circumcision of Heart from Idols is the Mark of God's People and not mere Christianity! NB: Please, the Open debate N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage?, seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. So you can visit our blog for it.

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LORD, great are your gifts for us and it is our inability to thank for them. I am praying every day for my enemies, knowing what good things You do to the righteous. Help and keep me apart from this ordeal, which pursuits every step of mine! Someone satanic stares at me, unsatisfied with my successes. Keep me safe and enlighten me to choose the best way to reach Your Kindness and Mercy!

Ezra Sep 13, 2010 4 Comments

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: The LORD says “MY PEOPLE ARE PERISHING FOR LACK KNOWLEDGE”! And : “If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples, and YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE” John 8:31-32. Brethren , when I was growing up, we used to make status or what we call SCARECROWS, to drive away birds from my mother’s farm, during the planting season when maize just began germinating after the first rains. Since these SCARECROWS, couldn’t walk nor talk, we had to at times, tie some noise making objects on it so that the blowing wind can blow them against each other to produce some noise, to seem as if it were the status acting. It is true that, these Scarecrows frightened away the very foolish birds, while the intelligent ones knew that it was just a status built to frightened them, and so fed in the farm to their full , then excreted on the SCARECROWS and flew away! Brethren if we are honest to our selves and to God, we will acknowledge the truth that Satan has successfully in his manipulative tricks, disguise to use us in molding with sand and cement or carving with wood , some ‘Mary’ and ‘Jesus’ SCARECROWS, that he uses to deceive those of us who have lost our minds to reason that these scarecrows, are not different from those we make to frighten birds away from our farms. The LORD can’t puts into our hands the most sophisticated jet bomber “ IN THE NAME OF JESUS”, to be obtained through the born again process (see prayer of Aug 30, 2010 ), that we may use it to crumble down the kingdom of Satan in our lives , and those of others , and build that of the God, but we foolishly give it away for scarecrows. Yes brethren, because of our failure to WATCH, the devil has successfully in his disguised manipulative tricks, derail us from the right born again process as to get the jet bomber, uses us to produce his SCARECROWS of: Mary and Jesus status and pictures, crosses, candles, incense, holy salt, holy water, holy perfumes, Rosaries, “saints”, etc…, which he uses to escape the jet bomber. When he has thus intelligently escape the bomber in this way and pocket us , of what use then are we to God? The bible says: - “ Today, I give you authority over nations and kingdoms to UPROOT and PULL DOWN, to DESTROY and to OVERTHROW, to build and to plant” Jeremiah 1:10. -“ The Seventy-two men came back in great joy “LORD” they say, “even the demons obeyed us when we gave them the command in YOUR NAME!”, Jesus answered them, “ I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Listen! I have GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY, so that you can WALK on SNAKES and SCORPIONS and OVERCOME ALL the POWER of the ENEMY and NOTHING will HURT you” Luke 10:17-19. Brethren, there are two powers in the Universe: -The power of God which is unlimited, and -The Power of Satan which is very limited. We can see the illustration of this in Exodus 7, 8,9,10,11. Satan and his demons are fallen angels still keeping the powers that God endowed in them. In one of this text the bible says:” So Moses and Aaron threw his stick down in front of the king and his officers, and it turned into snack. Then the king called for his wise men and magicians, and by their MAGIC they did the same thing. They threw down their sticks, and the sticks turned into snakes. But Aaron’s STICK SWALLOWED THEIRS” Exodus 7:10-12. So the magicians ended with no sticks! This is the limited powers of the devil in face of God’s power. The power of Satan is manifested in SIN, and magic which is often disguised behind these SCARECROWS which are just like the sticks of the magicians, that are useless before the power of God. We must understand that the fallen sinful man has been so separated from God that, any manifesting powers of Satan through his scarecrows seems to be so great to him that, he mistakes it to be the power of God. When Satan and his demons disguises on these scarecrows of images and status of ‘Mary’ and ‘Jesus’ that he has conceived to manipulate and deceive man unto perdition, to speak, making as if it was the molded sand and cement or carved piece of wood speaking, or appear some where using these images, the fallen ignorant man is astonished and overtaken. We then run behind, believing it to be the real Mary and Jesus, and begin to worship and adore them, to keep the counterfeit ”Christian” religious system on going in it’s disguise mission of keeping souls in spiritual blindness twice fit to be throne into hell. There are many faithful lovers of the Lord blindfolded in this mess whom we believe God will open their eyes and pull them out. Satan being very intelligence, knows that human beings are normally emotional, and so produces a SCARECROW of a crucified “Jesus”, with thorns pieced in the head and blood flowing down, as a trap to easily get seduce it’s victims. This emotion stirring crucified “Jesus”, a handsome “Jesus” with a ‘heart’ or rose flower on the chest, open doors into our SUBCONSCIOUS mind for Satan and his demons to easily penetrate, and enthrone their governance in our lives in one way or the other, as we emotionally flow towards them in consideration that they are the real pictures of Jesus. Equally with that of Mary! These images spiritually plays on our inward establishment of real spiritual interaction with the real Jesus who is a Spirit, that comes to dwell in us as we repentant from our sins, and must only be worshiped in spirit and in truth, without the use of any object whatsoever. To this the bible says: “ But the time is coming and is already here , when by the power of God’s Spirit people will worship the Father as he really is, offering him the TRUE worship that He WANTS. God is Spirit, and ONLY by the power of His Spirit can people worship him as he really is” John 4:23-24. You can’t bow down before the so called image of ‘Jesus’, and ‘Mary’ and bow down to Jesus at the same time. The brethren are challenging any one of us who thinks otherwise, with the sum of $1000, to quote just one text in the bible where the Apostles after Jesus Christ, made status and images of Mary and Jesus, and where worshipping it! Or made crosses with or without a crucified Jesus and were carrying on their necks, fingers, etc. Or Rosaries that they were using to pray through Mary. Or the burning of incenses and lighting of candles in worship sessions and prayers. Or praying God through the intermediary of ‘saints’ Etc. And if we can’t just quote only one biblical text proving that these practices were carried out in the new testament, then the devil has successfully disguised to bring the accomplishment of this text in our lives: “I warn everyone who hears the word of prophecy of this book: if any one ADDS to them, God will ADD to him the PLAGUES described in this book, and if any one TAKES away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will TAKE AWAY HIS SHARE IN THE TREE OF LIFE and in the HOLY CITY, Which are described in this book” Revelation 22:17-19. Can we now do something about this, before it becomes too late for us to do anything ? If as the bible says: “ But God has now brought you to life with Christ. God forgave us all our sins; he cancelled it binding rules and did away with it completely by nailing it to the cross” Colossians 2:13-14! Are we expected to flee away from this cross, which is a symbol of where our sins and curses were abandoned, or go to carry them back on our selves? These are some of the devil’s manipulative disguises that God warned us to watch! We are supposed to imagine but the terrible pains as the bible illustrates because everyone of us knows how painful it is, when any sharp object pierces us, and then not to talk of sharp long nails, hammered through his palms and feet, on the cross because of our sins and then flee away from sins. This, rather than carry pieces of metal on us and be consciously sinning! Many of us while busy stealing, committing sexual immorality, homosexuality, pedophile etc, have these scarecrows on us! They can’t even just frighten these sins away because they are just pieces of metals and wood. Will a man normally flee away from a knife that was used to kill one of his beloved, or will go to carry and worship it? Do we see the extend to which Satan and his demons are making a fool of use? Are you now as an intelligent lover of the Lord, to gather all these Satan’s scarecrows and excrete on them just like the intelligent birds will do on those put in our farms to scare them away? Or we still want to be the foolish and ignorant ones to still be worshipping and counting on them for our protection and good luck as dogmas of our religious system? And if you have any of these scarecrow that you might have ordered from India, lodges, secret cults or where ever that you are afraid of like : rings, chains, bangles, books, carpets, belts, mirrors, watch, cross etc! Or Aquarium representing ocean in your house where your demon call “mammy water” disguise in fish or any other water creature lives to prosper you! Or a special plant representing a demon that you have planted etc, please contact us and we will know how to handle and destroy it. That said, so when they seduce us through many manipulative lies that their servant tell us like “ We are not worshiping them but just to remember them”, to disobey the word of God, they(Satan and his demons) are the very first to stand on this our disobedience before God, to say : “God, your word says thou shall not make graven images to represent anything that is in heave, but look at what these your people are doing, we have the right to punish them just as you have punished us for disobeying you! For now, they belong to us!” Yes, because they have successfully disguise to seduce us disobey the command of God that says: “ Do not make for yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth…..Do not bow down to worship them because I tolerate no rivals . I bring punishment on….”Exodus 20:1-6,they now have authority over us. For was there a camera to film Jesus on the cross, or a handsome Jesus praying or with a rose flow on his chest? No!!! Satan has produce them to seduce man into his trap and has succeeded. And since God can not disobey his word, he will allow us under their power, but through his mercy and patience, he may give them limit not to destroy us, as he did to Job. But if finally God’s patients runs out of hand, as he patiently waits to no avail for us to repent, he may allow them to destroy us finally and we will end in hell. So we should not mistake his mercy and patience now, for rightness with our counterfeit “Christian” practices! When we are returning back into the bosom of God through Christ in the born again process, we repent for having given into these scarecrows because it is idolatry . And to this sin the lord says: “But as for the cowardly, ……IDOLATERS….ALL LIARS…, the place for them is the lake burning with fire and sulphur which is the second death” Revelation 21:8. A coward equally is that one who knows that this is what the bible says, but cowardly prefer to submit to the dogmas of his religious system for fear of what his family, friends etc of that religious system will say. He is equally a liar because he knows very well that what he is doing in the name of Jesus, was not done by Jesus nor any of his followers, as thus is lying as he can not quote just a single biblical text commanding such practices. You see brethren, the bible says: “ Jesus went through towns and villages, teaching the people and making his way towards Jerusalem. Someone asked him, “Sir, will just a few people be saved? Jesus answered them, DO YOUR BEST TO GO IN THROUGH THE NARROW DOOR; BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE WILL SURELY TRY TO GO IN BUT WILL NOT BE ABLE” Luke 13:22-24. Jesus didn’t tell them: Don’t worry because you are saved by grace in me! Or the greatest commandment is Love! But he gave them the conditions which was “DO YOUR BEST TO GO IN THROUGH THE NARROW DOOR”. And to this he adds : “ And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, CUT IT OFF AND THROW IT AWAY; it is better for you to enter life maimed or lame than with two hands or two feet to be THROWN INTO THE ETERNAL FIRE. And if your, eye causes you to sin, PLUCK IT OUT AND THROW IT AWAY; it is better for you to enter life with one eye than with TWO EYES TO BE THROWN INTO THE HELL FIRE” Matthew 18:!8-9. This therefore simply means that, we must be very radical against any thing, including scarecrows of our religious systems, that may stand against our way of salvation. All these satanic scarecrows started with the founding of counterfeit “Christianity “ by the Roman Emperor Constantine from 313AD as we must have read on our blog debate topic N°6. One occult told me, in the invisible world of darkness, where they go through occult means, there is a garden with someone nailed on the cross just exactly like the Scarecrow “Jesus” we see around, with thorns on the head and fresh blood dripping! He added that it was the evil spirit behind that occult “Jesus”, in charge of all those given to this Scarecrow “Jesus” we see around in status and images! Immediately we are given to those images and status, we fall under the power of that demon who begins to manipulate our lives as he wants and even unto death. Please, before we continue, we exhort every true child of God who has rightly gone through the biblical born again process(as explained in our prayer Aug 30, 2010…), but not well taught on these Satan’s disguises, to get rid of all the crosses or images of so called “Jesus” in our keeping. You keep Satan’s things and open a way for his manipulations and afflictions in your live, then you turn and begin to cry for other to payer for you. So, while we ignorantly carry these “Mary” and “Jesus” scarecrows on our necks, fingers, pest some on our walls, door post, bow down to worship others! Light candles, burn incense, pray to saints, count rosaries, spraying holy water, perfumes and salt etc, Satan and his demons manipulatively passes through them(since it is disobedience of God’s word), to afflict us with: sickness, accidents, multiple precipitated deaths, poverty, failures, diseases, witchcraft, worries, misfortunes, stealing, drunkenness, homosexuality, pedophile, sexual immorality, incest, murders, bribery and corruption, drug addiction, bitterness, occultism, etc… Brethren, all these things that we practice under the banner of “Christianism”, is pure occultism. Please just get into any shop of those selling materials for occultism and witchcraft practices(in African countries, you find them mostly in the Hausa quarters where you have Moslems), and you will find: Rosaries with “Jesus on the cross”, Images and Status of “Mary” and “Jesus”, all sorts of holy magical perfumes with images of the so called “Jesus” on the cross with thorns on the head, a ‘heart’ or rose flower on the chest, holy incenses and candles of all types, holy charms with this ‘Mary’ and ‘Jesus’ images on them etc.. When you read the annex page of MY VISION OF HELL on my profile page, I made mention of two unclean spirits, with one in the form of this ‘holy Mary’ carrying a ROSARY in the hand, and the other in the Islamic sultan carrying the ROSTRUM. In this vision, I was told these two unclean spirits manipulate multitudes of souls for hell. It was only after then that I really noticed the spiritual similarity of the Roman Catholic Rosaries and Moslem Rostrum, to be able to better understand Satan’s disguises. I will be a coward before God to end in hell, and the most wicked man who ever existed, for the Lord to reveal these things to me that I may keep his people inform, but I cowardly failed to. For has the LORD my God not told me: “ So do not be AFRAID of people. WHATEVER IS NOW COVERED UP WILL BE UNCOVERED, AND EVERY SECRET WILL BE MADE KNOWN. WHAT I AM TELLING YOU IN THE DARK YOU MUST REPEAT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, AND WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD IN PRIVATE YOU MUST ANNOUNCE FROM THE HOUSETOPS. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THOSE WHO KILL THE BODY BUT CANNOT KILL THE SOUL; RATHER BE AFRAID OF GOD, WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH BODY AND SOUL IN HELL” Matthew 10:26-30 Satan and his demons disguised behind these scarecrows, manifest some fake deceitful powers of deliverance, healing, protection, good luck, success, etc, aimed at deceiving it’s ignorant but sincere captives to believe that they were from the true God and so count on them. They keep tormenting and manipulating them in one way or the other via these scarecrows, to maintain them in captivity until hell. The demons themselves will try to afflict their victims in one way or the other(sickness, poverty, accidents, night oppression, joblessness, financial loses, etc), then influence them to use some of these scarecrows that they act through, for some good result from time to time, and so keep them bound to believing in them. Else how can we in our right senses believe in a piece of wood, metal, holy perfumes candles, rings etc for health, deliverance, protection etc, if there are not demons acting behind? Brethren, I’m someone who has suffered through all these demonic manipulations in the hands of witch doctors, and so know what I’m saying better. Their scarecrows and those of counterfeit “Christianity”, are one and the same thing. And this is reasons for the name: GREAT BABYLON- THE WOMAN PROSTITUTE AND PERVERT OF THE WORLD IN WHOM EVERY TYPE OF HATEFUL AND FILTY THINGS ARE FOUND (Revelation 17,18). To mix Jesus and all these scarecrows in the name of “Christianity”, is terrible witchcraft. The true worshippers of God, must worship him in truth and spirit(John 4:23). It is very, very painful at heart, to see precious human beings that God made for himself been foolishly enslaved and misused by Satan and his demons as we are! Oh God! May you in your mercy and pity for the sake of the blood of your dear son king Jesus, open our minds to understand and our spiritual eyes to see! It is written: “One of the Israelite took a Midianite woman into his tent in the sight of Moses and the whole community, while they were mourning at the entrance of the Tent of the LORD’S presence. When Phinehas, the son of Eleazer and grandson of Aaron the priest, saw this, he got up and left the assembly. He took a spear, followed the man and the woman into the tent, and drove the spear through both of them. In this way the epidemic that was destroying Israel was stopped….The lord said to Moses, “ Because of what Phinehas has done , I am no longer angry……He REFUSE TO TOLERATE THE WORSHIP OF ANY GOD BUT ME,…..So tell him that I am making a covenant with him that is valid for all time to come. He and his descendants are permanently established as priest, because he DID NOT TOLERATE ANY RIVAL TO ME AND BRING FORGIVENESS FOR THE PEOPLE’S SIN” Numbers 25:6-13. Are we now like Phinehas, to be JEALOUS OF OUR GOD’S HOLINESS, arise and take our SPEAR OF PRAYERS AND FASTING, and pierce it through Satan and his demons, RIVALING our God with SCARECROWS worshipping by his people through counterfeit” Christianity” ? Can we now do this so that the LORD may say of us as he said of Phinehas: “he and his descendants are permanently established as priest, because he did not tolerate any rival to me and bring forgiveness for the people’s sin”. Brethren, we want to exhort that before any one really begins to pray the prayers of authority against the devil, he must be sure to have rightly gone through the born again process! Then equally, we make sure to do away with all Satan’s scarecrows in our keeping, else our prayers be useless. We can’t be keeping Satan’s things, then pretend to fight and defeat him. We will just be making the noise “in the name of Jesus”, in his pocket. Also , to better intercede for someone, you must identify your self with him. You take his place, and cry before God, for him. We can’t successfully intercede for some one, while distancing ourselves from him. It will not work. For Jesus to save us, he had to identify himself with us by taking our sinful nature. Please, have we made an effort to lay hands on this book: “Imminent End of the world” By Br. Ezra, that we may better be well nourished . It is a book of 346pages , and so there is so much inside to tape from.- You can easily contact one of the largest world Book dealers: by typing in Google: Barnes&noble.com. for a give away copy. It is around N°7 on the rank! Just click on it for a copy, or you check in Google for the nearest selling place around you). PRAYERS: - Heavenly father, we confess that through our counterfeit “ Christianity”, we have been committing the sin of idolatry against your commandment , and therefore fit to be thrown in the lake of fire! - We beg for forgiveness and pray that you open the spiritual eyes of your people to see these scarecrows as other gods rivaling you! - May you open our minds to understand that these scarecrows that Satan has disguisedly manipulate us to worship, are not different from those we put in our farms to scare away birds from eating plants! - Father, we pray that you release upon the heart of your people, your hatred for these scarecrows, and possess it with the jealousy of your holiness! - In the name of Jesus, we came against the demonic spirits of status and images, manipulating and keeping people blind in the worship of idols! -We break your bonds of deceits over their hearts, and tear down your veils of spiritual blindness! May the scales fall off from their eyes, that they may begin to see your hatred of these scarecrows! -Lying demons of counterfeit ‘Mary’ and ‘Jesus’, in the name of Jesus Christ, we overthrow your illegal grip over souls of all those you manipulate in the worship of status and images! - Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we came against all the demonic spirits operating behind scarecrows of: crosses, rosaries, candles, prayer to ‘saints’, holy water, holy salt, holy perfumes, rings and all the others, to manipulate the lives of people! We Paralyse you and render you powerless, release your captive, and set them free so that they may know God in the right way and begin to serve him mightily. - We release the consuming destructive fire of sulphur and brime stone from the throne of the Most High God, upon all your basis of operation, Consume , paralyse and render you powerless! Release souls and set them free to know the Lord in the right way and begin to please His heart in all that they do! In the name of Jesus Christ! -In the name of Jesus Christ, may the victorious salvation blood of Jesus , conquer you-Satan and your demons, and transfer souls of your victims from the kingdom of darkness, into the kingdom of light for eternity with the Lord! We may then continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead us…. Open debate N°7: How did the operational force of SIN began in LUCIFER , then to MAN, and what is the spiritual significance of WATER IMMERSION(Baptism) in man’s REDEMPTION process from operational force called SIN? EQUALLY: Because of the necessity to be informed on many things concerning Christian religious history that we are ignorant of, and so easily fall in the disguised manipulative tricks of the devil, we think this debate topic is timely and welcoming! Open date N° 6: How did Satan successfully disguised in using the Roman Emperor Constantine to initiate and established a counterfeit” Christianity” since 313AD? (Visit my blog for what authentic historical records and divine inspiration says, after a week). NB: Please, the Open debate N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage?, seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. So you can visit our blog for it.

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From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: Brethren, do you believe with us that God our Father in heaven can’t lie? If yes, then let us all arise and heed to his command for us to: “Ask of me, and I will make the nations(souls) your heritage, and the ends of the earth(souls)your possession” Psalms 2:8. We must ask for souls from the extremity of the earth: N-S, and W-E, to be given to us as heritage, to be authentically BORN AGAIN, from counterfeit “Christianity”, and other death religious systems, into the kingdom of God, in the right way. Brethren, have you ever walked barefooted? I have, and when I happened to hit my toe(s), against a stone or any object, the first reflex to the generalized pains over the whole body, is the hand that rushes down and the fingers holding the toe(s) to assist. It holds the spot and tries to press, rub probably with intentions of sharing the pains and calming it. It is a member of the body that has been touched, and he as a member of that body, is automatically involved. So it can’t stay aloof! Then the eyes follow to evaluate the damages caused. You see brethren, when the Lord uses the physical biological human body and it’s parts to illustrate believers as members of one body in Christ, it is fundamental. The fundamental question to ask again is: Are you a member of the body of Christ automatically loyal, as a reflex to the word that governs the entire body of Christ, or to the dogmas of your religious system? If we are not quick in reflex to heed to the word of God even after conviction, but to defending the dogmas of our religious system, then we are members of our religious system than members of the body of Christ. And if this is the case, then we exhort you to humbly withdraw before the Lord and examine your self, if you have rightly answered this question before it becomes too late for you to do anything about it : “I am telling you the truth; no one can see the kingdom of God, unless he is born again” John 3:3. Let us go back to the fundamental root cause from where counterfeit” Christianity”, lay hold on souls anxiously desiring to know God through Jesus Christ, and lead them astray , twice fit to be thrown in the lake of fire. The Lord Jesus Christ said: “ You hypocrites ! You lock the door to the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces, and you yourselves don’t go in, nor do you allow in those who are trying to enter…..You sail the seas and cross whole countries to win one convert; and when you succeed, you make him twice as deserving of going to hell as you are” Matthew 23:16-15. Brethren, how were you BORN AGAIN into the kingdom of God as to be called a Christian? Was it: -Through family inheritance of belonging to a particular religious system talking about Jesus Christ as the son of God? -Through some moral education on Christianity? -Through a theological school as your secular job? Biblically, it is clear that we are not physically born as children of God, but sinful creatures in the twisted nature of the devil. To this, the bible says: “ But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God; who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God” John 1:12-13. So we become children of God or Christians through a process which the Lord Jesus Christ told Nicodemus “BORN AGAIN”. -Are you that one believed to be a “Christian” through your religious system, but consciously living in sins?: .You lie, steal, cheat, etc .You carry out bribery and corruption. .Drunkenness, drug addiction, cigarette smoking etc, is your favorite. .You have your boy(s) or girl(s) friend that you sex with . .You are married, but have men or women doted here and there, with whom you practice illegal sex with. .You practice homosexuality and lesbianism. .You practice anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness, violence, hatred, segregation, gluttony, tattooing, abortions, horoscopes, greediness. Pride, love of money, Etc….. .You are not married but practice family planning through use of pills. .Worshiping status that you call images of Jesus or Mary, etc (Exodus 20:4-5). Etc……. -Are you that one practicing one or all of these sins, and say no one can be perfect! Or perfection is only in heaven! Or we are saved by grace in Jesus! Or there is purgatory to wash us clean after death and qualify us for heaven? Or God is so good and has promised not to destroy the world again? -Are you that one taught by your religious system that there are small and big sins, and so you can commit only the small sins and not the big ones like killing somebody? -Are you that one struggling in your religious system to be morally good and doing some good works of charity, but with an uncircumcised heart, hopping that God will pity you on the basis of your good works and save you from going to the lake of fire? Etc….. To all these the bible says plainly: “ Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters(images and status of so called: Jesus, Mary, etc), nor adulterers, nor sexual perverts, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers WILL INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD” 1st Corinthians 6:9-10. So, are you a so called Christian- sinner? Then the lake of fire is waiting for you if you don’t repent, no matter how serious or the post you are occupying in your religious system. Do you want to come out of counterfeit “ Christianity” as the Lord has commanded: “ Then I heard another voice from heaven, saying “ COME OUT, my people! Come out from her! You must not take part in her sins; you must not share in her punishment! For her Sins are piled up as high as heaven, and God remember her wicked ways” Revelation 18: 4-5 ? If we are honest before God and man that we are not adepts to dogmas of counterfeit “Christian” religious systems, but to the word of God, let us put religious dogmas aside, pick up our bibles and follow step by step as it is written in the bible, the right way of becoming a Christian through the born again process(John 3:3). The bible says: “ This book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but YOU shall MEDITATE on it DAY and NIGHT, that you may be careful to do according to ALL that is WRITTEN in it, for then you shall make your way PROSPEROUS, and then you shall have GOOD SUCCESS. Joshua 1:8. In this text, God says “YOU”, and not your religious system. No religious system will defend us before the judgment throne of God. When we are crushed on our sick beds, we say: Oh God!!!! And not oh, my religious system! But when it comes to obeying God’s word, we say oh, my religious system. We are indeed hypocrites! Step 1: WHAT IS BORN AGAIN? “BORN AGAIN”, is that life of God THAT Adam and Eve lived before sinning, that we have to receive anew. Therefore to be “born again” is to receive anew the life of God, imparted upon a sincere repentant sinner by the holy Spirit that comes to indwell the heart as was in the beginning, and begin to transform him from within, from the old fallen sinful creature, to a new sinless creation in Christ Jesus. Thus the saying: “ Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold the new has come” 2nd Corinthians 5:17. Therefore, to become a new creation, the Holy Spirit must come back into our hearts , to carry out the works of transformation which we call “Circumcision”. Therefore, without the indwelling Holy Spirit, it is impossible to become “a new creation born again”. This is why the Lord talks of : “ Born of water and the Holy Spirit” John 3:6. So, to be born again is not a modification of life, but profound transformation of life. In our very common understanding, “again” means something that has been before, but is not, that has to come again. So if we say we are “born again”, but still consciously living in sins, then the question to be asked is: Was ADAM and EVE living a sinful life before the fall? Certainly not! Then how can we say we are born again to the pre-state of pure Adam and Eve before sin, but still consciously practicing sins? Step 2: HOW IS ONE BORN AGAIN OF WATER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT? Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the corner stone of authentic Christianity, when he spoke of being born by water and the spirit, he went ahead to lay the foundation of the new Testament church through water baptism and the Holy Spirit. It is equally true that water also means the word of God, but let us just follow the simple way our Lord Jesus Christ showed us. In a very practical manner, the bible says when the time had come for him to begin his ministry, he went to John the Baptist, to be baptized and John told him the bible says: “ Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to John, to be baptized by him. But John tried to make him change his mind . “ I ought to be baptized by you, John said, and yet you have come to me! But Jesus answered him, let it be so for now . For in this way we shall do all that GOD REQUIRES”. So John agreed. As soon as Jesus was baptized, he CAME UP OUT OF THE WATER, then heaven was opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God coming down like a dove and alighting on him” This is my own dear Son, with whom I am pleased”. Matthew 3:14-17. Yes, he “came up out of the water”! And when ever you and me take this very step of Jesus, the Lord says same of us as his adoptive sons through Jesus. This is one of the fundamental foundational base of new testament Christianity after repentance(Act 2:38), that Satan through counterfeit “Christianity” has in disguise, kept people away from. The fundamental question to be asked is: why did Jesus our supreme example to be followed, not ask John to take some water and sprinkle on his head? After Jesus Christ, the Apostle followed his example:        “ The  official ordered  the carriage  to stop, and both Phillip and the official WENT DOWN INTO THE WATER, and Phillip baptized him. When they CAME UP OUT OF THE WATER,…..”  Act 8:37-39. The spiritual significance of immersion(water baptism), is profound! Since Christ was to physically die in our place for the forgiveness of our sins, GOD TAKES WATER TO BE A GRAVE IN WHICH HE BURIES US IN, AS A SPIRITUAL SIGN OF OUR DEATH TO THE DEATH OF CHRIST FOR OUR SINS, SO THAT WE MAY BE RAISED BACK TO LIVE A NEW LIFE THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. To this the bible says: “ What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were BURIED therefore with him by BAPTISM into his death, so that as Christ was raised from the death by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE.” Romans 6:1-4. This text therefore, is very explicit to the point that, only those who have identified themselves with the death of Christ through water baptism(immersion), died in the bosom of Christ on the cross for their sins. And as such are brought to life, since through Christ, they have already paid the wages of their sins which is death. We all know that by the will of God the bible says: “Indeed, under the Law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” Hebrew 9:22. Water baptism(immersion) therefore is very significant and comes after sincere repentance from sins as the bible illustrates: -“ Repent , and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” Act 2:38. Therefore, the : .1st is Repentance. .2nd is Baptism for the forgiveness of sins. .3rd is receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ gave the command: “ Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole CREATION. He who BELIEVES and is BAPTIZED will be SAVED, but he who does not believe will be condemned.”Mark 16:15-16. Therefore to say we are saved, is he who BELIEVES and is BAPTIZED! Let it therefore, be that, someone happens to be like in the case of the thief on the cross, for the Lord to consider his case otherwise, and not that we believe in the gospel and can be baptized but refused on the basis of some guided philosophical reasoning of the devil. The gospel to be preached is that of repentance from sins and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus: -“From that time Jesus began to preach his message: “Turn away from your sins  because the kingdom of God is near ” Matthew 4:17. -“Turn away from your sins and be baptized and God will forgive your sins” Luke 3:3. WHICH IS THIS GOSPEL OF SINS TO BE PREACHED ? This gospel of repentance from sins to be preached deals with proclaiming what God’s words declares as sins, for the sinner to repent. ( Beginning from the original sin of Adam, we can name the many we commit). Therefore, we are told what sins are, then we repent from them and promise God by baptism that we will never consciously commit them as we used to. That is the meaning of going out into the world to preach the gospel. Therefore, someone must listen to, believe and then be baptized. Reasons why children can not be baptized. SO WHAT IS THE MEANING OF BAPTISM ? The bible says: “ The few people in the boat –eight in all –were saved by water, which was a symbol pointing to baptism , which now saves you. It is not the washing away of bodily dirt, but the PROMISE made to God from a GOOD CONSCIENCE” 1st Peter 3:20-21. If baptism is an engagement of clear conscience before God after repentance from sins, promising God we are dying in Christ to sins and will never consciously commit it, then from were comes the sprinkling of water on the heads of babies in the name of baptism? We therefore see that Satan is not a fool to have initiated and established a counterfeit “Christianity” with the sprinkling of water on the heads of babies and un-repented sinners through the Roman Emperor Constantine from 313AD. The kind of baptism we receive, will greatly influence our baptism in the holy Spirit. This is clearly illustrated in this text: “ While Apollos was travelling in Corinth, Paul travelled through the interior of the province and arrived in Ephesus. There he found some disciples and asked them,“ Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers? “We have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit”, they answered. Well, then, WHAT KIND OF BAPTISM DID YOU RECEIVED?, Paul asked. The baptism of John, they answered . Paul said “ The baptism of John was for those who turned away from their sins; and he told the people of Israel to believe in the one who was coming after him-that is in Jesus. WHEN THEY HEARD THIS, THEY WERE BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS. Paul placed his hands on them, and the Holy Spirit came upon them; they spoke in strange tongues and also proclaimed God’s message. They were about twelve men in all” Act 19:1-8. The devil will always ask many to say as defense:” The bible says there is only one baptism”. Yes, there is only one baptism, which is the right baptism, and not the counterfeit. Paul asked them only one question: What kind of baptism did you received? Meaning therefore that baptism in the Holy Spirit, goes hand in hand with water baptism. That is why even though in some special cases where the Lord first baptized the people with the Holy Spirit, they were immediately water baptized: -“ He sent me so that you might see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit”……He stood up and was baptized; and after he had eaten his strength came back.” Act 9:17. -“While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit came down upon them….So he ordered them to be baptized in the name of Jesus…” Act 10:14-48. -“When they arrived, they prayed for the believers that they might receive the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had only been BAPTIZED in the name of the Lord Jesus” Act 8:14-17. So any authentic servant of the Lord must discern to be sure that those who say they have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, had received the right baptism. And equally find out if they have received baptism in the Holy Spirit, because there will be no use for them carrying a lamp(word of God) without oil(Holy Spirit) to end up in hell(five foolish virgins of Matthew 24). Brethren, we always say that Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the fruit of a tree that He asked them not to. But we are deeply convinced that, if God was to give the very command today, many will say: -How can God crate a nice fruit and say we should not eat? Impossible! -Can a good and loving God, punish someone just because he ate a common fruit? -It is something that comes out of the mouth that render someone impure, and not what goes in! -We are save by grace in Jesus, and not eating fruit? We will disobey just as we are disobeying his same word today, choosing what we find our interest in, and throwing to the pigs those we think are disturbing to us. It is fundamental for us to know that, if God was to step over his word to save man, he would have done so with Adam and Eve. Imagine the multitudes going to hell and who will be in hell when the end comes, just because man disobeyed God in the garden by eating a fruit! Please stop and think again, on your obedience to the word of God. Has he not warn us saying: -”For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it”. For he who said, “Do not commit adultery,” said also do not kill, ..” James 2:10-12. It pains my heart to see the multitudes of wolfs dressed in sheep cloths today, busy sprinkling water on the heads of babies and grown ups in the name of baptism. After all, how can we blame them, since they went to the Theological schools of these counterfeit “Christian” Religious systems as a secular job for their bellies? They too need to be preached the right way of returning back into the bosom of God, through repentance from sins and water baptism(immersion). Yes, because we clearly see how they carry the bible, but practice the traditions of their counterfeit” Christian” religious systems, than what the word of God says. Or can they justify their action with it is written as we are justifying? One told me:“It is the tradition of our church, and because I am of the system, I must obey it”. To this the bible says plainly: “These people says God, honour me with their lips but their heart is really far away from me. It is no use for them to worship me, because they teach man-made rules, as though they were my laws” Matthew 14: 8-9. Brethren, if the bible was enough for everyone to handle it the way he wants, God would not have established ministers to watch over it and make sure the people are nourished in the right way that he wants. That is why He established the various Ministers for the body of Christ saying: “And his gifts were that some should be APOSTLES, some PROPHETS, some EVANGELIST, some PASTORS and TEACHERS, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for the building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to unity of faith and of the knowledge of the son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; so that we man no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the cunning of men, by their craftiness in deceitful wiles. Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by every joint with which it is supplied, WHEN EACH PART IS WORKING PROPERLY, makes bodily growth and upbuilds itself in love” Ephesians 5:11-16. Brethren in the text above, God is not referring to the fake usurpers of titles as we have in “Christianity” today. He means the authentic ones He has appointed that are led by the Holy Spirit in working properly in their assigned sphere according to the perfect will of God. I am working properly in my own part as a teacher, teaching what the Holy Spirit who is the master of the written word(the Holy Scriptures) is teaching me to teach. So I’m not a theologian who became a secular teacher of the word, through the school of theology. The Lord appointed and anointed me for this. Every appointed and anointed part of the body of Christ, to a particular function on the body works properly, according to the word, and not traditions of religious systems. And they loyally submit to one another, operating in their respective sphere of calling. They are not like the counterfeit that the bible says, attack every sound teachings. It is an irony to note an Era of ours with hundred of thousands of “Christian” Theological schools and millions of degree Theologians, should be characterized by apex of sins and it’s legalization’(Homosexuality”. Certainly this type of “Christian” Theology should be a counterfeit and sterile one, incapable of solving the sin problem in the lives of it’s followers. Are you someone who thinks you love the Lord so much, sacrificing much of your time and money in the religious activities of your religious system, but can’t explain why you should still remain a spiritual DWARF for years, tormented by the devil in witchcraft, stealing, lying, sexual immorality, constant sickness and you look for solutions from occults, bribery and corruption, pedophile, homosexuality, lesbianism, drunkenness, polygamy, occultism, bitterness etc..? Then be sure that you are in the wrong place. And as anointed servants of the Lord, we through the warning voice of the Holy Spirit, are warning you that you will end up in the lake of fire, if you don’t obey the command of God now, to come out and seek for the right way. Brethren there is no more time left to waste, the anger of God will soon pour! The skies above the earth are dark with God’s wrath. Are you to flee for your lives? Whether you are a pastor or what, please can you heed to the voice of the last angel flying now and warning people to be ready? Be careful not to be that one to say: Had I known when it will be too late!!!! When I think of Jonathan Ewards, John knox, Watchman nee, John Wesley, John sung, Charles G. Finney etc, tears run down my eyes as to the theologians we have today in the name of servants of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it(2nd Timothy 3:1-5). I will want us to confront the truth that, we are today, just enjoying the sacrificial spiritual investment made by these first men of God, in the bank of heaven. As for our own investments, we can only boast of factional denominational doctrines. It is a shame to us that, the children of darkness are more organized and focus orientated, than us who call ourselves the children of Light. Look at the 30days fasting sacrifice the Moslems invest to empower the spirit of Islam yearly! No doubt their rapid expansion in the world for the very short time of their existence( From 570AD). Today, their expansion is tripling, following the legalization of sinful practices like Homosexuality by the so call “Christian” countries. To be candid, if authentic Christians world wide, could just unanimously in a given period, be fasting just for 7days per year, we bate you, Satan’s throne over lives will crumble. Then not to talk of 30days. I write this with tears in my heart! Oh Lord, may you open the eyes of your saints to see how terrible we are limiting you, and giving glory to Satan and his demons! Do it lord, for the glory of your name, in Jesus name! Please I still exhort you, to make efforts and lay hands on a copy of the Book: “Imminent End of the world in this 3rd Millennium” By Br. Ezra. Brethren, this is the time to act! Shall we now arise from slumber, and begin doing what God is expecting of us? He has said: “Ask of me, and I will make the nations(souls) your heritage, and the ends of the earth(souls) your possession” Psalms 2:8. Can we now stop reducing him in asking small things, to asking great things as he has commanded for the glory of his name? Why do we limit him to asking for little things like money, jobs, cloths, food, etc, which he has assure us(Matthew 6:25-34) will just flow as a consequence of asking for the great things(souls) of the kingdom? Brethren, it is high time for you to decide on which side you belong to . Everyone who is on the LORD sides, come over(Exodus 32:15). Make your decision today like prophet Joshua(Joshua 24:15! And if you be unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods of your religious systems, or the God of the body of Christ which is universally one and indivisible. If you whole heartedly believe that you can raise your spirit beyond denominational barriers and be part of God army to roar like the junior lion of Judah after Christ to crumble Satan’s kingdom of darkness, and build that of God, just indicate with a mail to Br Ezra: orlandchea@yahoo.com. PRAYERS: -Heavenly Father, we pray that you open the minds of all those yoked in counterfeit “Christianity” to understand your scriptures and be confronted to the truth that, they are in the trap of Satan’s manipulations, and will end up in hell if they don’t do anything about it now before it becomes too late! -May you confront each and everyone yoked under Satan’s spiritual blindness in counterfeit “ Christianity”, by imparting upon their hearts your light of conviction from above, that no one who does what he thinks is good for you, and not what you command him to do , will enter the kingdom of heaven! -Father we pray that by the power of your out poured Holy Spirit, may you convict their hearts into believing the truth that the water that was sprinkled on their heads as babies, or grown ups, was a Satanic baptism with no biblical base, but the disguised manipulative tactics of the devil blind folding them for hell! -May you open their minds to understand and believe in the truth of your word that says: Not every one who calls me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do your will! Matthew 7:21-23. -Father, in the name of Jesus Christ Jesus, we tear down Satan’s veils of spiritual blindness, keeping people blind in counterfeit” Christianity”, and open their eyes to see! We trample upon and break down to pieces Satan’s fetters of irons yoking souls bound in counterfeit” Christianity”, and set them free to flee out into authentic Christianity, for the salvation of their souls, and be authentic instruments in your hands against the kingdom of Darkness. -Father, We release from your throne of might and power, your extraordinary thirst and hunger for the truth, upon the heart of your sincere ones yoked in Satan’s disguise lies in Counterfeit” Christianity”, that their hearts may revolt against, and provoke their coming out as you command in Revelation 18:4. -We release the salvation blood of Christ to build a wall of separation between their spirit and that of the counterfeit “Christian” religious system holding them in bondage, and conflict them against it, so that they will turn to hate the system and come out! -Father, we release your paralyzing powers from your throne upon the lying demons, behind counterfeit “ Christianity, and render their deceitful manipulative powers over the minds of their captives powerless, that they may begin to reason biblical truths rightly and submit. That the scales will fall off from their eyes and they will begin to see the right way of salvation. -In the name of Jesus Christ, we overthrow the prince of this world of darkness that keep people bound in counterfeit” Christianity” for destruction, and set them free. Continue the prayer as the Holy Spirit inspires you…… Please we exhort that if you are just new to this page, do well to read through the previous prayer topics, and our blog. Open date N° 6: How did Satan successfully disguised in using the Roman Emperor Constantine to initiate and established a counterfeit” Christianity” since 313AD? (Visit my blog for what authentic historical records and divine inspiration says, after a week). Because of the necessity to be informed on many things concerning Christian religious history that we are ignorant of, and so easily fall in the disguised manipulative tricks of the devil, we think this debate topic is timely and welcoming! NB: Please, the Open debate N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage?, seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. So you can visit our blog for it.

Ezra Aug 16, 2010 3 Comments

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: THE DEVIL’S COUNTERFEIT “CHRISTIANITY”, AND THE PROMOTION OF HOMOSEXUALITY! Brethren, do you know that if not of counterfeit “Christianity”, Satan will not have a single soul on planet earth to dominate? When this reality dawned upon me as I obeyed the command of the Lord to WATCH on the devil disguising as an angel of the light , my heart bleed in pains! The Devil’s counterfeit “Christianity” is causing a lot of destruction to the world’s population! May you join me in prayers to cry out to God, to open the eyes of his people to see the differences between counterfeit and authentic Christianity, so that they may flee for their dear souls? Brethren, what is the Holy Spirit doing on earth today? Certainly to convict the world of Sin! SIN is the only problem in the world today. If we take away the SIN problem, all the other problems of the WORLD like: Disasters and catastrophes Poverty Diseases Crime waves Accidents Violence Prostitution. Murders Wars Suicide bombers Precipitated deaths Bribery and corruption etc, will automatically be solved. Jesus Christ came on earth for only one purpose: To TAKE AWAY SIN( i.e to solve the sin problem). The Bible says: “ Behold , the Lamb of God , WHO TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD” John 1:29. So the responsibility of any one who calls himself a Christian on the face of the earth, should be to solve the SIN problem. Yes, because the word Christian means Christ-likeness people. Therefore who is a Christian? The bible says: “ It was at Antioch that the believers were first called Christians” Act 11:26 Therefore, a called Christian is  one, who has listened to the gospel of repentance from sin and turned to God for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ(the lamb) that was shed on the cross in Golgotha, as it is written: “ Indeed, under the law of God, almost everything is purified  with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” Hebrew 9:21-22. And Leviticus 17:11 says: “Blood which is life, takes away sins”. How can the LORD Jesus Christ come and take away sins OVER 2010 years ago, but still yet we are consciously living in sins and up to the point of legalizing it? This is a tragedy! The devil has turn us into his fools! When I think of this, my heart bleeds with pains! So, the responsibility before God of every human being on the face of the earth who calls himself a Christian, is to see that the SIN problem the Lord had taken away with his death on the cross, is solved in his life, and the life of others. Therefore, I am just doing my own legitimate responsibility before God, to see that the SIN problem is solved in my life, and the life of others. I’m therefore in my numerous writings not fighting against human beings who are my likes, but against the SIN problem and it’s author the devil. To this the bible says: “For we are not contending against blood , but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” Ephesians 6:12. The fundamental question to ask here is: are our eyes fixed on solving the SIN problem in our life and those of others, or on our religious system? Before we really begin reading, I want to emphasize that, I AM NOT OF ANY RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, BUT A “BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD”. Therefore, I am non-denominational, and a MESSENGER OF GOD, SEND BY HIM TO HIS PEOPLE IN PREPARATION FOR THE RAPTURE. Thus, I’m a member of the body of Christ and by consequence, one with any born again child of God on planet earth, irrespective of race. We may have an assembly where we fellowship with other brethren, and not a religious system that we adore. Pentecostal, was normally use to refer to born again children of God, led by the holy Spirit. But unfortunately today, it is fast becoming a religious system with some counterfeit “Christianity” overwhelming it . So, my voice is that of a MESSENGER, and not a religious somebody, just demonstrating some religious knowledge, to please people. A MESSENGER is the mouth piece of his MASTER, and so can’t say anything other than that put his mouth by his master, and will be prepared to say it even unto death. Those who have read Prophet Jeremiah, knew he was a faithful messenger even unto death. He didn’t compromise what was put into his mouth to be said, because he was afraid to be killed by the king. He accepted to be put in a muddy well, than compromise what his master had put in his mouth to say. As for me, I have heard God, and so must speak! Are you a messenger of God in what he has ask you to tell His people, or are you a messenger of a religious system? When a man has heard God, and his eyes have been opened to see the glory of the coming age, he will be prepared to die for it, than compromise to miss it. The thing is that, many of us lack the authority of word because we have not really heard God, nor have really behold the glory of the coming age, and so doubt what we say. As we read, let our minds be opened to check our life, accept the realities of things as God open our eyes to see them, and try to put ourselves right with God and His word, than be angry and stop reading because we think our religious system has been attacked. Satan will instigate us with anger and say “stop reading what this idiot is writing, and attacking your precious religious system”. This will only be one of his strategies to keep us away from the truth, which may set us free from his chains of spiritual blindness. And will equally be a prove of the manifestation of an uncircumcised heart from the idol of anger, the love of our religious system than God, and pride. And we don’t think any of such will inherit the kingdom of righteousness, no matter his sincerity. To stop raeding and get angry because someone seems to have spoken negatively against our religious system, means that we are a convert of that religious system and not of Christ. Authentic Christ followers seek for the truth, and not defending religious systems. So, let us WATCH against Satan’s disguises to look as an angel of light and seduce us! We will be judged before God by His word(John 12:48), and not what our religious system says. So lets strive to be in conformity with the word of God, rather than with our religious systems. THE GOSPEL OF ENTERTAINMENT WILL TAKE US TO HELL! If we are under any preacher, who doesn’t emphasize on the SIN problem , but busy on other things that incite human carnal emotions, then be careful! We must surely be in counterfeit “Christianity. THE GOSPEL OF ENTERTAINMENT WILL TAKE US TO HELL! The Lords says: - “ Go in through the narrow gate because the gate to hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy, and there are many who travel it. But the gate to life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard, and there are few people who find it” Matthew 7:13-14. - Jesus answered them” Do your best to go in through the narrow door, because many people will surely try to go in but will not be able” Luke 13:24. Today’s church is full of entertainers as the bible puts it: -“ Your prophets had nothing to tell you but lies; their preaching deceive you by never exposing your sin. They made think you did not need to repent” Lamentation 1:14. -“The time will come when people will not listen to sound doctrine, but will collect for themselves more and more teachers who will tell them what they are itching to hear. They will turn away from listening to the truth and give their attention to legends” 2nd Timothy 4:3-4. You will agree with us that, many today preach a gospel of “ be careful not to hurt”. SEEK WHERE THE SWORD WORD IS PREACHED, THAT YOU MAY ESCAPE FROM THE LAKE OF FIRE! The Lord says: -” What good is straw compared with wheat? My message is like a fire, and like a hammer that breaks rocks in pieces. I am against those prophets who take each others words and proclaim them as my message. I am also against those prophets who speak their own words and claim they came from me. Listen to what I say! I am against the prophets who tell dreams that are full of lies. They tell these dreams and lead my people astray with their lies and their boasting. I did not send them to go, and they are of NO HELP TO ALL THE PEOPLE” Jeremiah 23:29-32. - “ The word of God is alive and active sharper than any double-edge sword. It piece all the way through, to where the joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of man’s heart. Hebrew 4:12. Are you where your ears are entertained with exciting words, so that you jump, shout, clap then send your hands in your pockets to remove money and give to your entertainer? “ …Counterfeit Christianity and HOMOSEXUALITY ….” What is the devil now doing through the so called “Christian” countries? The wicked one-Satan, is busy through HOMOSEXUALITY, imposing the SIN problem on it’s people , and therefore CURSING them and the world at large, unto quick destruction. Look brethren! Education cannot solve the SIN problem, but on the contrary, it produces sophisticated sinners! Are they not the most educated counterfeit “Christians” in authority, legalizing homosexuality? They are educated sophisticated sinners that the devil is using to twist the word of God, and turn what is wrong to be right , and what is right to be wrong. An educated sinners under the power of the devil, will struggle to explain how homosexuality is natural and in born. They will use words like human rights to come out with legal words like “ hate speech”, to defend the evil practices of homosexuality. When an educated man hates you, because he is cultured by education, he will smile with you while looking for a way to knife you in the back. Whereas with an uneducated man, you immediately see it on his face, and take disposition. They will steal and intelligently build up documents to justify the theft, that will look very truthful. I’m not saying that education is bad! NO!!! Education is good, but it produces sophisticated sinners. I overheard a servant of the Lord saying that, a Dr. in a renowned University was one day called Mr! He said no!!!! Call me Dr! Then he was made supervisor of Student’s nutrition, and he began to intelligently steal money for student’s food! So they said he had PhD in stealing and started calling him Dr thief! In fact his doctorate didn’t change him. He was an educated thief. So we have Professors and doctors of sexual immorality, homosexuality, pedophiles, thieves, lairs, drunkards, etc.. Education doesn’t change a man, but the power of God by the Holy Spirit, through repentance from sins in the born again process(John 3:3, Act 2:38). Brethren, the skies above the earth are dark with God’s ANGER that will soon pour at any moment from now. Please I exhort that we believe the Spirit of the LORD using the mortal instrument (durst) that I am, and many others he is now raising to warn the world into readiness, so that no one may claim before the judgment throne of God, that he didn’t know. Please, we exhort you to try as much as you can, to lay hands on this book: IMMINENT END OF THE WOPRLD, by Br. Ezra Orlando Chea. Just go to google and type this name to see where it is sold all over the world. Or you can contact me directly to get a copy for you. It will help us to be ready for the rapture at any moment from now. So if we are honest that we love God, and think that we should as individuals take side with Him through Christ, to solve the SIN problem in our life and that of others, and so save the world from the numerous ravages that SINS brings, then we should join the Lord to come out from every sterile religious system that has been unable up till now, to solve the SIN problem in our life, and the lives of others. Then become a sincere child of God born again through Christ(john 3:3), to impact the world for God’s glory. Yes, for the bible say: “ Then I heard another voice from heaven, saying “ COME OUT, my people! Come out from her! You must not take part in her sins; you must not share in her punishment! For her Sins are piled up as high as heaven, and God remember her wicked ways” Revelation 18: 4-5. If in reality we think that we love God, and not just playing the game of hypocrisy, it is but normal that we should heed to the voice of this God we say we love, and come out ! Yes, because real authentic love for God, means obedience. If we obey this his command and come out, this system of counterfeit “Christianity” will crumble. A counterfeit “Christianity” that presents a counterfeit Jesus who save sinners WITH THEIR sins, and not FROM THEIR sins. A counterfeit Jesus who cajole sinners on theirs backs to take them to heaven with their sins, so that we have those who call themselves: “Christian” liars, thieves, crooks, Charmers, prostitutes, homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles, fornicators, magicians, adulterers, witches, drunkards, arm robbers etc. This is really Satan’s counterfeit Jesus. The real authentic Christianity is that one that presents the true Jesus who saves sinners FROM THEIR sins, because we can be save FROM OUR sins, and not WITH OUR Sins, and take them pure to heaven. Which Jesus are you following: the counterfeit or authentic? Please be carful to WATCH, so that you don't remain the devil's fool untill hell! If this counterfeit “Christianity” is still surviving till date, is because we have refused to obey God’s command to come out of it. We are the ones therefore, responsible for keeping this false system alive, and God knows this! Some will say, I will stay and change things from inside as if God was a fool to command us to come out of it. Acting as such is to say, we are praying for Satan to change. Eternal life cannot be found in a religious system, but by becoming a child of God born again, through sincere repentance from sins(John3:3, Acts 2:38). COUNTERFEIT “ChRISTIANITY" IS VERY DANGEROUS Yes, counterfeit “ Christianity”, is Satan’s extreme violence against the salvation of souls. The bible says: From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and men of violence take it by force” Matthew 11:12. Be a man of violence against the devil, and snatch by force your soul from Satan’s net of counterfeit “Christianity”. The counterfeits, are some manipulative tools put in place by the devil, to maintain souls in spiritual blindness twice fit to be thrown in the lake of fire. They may in disguise, struggle to carry out some outwards works of morality, but very sterile as to redeem a soul from death to life. Adherents may struggle to put on some form of outward religious piety, but rotten inside, with very sick and desperate hearts. To this the Lord Jesus Christ: “ Woe to you , scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful but within they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity” Matthew 23:27-28. We can never be saved by our morality of trying to keep some commandments of God, without the power of inward transformation by the Holy Spirit. Listen brethren, for a man to just simply believe that Jesus Christ is the savoir, does not solve the SIN problem and give eternal life. ETERNAL LIFE, IS THE LIFE OF GOD, IMPARTED UPON A REPENTANT SINNER BY THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH AN INWARD TRANSFORMATION FROM THE OLD SINFUL NATURE, TO THE NEW ONE. IT BEGINS WITH OUR CONTACT WITH THE LORD JESUS, AND GROWS WITH OUR INCREASING ROMANCE OF HOLINESS WITH HIM. Reasons why it is written:” When a man is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has past, and the new has come” 2nd Corinthians 5:16-18. It is therefore not a modification of life, but transformation. The rich young man of Matthew 19: 16-25, was rich in the morality of keeping the commandments of God, but in his conscience, knew that he lacked eternal life. So he went to Jesus and asked “ Teacher, what good must I do, to have eternal life”? This man despite his morality of keeping the commandments , was rotten in the heart with selfishness and greed. When the Lord told him: “ If you would be perfect, go sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come follow me”, the young rich man was very sorrowful and left(verse 21-22). Equally we can never be saved by practicing some form of morality in making charity gifts etc. We need the indwelling transformation power of God by the Holy Spirit, through the born again process. A system put in place by Satan, can never be changed, and that is why God is asking us to come out of it. So we must not pretend to be wiser than Him. Did God not ask Joseph to flee with Jesus from Satan’s reach, to Egypt? If Joseph disobeyed, saying that he will stay and change Satan’s heart through prayers, the savior would have been killed. So if we have been ignoring this command, today, God is reminding us of it through His WATCHMEN! The Spirit of the Lord is speaking and warning! The wind blows and we do not know where it is coming from, or is going! Are we to do something about this command to ‘COME OUT’ now before it becomes too late for us to do anything about it? The Lord says: “ Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the GOOD WAY IS; and WALK in it, and find REST for your SOULS. But they said ‘we will not walk in it’ I set WATCHMEN over you, saying ‘Give heed to the sound of the trumpet’! But they said, ‘We will not give heed’. Therefore hear, O congregation, what will happened to them. Hear, or earth; behold, I am bringing evil upon this people, the fruit of their devices, because they have not given heed to my words; and as for my Law, they have rejected it..” Jeremiah 6:16-21. A well renown Pastor of the major Presbyterian religious system in the capital of my country, where mostly the top brass of administration and the society in general attend, had his eyes open to the “GOOD WAY” to walk on with God and find rest for souls! He began preaching repentance from sins and baptism(immersion) for the forgiveness of sins(Act2:38), therefore putting to question the sprinkling of water on the heads of babies as baptism. This raised an uproar in the church, with accusations against him of bringing the doctrines of “born again sects”, contrary to Presbyterian tradition. The system then threw him out, through the window. The greatest successful trick of the devil, was to have initiated and established the system of counterfeit “Christianity” through the Roman Emperor Constantine, from 313AD, to divert the right way of the Lord. (see details in the book : IMMINENT END OF THE WORLD). I strongly believe that if not of this counterfeit “ Christianity”, or you take away counterfeit “Christianity”, SATAN will not have a single soul in the world to dominate! Since I came out of counterfeit “ Christianity” to be a true child of God born again through Christ in the right way( John 3:3), I have not stop crying why Satan ever succeeded in establishing this manipulative system. I just imagine that if I had died while still in Satan’s deceitful manipulations in counterfeit “Christianity”, that would have been all about me, to spend eternity in the lake of fire, just as many today. Brethren, from when our Lord Jesus Christ defeated Satan by nailing the SIN problem on the cross through his blood, Satan lost power over every single soul on earth. This is proved by the very short time the New Testament believers used to ravage souls from his hands, after the resurrection and ascension of Christ up to heaven. The devil after struggling to no avail in persecuting and killing the first new testament believers as means of stopping souls being snatched from him, came up with the counterfeit “ Christianity “, strategy, which unfortunately for humanity, worked. It was with the use of this counterfeit “Christianity”, that Satan succeeded in stopping the massive process of soul winning from hell, that the first New Testament believers had engaged. The bible says: “ And he testified with many other words and exhorted them, saying “Save yourselves from this crooked generation” So those who received his word were, baptized, and there were added that day THREE THOUSAND SOULS” Acts 2: 40-42. “If not of counterfeit “Christianity”, the whole world would be saved” So as we earlier said, if counterfeit “Christianity” goes off the scene, nearly the whole world will be saved from sins, and therefore from curses that sins brings and eternal lake of fire. Islam, Buddhism, and all the others, are nothing before the convicting and transformation power of the Lord Jesus. Yes, because, before, during, and after the Lord Jesus Christ, there were death religious system serving an unknown God, without Christ. And any worship rendered to an unknown God, is to Satan and his demons (gods). There was only Judaism which was a shadow pointing to Christ, that was connected to the true God. And when Christ came, Judaism ended! Any Judaism now, is a worship to Satan and his demons. The truth is seen in the many who are turning away from these death religious systems, through authentic born again Christianity, to be new creatures in Christ. My self, and many others all over the world, are good testimonies. Souls therefore, were being rapidly snatched by the New Testament believers from the devil’s hands, in the face of these other death religions which where his hand work. Therefore, they were not a problem, and still are not a problem today. If they were strong and could withstand the convicting and transformation power of Christ, Satan would not have boarder to go on rampage roaring like a wild loin to persecute them , and sought for another better solution which was counterfeit “ Christianity”. And it was only after he had succeeded to install this fake “Christianity”, that he found rest. Yes, we can see him easily using counterfeit “Christianity”, to promote evil practices like Homosexuality etc… The greatest success of the devil in the world today, is the use of this counterfeit “Christianity”, to disused the others he is yoking in other death religious systems that, Christianity is a very serious evil. Know one ignores his use of Islam, to block the gospel of salvation in Christ through repentance from sins, in the Arab world. Through counterfeit “Christianity”, Christianity is considered as the worst evil that ever existed on earth. To them, the so called “ Christians” that are legalizing homosexuality and their priest who are wonderful pedophiles, is the worst evil to tolerate. In this tactics of divide and rule, satan better maintains souls in darkness twice fit to be thrown into the lake of fire. He has vowed before God, to take as many as he can, if possible the whole world with him, into the lake of fire. The bible says: “ Then the devil who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur, where the beast and the false prophets had already been thrown; they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever” Revelations 20: 10. Let us face facts, there are things like homosexuality that every human being on earth created by God, naturally knows that it is evil. It is not a thing that we need to teach some one on , because even animals and birds, naturally know this. Have you ever seen a male dog running after another male dog, or a female dog running after another for copulation? They say, No! No! No! this is below the dignity of dogs. Or have you ever seen a cock running after another, or a hen after another for copulation? They say, No! No! No!, This is below the dignity of fouls. But today, under the wicked powers of Satan, men run after men, and women after women for copulation, fully promoted by mostly nations of counterfeit “Christianity”. From the day Satan sinned against God and was thrown out of heaven onto the earth, he vowed to destroy mankind before the watchful eyes of God, through every possible means among which is Homosexuality and lesbianism. The bible says, “ Be sober, be WATCHFUL. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour.” 1st Peter 5:8-9 Satan being thrown out of his natural habitation is reduced below the dignity of animals and insects. And that is why, his children bears his nature, and are lower than animals. No doubt, they are able to do things that animals can’t do. Animals are still living in their natural God established domain, and so live as God wants, but Satan is not. How then will we want a moral Moslem, to want to be contaminated by homosexual – Christianity? So there is no grounds on which we can hate them. We must love them and pray for the LORD to open their minds to understand the difference between counterfeit and authentic Christianity, so that they can turn to it for the salvation of their souls. Statistics are showing that, Islamism has greatly gain grounds in this later centuries especially in the so called “Christian” countries. While Christianity even the fake, has been unable to make an inch in their territories. Look at the present war in Afghanistan! The Taliban are prepared to give up their lives just because they ignorantly think that, it is their responsibility before God, to fight against evil-Christianity coming from so called “Christian” nations, that may over take the land, an institute evils like homosexuality etc, which they are legalizing in their own countries. In this spirit, they are prepared to kill any one talking about Christ, out of ignorance. Just of recent, they killed some ten humanitarians including doctors, who have been struggling to help Afghans, because they were believed to be Christians. So we see the evil, counterfeit “Christianity” is causing. They are very careful not to be contaminated by sinful-Christianity, and go out to moralize them through Islam, and are succeeding before a counterfeit “Christianity”. Islam is just a very recent phenomenon initiated by Mohammed it’s founder 570-632 AD. Are you in something called ”Christian religion”, but still the old sinful creature , actively living in sins and going to your “church” every Sunday, and doing some “works” you call serving the Lord? Please, you are in counterfeit “Christianity” as I was! And if death happens to snatch you today, be sure to spend eternity in the lake of fire. You may quote the famous quotation of : ”Thou shall not judge”, it won’t change anything to this truth. There is nothing before God like Christian-sinners, who will not be thrown in the lake of fire. If in broad day light, a man covers his eyes and say sun does not exist, it won’t cancel the truth that there is sun. If in reality, the so called “Christianity” of today was not in the pocket of Satan, and his good instrument to manipulate people in spiritual darkness, this world would have in a greater dimension changed in resemblance to Christ as we have earlier mentioned. Man is in a terrible religious mess! Yes, looking at the impact of the first New Testament believers to the world at their short time of operation, and comparing with ours in present day, after over two thousand years, there is great demarcation. Ours has been a lot of noise, in the name of a counterfeit “Christianity”, breading homosexuals, lesbians, paedophiles, thieves, liars, fornicators, adulterers, etc. We see the devil today, using our Governing authorities to endorse, legalized and impose homosexuality on it’s people(yes, because legalizing evil is telling the people , that it is a good thing to do, and so you can do it freely ). The bible says: “ Everyone must obey the state authorities……He is God servant and carries out God’s punishment on those who do EVIL” Romans 13:1-5. But unfortunately, they have instead turn to be the promoters of EVIL. I wonder who of those parents, even though may be practicing this evil as Satan’s conditions to be in the position of authority, will open into their children’s room, and see one of his boys bent like a dog, while the other is behind with penis in his anus, or the females in inverse position, busy with their tongues in the vaginal of one another, and support the scene, without getting into a shock. But unfortunately they will prefer to encourage and promote the destruction of others. This is really the devil’s wickedness. And to these our governing authorities legalizing this evil, the Lord says: “Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with FEAR, with TREMBLING kiss his feet” Psalms 1:10-11. Because you have turn to be the evildoer, instead of the Law doer according to God your creator, we exhort you now to repent and turn to the true Jesus Christ for the salvation of your souls. PRAYERS: -Father, we thank you for this enlightening exhortations on counterfeit “Christianity” and it’s evil consequences! -We pray that you spiritually open our minds to understanding of the realities, on the existence of counterfeit and authentic Christianity! -Open our eyes and show us the clear differences between counterfeit and authentic Christianity! -Father, we pray that you turn our hearts away from counterfeit “ Christianity” unto authentic Christianity. -May our eyes be open to this divine biblical truth that, unless a man is born again as you say in John 3:3, he cannot see the kingdom of righteousness! And may you teach us the right biblical steps of becoming one. -May it forever dawn upon our spirit that, we are born creatures of God, and only become children of God through the born again process as written in John 1:12-13. -That to be a child of God, is not family religious hereditary by birth, but we become one through conscious engagement in the born again process. -Father, we confess that by collaborating with counterfeit “Christianity”, we have been helping to sustain the system, and so give the devil victory over souls. -May our hearts be convicted that we are saved from sins and not with our sins, as counterfeit “Christianity” seems to present. -Open our minds to the understanding that, the doctrine of counterfeit “Christianity”, on purgatory where Christian –sinners will be purified after death and taken to heaven, is a terrible lie of the devil! -Father, we pray that you open the minds of those yoked by Satan under other death religious systems, but deterred by the conduct of counterfeit “ Christianity” from turning to Christ for the salvation of their souls, to understand that there is counterfeit and authentic Christianity. -Father, as the Moslems go praying and fasting this 30days of what they call Ramadan, we pray that, instead of the release of spiritual sacrificial power to strengthen the spirit of Islam, let it instead turn in their favor by creating a desire in their heart. A desire that will go to make them interested in knowing Jesus Christ, and turning in repentance to him for the salvation of their souls.. -We pray that you open up a way for them to come in contact with authentic Christianity than the counterfeit, as to be convicted of the reality of a true and sinless Christ, whose followers hate sins. We can continue to pray as the spirit leads us. Continue this topic on our blog page.

paula garcia Aug 13, 2010 5 Comments

Gracias Senor por la vida por todo lo que me has regalado sin merecerlo, recuerdo mi pasado Amado Senor y recuerdo que aveces no tenia ni para comer con mis muchachos pequenos y mi esposo sumergido en el alcohol, haciendolo totalmente irresponsable me toco hacer de padre y de madre al mismo tiempo, trabajando bastante para sobrevivir y siempre anorrando compatir mas tiempo con mis muchachos y todas las cosas de su nines. Ahora el tiempo ha pasado, tengo mi hija mas grande que trabaja para una aerolinea, aqui en los U.S.A y por la misericordia del Senor hoy puedo viajar casi a cualquier pate del mundo,mi esposo despues de 17 anos ha dejado de beber y todo se lo debo a la gran miseicordia de mi Senor, mis hijo son buenos joveness, les he tratado de inculcar el gran amor de mi Senor, reconosco que sin la ayuda del Senor no lo hubiese logrado pero el ha estado en cada momento de mi vida renovando mis fuerzas el camino no ha sido facil pero aqui estoy Senor, agarrada de tu mano sin quererme soltar, gracias porque las asperezas del camino no han cambiado mi corazon, sigue siendo ese corazon agradecido que te amara hasta la muerte.

МакНик (Варух) Mar 14, 2010 3 Comments

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