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How do I create a 24/7 Channel?

Sep 03, 2010

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To create a 24/7 channel simply click on "PRO Features" on the left hand column of your page.

Upload your pre-existing video material on to your VoD Channel.

Activate a 24/7 Channel, fill out all the information, and click "Save Changes"

Assign your videos a certain “airtime” in our unique “broadcast scheduler”, by dragging and dropping them into the schedule grid.


Choose certain, short promo videos or music clips as “filler material”.

The broadcast scheduler will fill up the airtime with your filler material, just like any TV-Channel does with commercial breaks in between different shows.

E.g. your TV-Show #1 starts at 8 pm, is 28 minutes and 30 seconds long and TV-Show #2 is scheduled to start at 8:30 pm, our system will fill up the gap between the 2 TV-Shows in your airtime with short video clips you previously defined as filler material.

Embed your 24/7 Channel on any website and let other users spread it through the internet and embed it into their websites. This is all at your discretion, you are in complete control of your channel.

There are minimal costs involved in attaining a VoD Channel. All VoD Channels are featured our TV Shows'  category, located in our main menu and can be viewed according to the language filters.


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