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How do I activate my account?

Sep 08, 2010

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1.To activate your account, you will need to choose the type:


Personal - designed for the use of 1 person. If you want to create an account just for you, this is your option.


Family/Group - designed to represent members of families that are registered on If you want to create an account where you can invite all your family members into, choose this type.


Church - can be used by Pastors, leaders or members of a church to present their spiritual home to the community.  The Church account is also an incredible tool to connect members of a congregation one to another. This generates a greater sense of community and intimacy within the church.


Artist - designed to showcase those who minister within the arts. Such as musical artists, worship leaders, photographers, filmmakers, artisans.  It's a fantastic way to introduce your band to new fans on and around the world.


Ministry and organization - designed to help Christian ministries around the world share their visions, goals or to emphasize their cause.

2. Fill in the fields to activate your account.

3. Click Save Changes button.

4. Check your email for the activation link


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