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How do I prevent Search Engines from Indexing my Page?

Sep 20, 2010

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To prevent search engines from indexing your page, follow these steps:


1. On the my menu link, click 'Account settings'

2. Now you see all the different setting folders. Please click on the "Account Settings" folder

3. You will find a checkbox with the title "prevent search engines from indexing my personal pages". Click on the box to mark it.

4. Click on the "Save Changes" button and your are done.

Due to the complexity of today's internet and most members' use of multiple social networks, is not responsible for unwanted listings of the name or personal information of its users. Please also keep in mind that it can take several weeks and even months for Search Engines to clear their databases and remove your listed information, once you clicked on "Prevent search engines from indexing my personal page". We have even heard of cases where Search Engines ignored the restrictions given by social networks such as . Our advice is therefore to be selective in what you publish on social networks and if you do not want to be public at all we recommend not to use social networks at all. Be encouraged to get acquainted with the various Privacy Settings in your account, including the "Stealth Mode" (learn more on as an "Open Platform" is designed to promote Christian values by giving Christian organizations, projects, initiatives a publicity platform in order for the Christian faith and family values to gain recognition and an increased presence in this world. Not only churches and organizations are called to be "salt and light" but every believer can become a factor in today's society through the Internet. If you seek to use social networking strictly for your personal purpose to stay in touch with friends, please make sure to use Facebook and to set your Account into "Stealth Mode". Be encouraged to help people in need with the gifts God has entrusted you with and to live a fulfilled live by "Sharing the Glory"!".


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