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Why is my video upload not possible?

Feb 01, 2012

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Here are some reasons why the upload is not possible:


- “Standard Uploader” or “Secure Uploader” buttons don’t open any upload window

Solution: This may be due your browsers popup blocker. Please try the small links next to the buttons which should open the upload form in a new tab instead of a new window.


- A strange message appears when starting “Secure Uploader” and asks to grant access to your computer

Solution: If the message mentiones that the digital Signature of “crossmedia corporation” got verified you are safe to grant access so that our Java application can read the uploaded file.


- You can’t use Secure Uploader because your web browser has no Java installed

Solution: Try using a different webbrowser or visit this page to install Java for your browser:


- You don’t find your video file in Secure Uploaders “Browse...” dialogue box

Solution: Probably you are a Mac or Unix user and your mounted disk drives don’t appear. Please navigate to the root folder and then enter the “Volumes” folder (on Mac) or “mnt” folder (on Linux)


- You don’t find your video file in Standard Uploaders “file selection” dialogue box

Solution: Please make sure that your file’s ending is within the list of supported video filetypes, listed on the upload page.


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