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How do I keep myself safe?

Sep 20, 2010

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* Never give your password to anyone.

* Never click the box of "keep me signed in" when you are using a public computer / computer cafe.

* When using a public computer, always log out.

* Whether it is your Facebook, MySpace, or any other network: don't accept contact invitations from someone you don't already know. Check out their profile first.


* When bothered by a user: block them or cancel the 'friends' relationship all together and report it to the platform. Both positive and negative feedback about user activities help shape any online community.


* We were recently alerted about certain scammers we wanted to specifically point out here. They sometimes use stories about a large inheritance needing your assistance for redemption, or other promises of great financial rewards. Sometimes they straight forward ask you for money. One way or the other: it will cost you in the end. Big time! If you receive emails, messages through Facebook, MySpace, or any other network from the following names:

Jane Cole, Sarah Welsh or Mary Anne

do not respond to them, but block them and cancel the friends relationship immediately.

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